Watch out for deer on the move

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – More deer than normal have been seen on the side of the road late at night and early into the morning. Some of those deer remain on the side of the road after being hit by vehicles on the road. Deer are on the move, be safe drivers!

As of Tuesday, the Fort Wayne Police Department reported 61 car accidents involving deer in Allen County since November 1.

Moriah Boggess, deer biologist for Indiana DNR, says from late October to November every year, the Indiana DNR sees an increase in deer and vehicle collisions. The spike typically occurs on November 10 each year.

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This is mostly due to the deer’s breeding season. During that time a male deer is seeking out a female deer. In order to do this, they chase each other around leading to deer moving around more than normal. Boggess says that this time of the year is when the most deer activity is happening. It isn’t uncommon for deer to be found in places they typically wouldn’t be, such as more residential and suburban areas.


The most important thing to remember this time of the year, is to be aware when driving. Boggess says, “You should be the most careful driving than ever this time of the year. We see this statistically. My advice is maybe drive a little bit slower but be on the look out for deer. It’s easy to see a deer in the lane that you’re driving but be on the lookout to a deer on the side. If you see a deer 20 or 30 feet of the road as you approach, it could very well enter your lane.”

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Many times, deer are not alone so if you see one deer, typically there is another one behind it.

If you do hit a deer while driving, Indiana DNR says to call highway patrol.

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