Bizzare Walmart Pride Collection Comes Back in 2022, Gets Roasted on Internet

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Shivangi Gupta
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In Pride Month 2022, we have come across many brands that have wholeheartedly supported the community. People, including the defense department and the administrative wing of the country, have hugely supported the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. Fantastic commodities are being introduced during the Pride month for sale and support for the community and the Walmart Pride collection is also on sale.

Big Departmental giants like Walmart have also introduced their Pride collection in June. They are going viral all over the internet. Influencers and Social media users have commented on their merch and have shared their views regarding the same. Many people across the globe have also expressed themselves regarding the collection.

Let us discuss the comments on Walmart’s Pride merch. The collection is huge and varied and comes with slogans supporting the rainbow community.

Ugly Walmart Pride Collection

Due to the celebration of Pride across the nation, every brand or shop is making the most of it to encash commodities supporting Pride Month. Walmart has also introduced its pride collection for its consumers. But they are bizarre and gross. Hence, the Walmart merch could not get away from the trolls of TikTokers.

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Bizzare Walmart Pride Merch

The bizarre Pride collection of Walmart was publicized by TikTok user @hollyeet. She posted a review where a flag featuring a Unicorn dabs the slogan Love is Love. There was also a post on a trucker-style hat with the slogan “Live, Love LGBT.” These posts have been viewed at least one million times on TikTok. 

The TikTok user also posted a video showing tees that read “I’m Not Gay. Just Kidding,” and “In Dog Years, I’m Gay.”

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Internet React to Walmart Pride Collection 2022

On Walmart’s Pride page, there are three products on promotion that donates a part of their profit to LGBTQ+ charities. There is a collection of Queer Eye furniture where a percentage of the proceeds is given to the shelter charity for LGBTQ+ youth. The rest of Walmart’s Pride merch only creates average profits.

Wrapping Up

The big question is how the Pride efforts measure up to the companies’ behavior during the rest of the year. Walmart has earned a lot of negative fame for its company by promoting its Pride collection. Walmart Pride merch has also given the social media influencer a subject to mock them globally for their gesture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pride month collection?

The pride month collection refers to the merchandise sold each year during June.

What did Walmart introduce during the Pride month collection?

The pride month collection refers to the merchandise sold each year during June.

Why was Walmart trolled for their Pride collection?

Walmart was trolled for their pride collection as the collection was gruesome and bizarre and mocked the LGBTQ community.


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