Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream Melted By Backlash and Controversy | Walmart Pulls Out Juneteenth Ice Cream

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The summers have arrived and what’s best way to spend summer other than with an Ice-cream. Right? That’s exactly what Walmart thought, but little did they know that their gesture would become the cause of a national controversy! Surprisingly, Walmart’s original ice cream- The Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream rolled out an outrage instead of celebration.

June 19, also known as Juneteenth National Independence Day is a federal holiday in the USA for commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans. This day is celebrated every year as Black Independence day acknowledging their freedom from slavery. To add a sweet flavor to the celebration, Walmart decided to launch its special edition private-label ice cream- Juneteenth.

But this sweet gesture soon faced backlash from the people when Walmart started advertising the product as a celebration of Independence. Critics believed that is just a shameful low-class strategy by Walmart to advertise their product and earn profit from it. This causes a frenzy at the Walmart as everyone started revolting and demanding the removal of the Walmart’s Juneteenth Ice-cream.

Walmart Launches Juneteenth Ice Cream To Commemorate June,19

Walmart recently launched a new product- Juneteenth Ice-cream that was released as a “Celebration Edition” under the brand’s Great Value brand. The fascinating Walmart Ice Cream consisting of a swirl of red velvet and cheesecake flavors is boxed with a label- “Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation, and enduring hope.”

Walmart Juneteenth Icecream Melted By Backlash and Controversy | Walmart Pulls Out Juneteenth Icecream

Walmart decided to commemorate the coming June 19, 2022 with their newly launched Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream promoting it as a celebration of freedom and independence.

“Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence,” 

Walmart said in a statement to FOX Television Stations.

But unlike to everyone’s expectations, the campaign led to a different outcome!! Why? What went wrong with Walmarts’ Juneteenth Ice-cream? Who’s fault is it? let’s get to all the see facts-

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Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream Rolls out Backlash on Social Media

While Walmart was waiting for the people positive feedback on their new Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream, people from all over the US flodded the social media wuth their negative remarks.

While the company was promotiong the product as a celebration and symbol of African-American culture, critics thought this as a strategic marketing scheme to earn profits. Social media users slammed the retail company for selling and advertising Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream with the day that signifies the ending of slavery in America.

The social media turmoil on Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream started with Electris Jones, the North Carolina woman who posted the original image on social media. She took a picture with the Juneteenth Ice cream and posted it on Facebook late Saturday announcing it as “pandering.” Bu Sunday, the image had gone viral like a wildfire- getting shared more than 4,000 times and amplified on Twitter reposts. This started a social media chaos on Walmart Juneteenth ice cream.

Critics started voicing their opinions marking it as a tone-deaf effort by a giant retailer controlled by a wealthy white family to cash in on the June 19th holiday with an ice cream flavor almost identical to one sold by a Black-owned brand. Moreover, the Juneteenth, Bridge’s (Marketing Diversity group) letter said-

“is a day of commemoration. A serious day. It is neither fun nor frivolous but rather a memory of a very dark and devastating period in American history. Would you launch an ice cream called January 27? The day the world remembers the Holocaust? Or April 7, the day that memorializes the genocide in Rwanda. Of course not. So why Juneteenth?”

All these hysteria and madness surrounding the Walmart Juneteenth Ice-cream forced the Walmart officials to take some urgent action and move towards damage-control. As a result, Walmart decided to pull out Juneteenth Ice cream from their selves and review their assortment.

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Walmart Pulls Juneteenth Ice Cream Due to The Controversy

Responding to the backlash and angered customers, Walmart finally decides to remove their launched Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream that was specially dedicated to commemorate Juneteenth.

“Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence. However, we received feedback that a few items caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We are reviewing our assortment and will remove items as appropriate.”


Many other influencers and celebrities also joined in on the conversation attacking Walmart for their marketing scheme and tactics of Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream-

This is what happens when you commercialize federal holidays.

Twitter content creator KevOnStage

Capitalism is a retail conglomerate, owned by a white billionaire family, marketing an ice cream to celebrate a holiday that commemorates the emancipation of slaves in a country that was literally built on the backs [of] slaves. See: Walmart’s Juneteenth ice cream.

Twitter user

I knew when they’d declare Juneteenth as a holiday it was just a bone being thrown at Black ppl in typical gaslighting fashion. Walmart’s new action to trademark a Black American moment of historical significance is the epitome of white supremacy in action.

Twitter User

Such bold opinions clearly shows how US people disliked the idea of reducing June 19th celebration to an icecream flavor. Regardless of what Walmart’ true intention was, the campaighn of Walmart Juneteenth Ice-cream clearly faced a tragic end.

Though, Walmart is also launching a similar “celebration edition” for Pride Month, which is also coming up in June. That flavor is white chocolate ice cream with brownies and cherries. Well, what viewpoint would this Ice cream roll- equal opportunity, or equally offensive? What fate would this Walmart Ice cream hold- the bestseller or a tragic end? All this remains a mystery- A mystery that’ll soon be unfold.

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Wrapping Up

So, what do you think of Walmarts’ Juneteenth Ice cream? What are your opinions? Was it just a marketing strategy of Walmart or Walmart actually wanted to give a sweet tinge to the Juneteenth celebration?

Well, regardless of their true motive, Walmart Juneteenth Ice cream melted with critics criticism. Let’s hope their Pride Month’s special celebration Pride Icecream holds its color and do not get faded with people’s black remarks.


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