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Halloween is on its way! Could we be more excited!?

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October is almost here, and we are extremely excited to welcome the festive season. It’s time to get in the festive mood and match all our items to a basic theme- Halloween! From your clothes to everyday use items, everything needs to be aligned. So, let’s take a look at the Walmart Halloween Cups that will be an aesthetic and affordable addition to your Halloween collection.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. It kind of marks the beginning of the festive season. I love everything about this festival, from the matching outfits to the scary decorations! But what I love the most is the themed merchandise all major companies release during this time. One of my favorites has to be the Starbucks Halloween Cups.

While Starbucks releases a great collection each year, let’s be honest, it’s not cheap. If you want affordable Halloween cups that are cool and aesthetic, Walmart Halloween tumblers are your best bet. So, scroll down to view the best Walmart Halloween cups of 2022.

Walmart Halloween Cups Collection 2022

Walmart releases a Halloween collection every year. It releases everything from clothes to Halloween cups this time of the year! So, let’s look at the Halloween Cups Walmart released in 2022. While there is a huge collection of Walmart Halloween Cups, we will only look at selective and the best Halloween tumblers.

You can find all these Halloween cups on the official Walmart website. However, to make it easier for you, I have given the link to each Halloween cup. So, buy your favorite Halloween cups before they get out of stock!

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Aesthetic Walmart Halloween Cups

Who doesn’t like aesthetic Halloween cups!? The cups that I have mentioned below are colorful and quirky. Each of these cups has a different aesthetic to cater to different people. Scroll down to find a Halloween cup that suits your aesthetic!

1. Doodle Skull Halloween Cups

Doodles are creative and fun. Add to it the Halloween theme and get motifs of skulls, spiders, etc. Well, I’m not complaining! Look at this doodle skull Halloween cup. The black background with colorful doodles really makes this Halloween cup grab one’s attention.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $19.99

2. Dark Knight Halloween Cups

If you are a DC fan, this one is for you! Halloween is all about dressing up as your favorite character. So, if you plan on going trick-or-treating as Batman, use this tumbler to compliment your costume.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $26.99

3. Bloody Skull Halloween Cup

This Skull Halloween cup is a dream of every Halloween lover. It’s creepy and scary. You can even use it as decor for your home during Halloween. I am sure it will give chills to your guests!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $34.99

4. Spooky Halloween Tumbler

I find this spooky Halloween Tumbler very aesthetic. From the black background to the spooky motifs. You can find bats, ghosts, and webs all over this tumbler.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $46.95

5. Jack Skellington Halloween Cup

This Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Walmart Halloween cup is too aesthetic to describe. Jack Skellington with a purple background does make for a great Halloween cup!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $20.99

6. Skull Flower Halloween Tumbler

This Halloween tumbler will act as a great accessory this Halloween. Just look at it! The white skull with flowers set against a purple background and moon. There’s everything in this Halloween cup.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $12.99

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Funny Walmart Halloween Cups

Halloween is the time to get creative. With the memes and the jokes, it’s time to make everything fun. Start the festivities on a lighter note with these funny Halloween cups from Walmart.

1. Frankenstein Walmart Halloween Cups

Frankenstein is one of my favorite stories. And it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most beloved Halloween costumes by kids. Let’s take our love for this fictional character a step ahead this year and buy these quirky Walmart Halloween tumblers.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy Here for $14.97

2. Boo Boo Crew Halloween Cups

The Boo Boo hospital crew invites you to celebrate Halloween with them this year! This Halloween tumbler is too cute to describe. Get your hands on one before these get out of stock.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $52.03

3. Pirate Skull Halloween Cups

This pirate skull Halloween cup is one of the funniest Halloween cups that I have seen. It looks weird and funny, but I would definitely buy it! What about you?

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $8.99

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Witty Walmart Halloween Cups

If you love witty quotes on your cups and tumblers, these Halloween cups are for you. With a simple background and a witty quote, these Walmart Halloween cups will surely become your favorite.

1. Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Tumbler

Look at this! This Halloween tumbler has a simple background with a quirky quote. What makes this tumbler stand out is that it glows in the dark! Yes, you read that right! So, don’t forget to take this with you for your next Halloween party.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $36.89

2. Fishing Witch! Walmart Halloween Tumbler

If you appreciate good puns, then this tumbler is for you. This Halloween tumbler is great to carry your go-to coffee. You can easily carry it anywhere!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $29.95

3. It’s Scary! Halloween Cup

This black tumbler with its colorful fond is one of my favorites. Perfect for Halloween month. You can easily carry coffee in it and still carry the Halloween spirit with you!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $29.95

4. Witches Brew! Halloween Cup

This Halloween cup has been designed to look like a witch’s brewing pot. Pour in your hot or cold brew and drink it from this perfect Halloween cup! Just what a coffee lover needs.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $19.99

5. Drink Up Witches Halloween Cups

If you appreciate puns, then this Halloween cup is for you! This cup is perfect for parties. The black background with the brown quote makes this cup witty and pretty!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $20.76

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Walmart Halloween Cups for Adults

Halloween marks the start of the festivities, and you can’t be festive without parties! While the kids get satisfied with colorful plastic Halloween tumblers, those may seem a little too overboard for the adults. So, if you like to have a simple get-together with your friends, here are Walmart Halloween cups you can use.

1. Deer Skull Halloween Wine Glass

This is one of my favorite Walmart Halloween cups. The silver background and spiral stem make this Halloween wine glass stand out.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $17.37

2. Gothic Skull Halloween Alcohol Tumblr

This Skull tumbler is one of the best Walmart Halloween tumblers. It can be used as a whiskey cup or a simple Halloween decoration. So, if you don’t have one of these, what are you waiting for?

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $17.03

3. Skull Wine Glass

Next up on the list of best Halloween Cups from Walmart is a Skull Wine Glass. This Halloween tumbler can be used for serving beverages to your guest. It will look aesthetic and will add to your theme!

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $15.99

4. Crystal Skull Halloween Cup

This crystal skull Halloween cup is unique and aesthetic. Just look at it! Who wouldn’t want this in their collection?

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $8.99

5. Simple Halloween Shot Glass

The last on the list of Halloween Cups for adults is this shot glass. While it is simple, it is sure to catch your attention. This Halloween, keep the crystal shot glass aside and use this simple stainless Halloween shot glass.

Walmart Halloween Cups

Buy for $2.99

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Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! Halloween is almost here, so it’s time to grab your favorite merchandise. This article was all about Walmart Halloween Cups. The list of Walmart Halloween tumblers is endless, however, I have tried to refine the list and present to you the best Halloween cups of Walmart.

If you liked this article, do share it with your friends. Which Halloween cup did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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