Waffle Game July 22, 2022 Answer | Waffle Word Today Friday

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Waffle… waffle..! This sounds delicious, but here we aren’t talking about ‘Waffle”. This article is all about Waffle Game- puzzle solving game. You have tried many different word games like foodle, phoodle, and word hurdle. So go along with the page for the Waffle Game answer of 22 July 2022, Friday.

Other than Prime Video and Netflix, Waffle Game is on my mind. Path of EX is here to help if you are curious about the daily answers of Waffle Puzzle. We are going to reveal daily answers. The waffle answers will be horizontally and vertically.

Every waffle can be solved in just 10-12 swipes, but the waffle game provides you 15 chances to complete the puzzle. Go further to know the answer of the 22 July 2022 waffle game answer.

Today’s Waffle Game Answer of 22 July  2022, Friday

Spoiler Below!

The Waffle Game Answer today, July 22, 2022, is mentioned below.

Waffle Game Answer of 22 July – Horizontal

  1. TRYST
  2. INCUR
  3. LEAFY

Waffle Game Answer of 22 July – Vertical

  1. TWIRL
  2. YUCCA
  3. TARDY
Today’s Waffle Game Answer July 22, 2022 | Waffle Word Friday
Waffle Game Answer 22 July 2022

Today’s Waffle Game Answer of 22 July 2022, FRIDAY

What Is Waffle?

It’s a word game opposite to Wordle. In-game, you have to guess six words which are structured in the shape of food called a waffle. For example, letters are in the white, green and yellow coloured boxes. You got 15 chances to solve the puzzle.

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Where To Play Waffle Game?

Waffle daily games can be played online on the Waffle official website.

Wrapping Up

Guessing the Waffle Game Answer of 22 July was more manageable, right? Comment below and let us know whether you have guessed the answers correct or not. And how many stars did you receive for Today’s puzzle? Let’s meet tomorrow with a new waffle game answer. 


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