10 Best VR Games Without Controller You Never Played Before

VR Games Without Controller

Is it possible to play VR games without a controller? Well, yes, it is. With the advent of hand-tracking technology in VR gaming, playing without a controller has become possible. Users have been finding it more immersive to be able to play VR games without a controller.

Virtual Reality is a very popular place to go. VR has become de facto mainstream. Users get the first-person POV experience while stepping right into the game. You become a part of the storyline. This is so fascinating that VR gaming has become a multi-billion dollar business. Once you learn how to play and stream VR games on an Oculus, there is no coming back.

Using additional hardware to play VR games is a must. Then there is Oculus, an expensive VR gaming headset. But what if you could play VR games without controller? Wouldn’t it be more convenient, more real-life? Let me tell you some of the most brilliant VR games that you can play without a controller.

Play VR Games Without Controller: Here are 10 Best Games For You

VR Games Without Controller

The inclusion of new functionalities and features like trigger buttons on the headsets and the hand tracking feature has made playing VR games without a controller possible. These features are helping many users as they find playing VR games without a controller very immersive.

With the help of the hand tracking feature on VR headsets like MetaQuest2, you can use your hands to navigate through the game. All VR games cannot be played without a controller. But the ones that can be will give you a more engaging experience.

Top 10 VR Games Without Controller

VR Games Without Controller

Here are the 10 best VR games that I think you will dig that need no controller.

1. Smash Hit

VR Games Without Controller: Smash Hit

In this game, you use steel balls to smash 3D glass structures and clear your way. The game has a very interactive user interface. Smash Hit is also known for its soothing soundtracks. Smash Hit was popular much before it introduced VR.

You get limited steel balls to break the obstacles. So you have to be very precise when you hit the glass structures. If you fail to break them completely, you will bump into them, and every time you bump, you lose 10 steel balls. This game is very satisfying if you find virtually breaking glass fascinating.

Download Smash Hits

2. Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar is one of the very bests when it comes to VR games without controller. The game allows hand tracking and is one of the first to allow hand tracking. You can play this game on Steam and Oculus. You use your hands to play virtual guitar.

The experience is really immersive as it is like a VR version of Guitar Hero, only more interesting. The playlist is pretty awesome too. The levels get more and more challenging as you progress. But if you are a guitar lover and a rock music lover, you will be amazed and hooked to this game.

Download Unplugged: Air Guitar

3. VR Racer

VR Racer

It’s a racing game. That’s right. When you can play racing VR games without controller, the reckless driver inside you unleashes. The headset itself can be used to navigate through streets. You don’t need to use the controllers to have the experience that VR Racer delivers.

The design of VR Racer is so brilliant that no matter how fast you are moving in your car, you won’t feel sick. The gameplay is just too smooth. You can play VR Racer for hours and race without a controller.

Download VR Racer

4. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster

The Roller Coaster experience on a VR. VR Roller Coaster is a thrilling game. You don’t need controllers to play Roller Coaster games on VR headsets.

Just enjoy the breathtaking visuals as you sit on the roller coaster or you can scream as you will not be able to differentiate it from a real roller coaster ride. All you have to do is load the game on your VR headset and you will be taken to a 3D simulation of an amusement park.

Download VR Roller Coaster

5. VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer

If you are looking for a life-like fantasy racing experience in VR, VR X-Racer is one of the most immersive VR games without controller. This game is all about racing. And, that’s a lie. You kill extraterrestrial beings and save the planet in the game. You also fire at other spaceships in VR X-Racer.

Enable the motion sensor on your headset and load VR X-Racer. And, you are all set to play VR X-Racer without controller. To navigate, you have to tilt your head. Won’t that be cool?

Download VR X-Racer

6. End Space VR

End Space VR

First things first, this game cannot be played anywhere other than on iOS devices. The visual effects of End Space VR are worth experiencing. Your goal is to not get subjugated by aliens.

You can shoot the aliens by using a trigger button on the headset. If your headset doesn’t have a trigger button, don’t you worry, there is an inbuilt feature called gaze shooting. As the name suggests, you have to gaze at subjects and shoot them.

The gaze shooting option makes this game extremely interactive thus making it one of the best VR games without a controller.

Download End Space VR

7. LiteBoxer


Like to throw punches? This game can be a workout for you too. You can throw punches at LiteBoxer and do it without any controller. Just make sure that you are playing this game in an open space with no objects or humans around.

It is a very good fitness VR game without controller. Fitness VR games don’t hold as much respect as other VR games. Whereas, this game offers the hand tracking feature. This feature is used to track your punches. LiteBoxer really helps you to keep your fitness on the right track and is available on all Quest devices.

Download LiteBoxer

8. Trooper 2 VR

Trooper 2 VR

Trooper 2 is a very widely played VR game that is available for Android. This is hand down one of the most impressive VR games without controller. But let me tell you that you must have a headset trigger to play this game.

The game offers an incredible gaming experience with the help of the 360-degree view offered by the headset. To complete levels, you have to fight off enemies. Trooper 2 VR is basically a first-person shooter game.

Download Trooper 2 VR

9. VR Zoo

VR Zoo

VR Zoo lets you jump into the jungle and interact with animals. It is a 360-degree wildlife experience provided on VR. VR Zoo is a virtual zoo where you can communicate with zebras, crocodiles, lions, bears, and many more.

Since there is not much to do other than walking with animals, you don’t need a controller to play this game. This game is all about the entrancing wildlife experience. Nothing more nothing less.

Download VR Zoo

10. Death Sky Walk VR

Death Sky Walk VR

If you ask what is the most thrilling VR game without controller, my answer would be Death Sky Walk VR. See, I am afraid of heights. And that is why I love this game. I cannot have the experiences in real life that I can have in VR.

Wonder how would it feel to walk on tightropes at a height where wind prevails? The moment you put on your headset and launch Death Sky Walk VR, you are taken to a very high place between skyscrapers. The experience is very life-like. Thanks to the sound effects and visuals. PAnicking and screaming are extremely common and players of Death Sky Walk VR.

Download Death Sky Walk VR

How to Play VR Games Without Controller?

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Wrapping Up

The world of VR is limitless. New additions are coming up every year to VR gaming. There are many incredible VR games that keep you hooked to it for months and even years. There are VR games without controller that lets you navigate using your hands and turning and tilting your head. I hope this article about VR games that can be played without controllers has helped you. I strongly recommend you try out at least 5 of the amazing VR games I have mentioned above. Until next time, Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play the Oculus with one hand?

Yes, you can play any VR with one hand.

Do all VR headsets have controllers?

The top VR manufacturers include controllers with their headsets. But the futuristic models aim to provide hepatic gloves that the headset can use to track the movement of your hands and their gestures.

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