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Vehicle Identification Number, also known as VIN, is a unique number exclusive to a particular motor vehicle. It is a specific code assigned to a particular automobile that helps to identify it at the time of requirement. It has become a necessary element of any vehicle; that is why it is essential for you to gather all the basic information you need about your VIN.

Congrats mate!! I heard you bought a new vehicle. Well, where’s the party? Lol. But wait, before you take your car on a drive, there is something you need to know about- It’s the Vehicle Identification Number. Don’t know whom to ask? Don’t worry! We are here to make your life easier- Here are all the important details you need- What is VIN? How to Decode it? Where Can you find the VIN? What is the insurance quote by VIN? And how can you Find It?

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How To Find My Id Number: Where In The World Is It ?

Confused about where to start your research? Don’t sweat; you won’t have to go anywhere. This article is a one-stop guide to clear all your queries. Now without any further adieu, let’s discuss in detail VIN.

What is a VIN Number?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is the unique identifying code assigned to a particular Vehicle by which the vehicle is recognized. In a scientific sense, you can call VIN the automobile’s Fingerprint. 

VIN is a 17 character long code that displays the car’s unique features, specifications, manufacturer, and other essential details. Moreover, this identification number can be used to track- recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage.

VIN Number

Now you know why the Vehicle Identification Number is really important.

What is the Length of the VIN Code?

VINs are 17 digit long Codes. This includes digits and capital letters. All the VIN assigned are naturally 17 characters long. 

But in some cases, the VIN that is displayed is less than 17 digits. This is because they were assigned pre-1981

  • Vehicle pre-1981 : Less than 17 Characters
  • Vehicle post-1981: Exact 17 Characters

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What do the Numbers and Letters in a VIN Mean?

Let’s break down the 17 digit Code-

What is a VIN Number | Get Free VIN Check

How to Find the VIN Code?

You can find the VIN Code yourself without anyone’s help. How? Read along:

VIN Number
  • Look at the corner of the Dashboard where it is meeting the windshield. There at the side, an alpha-numeric code must be written- that is, your Vehicle’s Identification code or Your VIN! 
  • If somehow how couldn’t see the code, the VIN is also written on the Driver’s side door. Al the end, where the door lock is present, the Vin number will be visible.
  • If you are still unable to get your Vin number- then ask about your VIN from-
  1. Insurance card/Insurance policy.
  2. Vehicle title and registration

How can I get a Free VIN Check?

Running a VIN check is always a great practice. Before you buy a car, learning about its crucial information is vital. With VIN, you can track its history from the day it was built to all the latest changes made to it. It could be your secret informant.

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“A VIN check is imperative for used car shoppers, as it will let you know if the car has a salvage or branded title – that is, if the car has been totaled by an insurance company due to extensive damage from an accident, flood, or other events,” – Jamie Page Deaton, executive editor of U.S. News Best Cars. 

VIN Number

Now let’s see how you can avail of a free VIN Check?

Many companies provide a paid VIN service, that provides a deeper insight into your Vehicle by gathering information from different sources. But if you are looking for free Vehicle Identification number details- then you can take the help from these sites-

1. The National Insurance Crime Bureau

NICB extends a free VIN Check for the customers to know about the details like-

  • Vehicle Theft Report
  • Vehicle Damage Report
  • Vehicle Manufacture and previous Buyers information

NICB offers free VIN checks up to 5 times within a 24hour Limit (from one IP address)

2. VehicleHistory

VehicleHistory offers many free detailed information related to your VIN Check. It provides interesting facts like-

  • Tracking recalls 
  • Safety ratings
  • Original specifications
  • Warranty, 
  • Fuel economy data 
  • User reviews, and 
  • Other essential information.

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Best Paid VIN Checks

For paid service, you can contact to-

  1. Carfax
  2. AutoCheck
  3. VINcheck Pro
What is a VIN Number | Get Free VIN Check

Can I Find Car Insurance Quotes by VIN Check?

Yes, you can get a Car Insurance estimate quote with your VIN Numbers.

These simple-looking 17 digit codes can be decoded to point out the year and the model of a car you need a quote for. The estimated Car Insurance rates can be depicted by checking the specific VIN number.

Above mentioned tools and sites, can be used to get a thorough reading about VIN numbers and their Checks.

Even the Vehicle type affects your Average insurance rates. Let’s see how?

Vehicle TypeAverage Monthly Auto Insurance RatesAverage Annual Auto Insurance Rates

This is all the basic information you need to know about VIN. Vehicle Identification Number is a crucial 17-character alpha-numeric Code that helps to know the Vehicle in detail. All the vital details and facts like its history, specifications, warranty details, safety ratings can be tracked through it.

Also, it is really helpful if you get a thorough VIN check before committing to a particular automobile.

I hope you find this article insightful, Keep visiting Path Of EX for all the updates. Do share your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below.


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