7 Video Statistics You Need To Know To Create Better Video Ads

7 Video Statistics You Need To Know To Create Better Video Ads

Are you thinking of leveraging the power of video ads for expanding your business, product, or services? Video advertising is a growing market as the visual medium can attract and impact the audiences a lot better than just a print ad. A good video helps the audience retain the message and has a strong recall value compared to other forms of content creation. 

But despite the power of the visual element, not every video ad has the right impact. This is primarily because even if your video is highly appealing and has the right script, the execution and optimization of the video content for various platforms need to be well-thought-out. And this requires a good understanding of the target market, customer behavior, preferences, and other stats. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the critical statistics that have enabled video ads to achieve the best results: 

75% of view on videos are on mobile devices

According to eMarketers, the number of videos being viewed on mobile is nearly a third of the overall viewership, making it integral to have your videos optimized for the mobile. If you are a B2C company with a target audience that is mostly Gen Z or the millennial population, optimizing the content for mobile devices is highly recommended. This means capturing the video vertically as opposed to horizontally, as that’s the way it is more likely to be viewed.

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For B2B marketers, desktop rules with 87% views.

Mobile optimization for your videos is essential, but it also depends on who your target customer and market is. If you are a B2B company, the stats are exactly the opposite. This is because many still open business-focused videos on their desktop or laptops, and mainly during office hours. 

According to Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report, a desktop is still the preferred medium for business viewers. So when creating and promoting the video, one should not overlook the platform that it is going to be viewed on. Desktop platforms give video makers access to more features as compared to the mobile, and one should make sure the video is supported for multiple screen sizes. 

The ideal length of your video should be two minutes or less.

With the plethora of content being generated, the attention span of the audience has depleted significantly. And this means that the audience may not click on videos that are longer. According to research, the ideal length of a video should be two-minutes, as the attention span starts to deplete after.

So, keep your video ad is short and concise. Consider creating multiple video ads instead of trying to get all the messaging in one video. Remember that you need to convince the audience in a concise period, and having too much content will only confuse the audience.

The first 30 seconds are integral, as 33% of viewers will move on if they are not interested. 

The video ad needs to be optimized to make sure that the audience clicks on it, but if they do not find the video interesting in the first few minutes, they may not watch the entire video. According to AdAge, 33% of the viewers will move on after the first 30 seconds, 45% by a minute, and 60% after 2 minutes. 

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With such short attention spans, having a compelling introduction for your video is vital. Consider using an intro maker to make sure you start with a bang and provide the most important highlight of the video in the first few seconds. You can choose InVideo for this. The introduction should be appealing and impactful, and the audience may stay on even if the length is longer than usual.

The ideal outro aspect ratio is 1920px X 1080px

While creating a great introduction is critical, it is half the battle won without a compelling call to action (CTA). If your audience has stayed on till the very end, this is the audience group that is more likely to buy your products or interact with your other videos, given their interest. And that is why creating a fantastic outro using an outro maker is essential.

According to research, the ideal outro video length aspect ratio is 1920X1080, so make sure you use the best video maker that supports this resolution. And think about what you wish the audience to know at the very end. It could be a simple reminder to follow your social media pages, like your video, provide links to other relevant videos or take them to your website. Define the CTA and make a great outro to keep the audience engaged further.

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85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, while 60% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound

This is a vital statistic released by Instagram that helps you create video ads that are targeted towards the right platform. Depending on the device and where it is being viewed, most users prefer to use low sounds or no sounds when watching videos. So the ideal thing to do is craft a video that can have the same impact in both scenarios.

Create videos with subtitles or use text to highlight the essential bits and pieces, which are helpful if the audience is viewing the video without the sound. This helps you market your video ads on both platforms without having to worry about optimization.

Video content has the maximum ROI as per 52% of marketers.

Finally, video ads are a huge hit, and 52% of marketers agree that video marketing gives higher ROI. Video ads have been shown to peak audience interest, share the story better, and get a better understanding of the product or service. And it doesn’t matter which platform it is being viewed on, be it email marketing, website, social media or any other, video ads get the most hits!

So if you are looking to create compelling video ads, consider optimizing your video using the statistics mentioned in this article. Know that despite having great videos, it is the way the video is edited and optimized for each platform that will make the right impact. So make sure to optimize and use a great intro maker and outro maker to create compelling videos with brilliant introductions and a well-thought-out CTA.

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