Vicksburg anticipates cruise lines’ waterfront developments

Vicksburg anticipates cruise lines’ waterfront developments

VICKSBURG, Miss. (AP) — Two companies that offer Mississippi River cruises can start making improvements to the waterfront in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The city’s mayor and aldermen reached an agreement with a railway company Wednesday, clearing up questions about who owns some waterfront property, the Vicksburg Post reported.

City attorney Nancy Thomas said the city can begin subdividing the waterfront. Viking and American Cruise Lines have leased sites to build docking facilities there, at the cruise lines’ expense.

American Cruise Lines signed an agreement Nov. 25 to pay the city $2 per passenger under the lease. It will pay $3 per passenger if the lease is extended an additional five years. In the past, three American Cruise Lines boats have stopped at Vicksburg. The agreement says American Cruise Lines will develop its area to duplicate a “park-like setting” with benches and other amenities.

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City leaders on Nov. 16 approved a 20-year ground lease with Viking USA LLC at a rate of $1 per passenger to use the site. Viking is leasing a section of Vicksburg’s riverfront along the Yazoo Diversion Canal to build a facility for its cruise boats that are expected to arrive in the city in 2022.


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