AEM: Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5 Complete Guide

vanishing act walkthrough chapter 5

After crossing all the chapters in AEM: Vanishing Act, you will unlock Chapter 5 in the game. Here, your primary goal is to help Kate reach the yacht with various decks available and enquire about other characters. Let’s delve deeper through this article and grab the ultimate Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5 we’ve got you here. 

Adventure Escape Mysteries is a new adventure game that features many mysterious encounters throughout the gaming session for players. Here, Detective Kate Gray and Murphy explore AEM and get to solve many puzzles and mysteries coming along the way. There are a total of 6 chapters in Adventure Escape Mysteries: Vanishing Act. 

Talking about Chapter 5, you will find many puzzles here. Move further through this article, and I will walk you through the extensive Vanishing Act Chapter 5 guide. This is full of surprises, shocks, mysteries, and chills. Let’s head further and make your way further to progress in the game. 

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5 | Unleash The Mystery

vanishing act walkthrough chapter 5

To begin with Chapter 5 in AEM: Vanishing Act, both Kate and Murphy must go to the yacht where Allie performs. However, they don’t own tickets. They randomly locate Charlie, and Murphy follows him while Kite strives for another sneaky way to enter the yacht. Furthermore is the detailed walkthrough of AEM: Vanishing Act Chapter 5. Let’s go:

1. Acquire the Hidden Objects & Enter the Boat

  • Firstly, click on the couple on the left side to see if they have a ticket on their phone. Once you know they have the ticket on their phone, make sure you acquire it by hook or crook.
  • Head to the left side and enter the club. Interact with all three men and convince all of them to give you their tickets.
  • One of them may agree to give you the ticket for $6000. Explore the area, and you will locate many hidden objects, say a harpoon from the left wall and there will be the model sailboats.
  • Go to the bridge, and you will see a loose wooden plank. Take the harpoon to scratch it from the spot. Use the plank to enter the boat. 

2. Turn On the Heater

  • Place the propane tank in the heater and look for the lighter or a matchbox. Head to the club and talk to the water.
  • Ask him for the notepad. 
  • Further, solve the puzzle using the mode of sailboats and arrange the appetizers to learn about the symbol for each person available on the list. 
  • Serve the appetizers and move outside to get a lit cigarette from the waiter chilling on the edge. Use this cigarette to switch on the heater.
  • The couple will enter the boat after taking off his jacket. Look through the jacket to acquire the tickets and pick up the telescope left by the woman there.

3. Unlock the Phone

AEM: Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5 Complete Guide
  • Take the locked phone and crack their pattern password using the phone’s wallpaper that says Maxwell Perales.
  • Go to the Club and spot nine different buoys using the telescope via the window.
  • Every buoy with a dot will reveal the phone’s lock screen. Following the line will help you get the pattern.
  • Draw this pattern on the phone screen to unlock the device and obtain yacht tickets. 

4. Interact With Murphy

  • Now, move out of the club and show these tickets to the concerned check to get access.
  • However, Murphy is still missing, and Kate decides to search for him before going to the yacht.
  • Head to the club again, communicate with Murphy, and decide to go together without Charlie. 
  • Both Kate and Murphy will decide to follow Charlie. While following Charlie, they receive a call. You will encounter a radio on the spot; inspect this boat to find a locked briefcase.
  • You need a 5-digit code to unlock this

5. Open the Briefcase

  • Move to the bag on the right side and open the folder.
  • You will spot some IDs with newspaper pieces being clipped with a single number highlighted with a circle.
  • Where two IDs are missing, match the articles to the IDs to crack the order of numbers. You will crack the order 43928.
  • Open the briefcase using this code and inspect the stuff. You will find Charlie and Elias were about to impersonate many people, including Murphy.

6. Reach the OAR

AEM: Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5 Complete Guide
  • While you will end your hunt, Charlie will mark a gunpoint to Kate’s head, although Murphy intervenes. Get the pocket square from Charlie’s pocket and also the crowbar.
  • Elias is planning to shoot Allie, so we must stop him. Start the boat.
  • However, there is no fuel to return to the beach to get some.
  • There will be some flags on the boat house. To acquire them, use the crowbar and open the boat house door. 
  • Use the stool to reach the oar; if you can’t because of the net, use the padlocks on the left, tap on the frame, and take the help of a pocket square to clean it. 

7. Start the Boat

  • Now, see where the flags are missing and fill in them. Locate those flags on the chart and write down their names with the first letter.
  • You will have Bravo, Romeo, India, November, Echo, and Yankee. Type BRINEY to unlock the padlock. 
  • Pick up the gasoline canister from inside > go out > and fill the motor with this gas. Now, get to the boat to start it. 

8. Shield from Charlie

  • Charlie will wake up and attack on the controls.
  • Although Murphy is trying to control him, he won’t be able to do much.
  • You must use the knife to cut the rope. Use this rope and tie the Charlie.
  • Take a look at the boat console. It might be broken, so you must repair it using three more chips.  

9. Place the Chips in the Console

  • Go to the boat house and cut this net using the knife.
  • Take the oar, open the cabinet, and acquire the toolbox to get the screwdriver.
  • Rotate the TV around, and you will access the chip from it using the screwdriver. 
  • Go out of the boat > and use the screwdriver to open the radio. Acquire the chip > Place the oar on the canoe.
  • Again, use the screwdriver to acquire the chip from the buoy. 
  • Head back to the boat and keep all three chips in the console. Now, you must solve the console puzzle.
  • For this, arrange all the chips onto the grid and ensure all the arrows are pointing at another arrow. Move out of the yacht, and you have accomplished Chapter 5 successfully. 
  • Here, the ultimate goal of Kate and Murphy is to place all three chips in the console. Follow the instructions mentioned above and ace this Adventure Escape Mysteries: Vanishing Act Chapter 5.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about AEM: Vanishing Act Walkthrough Chapter 5. This calls for an extensive number of workarounds and to-do’s. Give this article a thorough read and solve all the puzzles coming on the interface to make the most of this mystery. Path of EX will never leave you midway. Hence, let me know if you have any further questions, and I will try to come up with a solution ASAP. 

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