Valorant Pride Event 2023 | How To Get Pride-Themed Player Cards & Gun Buddies?

Valorant Pride Event: 2022 | How To Equip Pride-Themed Player Cards & Gun Buddies

Valorant Champions! I have got something massive for you! Valorant is here to make a remarkable entry to the pride month of 2023 with its very own Valorant pride-themed player cards and Gun Buddies. Yes, this is true! Move along this page and unveil everything you wish to know about the Valorant Pride Event 2023 and its pride-themed Player Cards and Gun Buddies.

Undoubtedly, Valorant has managed to be the number one choice of many gamers lately with its exclusive ranking system. And to make it a better space, Valorant Pride Event 2023 is all set to make a blast for its huge fanbase. 

Many Riot games like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and League of Legends: Wild Rift are exhibiting their support for the LGBTQ community by presenting their own set of goodies for Pride Month 2023, and in order to comply with the same, Valorant Pride-themed player cards and gun buddies is no less than a treasure for Valorant gamers in the month of June. Move along to know more about Valorant Pride Event 2023 and how to equip Pride-themed cards and Gun Buddies in Valorant. 

Valorant Pride Event 2023

Riot Games has been putting up Pride game events since 2018 in support of the LGBTQ community. And the Pride Event 2023 is surely going to break all records with its massive goodies and rewards for its gamers. 

Valorant Pride Events have taken a toll since the start with its new player cards and titles. And to preach the ritual, Valorant Pride Event 2023 is all buckled up with new pride-themed player cards and gun buddies for their players, available at the valorant store.  

Valorant Pride Event: Start and End Date

The Valorant Pride Event will begin on June 1, 2023, Wednesday, and will continue to go till June 20, 2023, Monday. As the event starts, Valorant players can start collecting the bundle of Pride-themed rewards that includes eight-player cards and a gun buddy in total. These rewards allow the Valorant players to wave the colors they wear. 

Valorant Pride Event Start Date: June 1

Valorant Pride Event End Date: June 20

How To Get Valorant Pride Cards & Gun Buddy?

Surprisingly, the procedure to get the Valorant pride cards and gun buddy is turning out to be a lot easier than the previous year. All the Valorant players need to do is step forward to the game shop and purchase all eight cards and the gun buddy for 0VP.

How To Get Valorant Pride Cards & Gun Buddy?

To get Valorant pride cards and a gun buddy from the Valorant store, follow the steps dropped down below: 

1. Go to the main menu.

2. Tap Collection.

3. Select the player card from the left-hand side.

4. Choose the weapon of your choice.

5. Then tap on the Gun Buddy from the top of the screen.

6. Scroll down to spot the Pride Buddy.

7. Lastly, tap Equip.

This is it! Now you have everything you require to easily claim the Valorant Pride Cards and gun buddy. Give it a shot and trust me, this will all be worth it!

Watch Valorant Pride Event 2023

PRIDE Player Cards 2022 // VALORANT

Wrapping Up

Buckle Up guys because we are not letting this go off our hands. Valorant Pride Event 2023 is surely a bundle of happiness for Valorant fans. Obvio! Who wants to let go of the Valorant pride-themed player cards and gun buddies? Not happening! Give it a shot and equip the worthy Valorant Pride Cards and Gun Buddy in 7 easy steps.

I hope all your questions regarding Valorant Pride Event 2023 are answered well. Path of EX is open to every confession, suggestion, and opinion. Do write it down to us if you have any!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you still get Valorant Pride?

Unfortunately, the Pride card and title codes were a part of the month-long promotion, and codes are no longer available for players to claim.

2. How do I get LGBT Valorant?

The cards can be earned via the Redemption page on the VALORANT website by entering a code for each individual card. 

3. How do I get a VALORANT pride card after June?

The cards will be available to all players throughout June but it is unknown if Riot Games will leave the codes active after the end of the month.

4. Does RP card work for Valorant?

RP Cards will only work for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

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