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Cupid Calling on 14th February! It is Valentine’s Day. A day of love and it should be celebrated. A celebration can be done by expressing your love in your own way. This year let us celebrate it with a special Valentine’s Trivia Questions and answers.

You must be wondering why not celebrate with a party or candlelight dinner or romantic drive or any other way. You can celebrate it in any of the ways. But, a twist of valentine’s trivia questions and answers will add a more fun element to it. Be the know-it-all this valentine. Get your partner each and every detail and prepare yourself. Let your partner be tested this valentine.

Do not be stressed!!! Just make this 14th February a bit different from the last. Make your valentine’s day even more special. Add a fun element to your romance this valentine, by asking the below questions. Stay stunned to be innovative on this 14th Febrauary’2022.

51 Valentine’s Trivia Questions And Answers for 2022

Valentine’s Trivia

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Do not waste your time preparing your valentine’s trivia questions and answers. Let me share some with you below.

Question: What is the name of Cupid in Greek Mythology?
Answer. Eros

Question: What is the meaning of ‘X’ and ‘O’ in XOXO?
Answer. ‘X’ signifies kisses and ‘O’ signifies hugs

Question: Which internal organ caused love in Medieval times?
Answer. Liver

Question: How many Valentine’s day cards are sold every year?
Answer. 1 Billion

Question: What was the time when sweethearts got their shape?
Answer. 1901

Question: What is the most used expression on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. I Love You

Question: Which place in the USA grows roses for Valentine’s Day?
Answer. Colombia

Question: Which country named Valentine’s Day Freinds Day?
Answer. Finland

Question: On which Valentine’s Day was celebrated in Ancient Rome?
Answer. 15th February

Question: Which color rose should one send to a friend on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. Yellow

Question: What percentage of women buy flowers on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. 27%

Question:  How many roses are grown for Valentine’s Day every year?
Answer. 224 million

Question: Who wrote the oldest Valentine’s Day message?
Answer. The Duke of Orleans

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Question: In which act did Willam Shakespeare mention Valentine’s Day?
Answer. Hamlet

Question: Which mythological God is a symbol of Valentine?
Answer. Cupid

Question: Whose favorite is red roses?
Answer. venus

Question: Who is the mother of Cupid?
Answer. Venus

Question: In which year 14th February was declared Valentine’s Day?
Answer. 1537

Question: In which year sweetheart production was suspended temporarily?
Answer. 2019

Question: In which year oldest Valentine’s Day message was written?
Answer. 1415

Question: In which year balloon was launched?
Answer. 1824

Question: What do white roses symbolize?
Answer. Purity

Question: What does the pink rose symbolize?
Answer. Gentleness

Question: What does the yellow rose symbolize?
Answer. Friendship

Question: What does the red rose symbolize?
Answer. Love

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Question: Who receives the most Valentine’s Day card?
Answer. Teachers

Question: From which language Valentine’s word has been derived?
Answer. Latin

Question: Is it true that anciently it was bad luck to sign Valentine’s Day card?
Answer. True 

Question: What is the estimated amount Americans spend on Valentine’s Day Jewellery?
Answer. Approximately 20 Billion Dollars

Question: Which brain chemical is called a Love Hormone?
Answer. Oxytocin

Question: In which year Hallmark launch its first Valentine’s Day gift?
Answer. 1916

Question: Who is Valentine’s mother?
Answer. Esther Howland

Question: From which Latin word Valentine’s was derived?
Answer. Valor

Question: Which fruit was once known as Love Apple?
Answer. Tomato

Question: Which US state produces the most chocolates?
Answer. Pennsylvania

Question: Which roses are more sent on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. Red

Question: Who initially started the use of heart we see today on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. French and Italian artists

Question: Which country has a holiday on 14th February?
Answer. South Korea

Question: In which country do women traditionally buy chocolates for men?
Answer. Japan

Question: Which activity increases the human pulse up to 110 Bpm?
Answer. Kiss

Question: Which color is most preferred on Valentine’s Day? 
Answer. Red

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Question: Which website was born on Valentine’s Day?
Answer. Youtube

Question: How many towns in the US are named after Valentine?
Answer. Four

Question: Which monument is the gift of love?
Answer. Taj Mahal

Question: Which virus was detected in Hongkong on 1st May’2000?
Answer. I Love You Virus

Question: Can you name the girl, who planted an almond tree with pink blossoms beside the grave of St. Valentine?
Answer.  Julia

Question:  Who invented speed dating?
Answer. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo

Question: Who created the first Valentine’s day chocolate box?
Answer. Richard Cadbury

Wrapping Up

This year make your Valentine’s day a bit different with the above-mentioned Valentine’s Trivia Questions and answers. Playing in a romantic aura will help create fun in your date arrangement. Do not miss this 14th February to make it a special one. Have a great time.  


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