6 Fun Valentine’s Day Traditions in 2022 | Embellish Your Love Piously This Time  

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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The word ‘Traditions’ sounds so heavy, right? But actually, it is not that dense if we talk about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day originated from an intense history. Still, as we move ahead in time, it is referred to as Day of Love, where everyone expresses their love to one another, plans their beautiful future, celebrates their togetherness, and spreads tenderness and warmth worldwide. To make it even more amusing, practice some Valentine’s Day Traditions this year and extraordinarily excite your romantic gestures.

Whether it is about confessing the love or planning for a Galentine, having a minimalistic day, or red get-to-get is always a treat to the mind and eyes. No one can ever deny how cute and quirky these heart candies, red roses, or yummy chocolates look. Some people wish to spend it cozy and comfy, some like to slip in pretty dresses, and some find it appealing to be with their fam, but nobody likes to ignore it. 

Following a tradition does not categorize you like an old-fashioned or uncool human but following those makes your Valentine’s Day an exciting day. In this writeup, we have listed some of the merrymaking Valentine’s Day traditions for you which help you build an intimate bond with your mate. 

Valentine’s Day Traditions That Will Make Your Day Extra Special

1. Homemade Cards: Happiness Is Homemade 

valentines homemade cards: Valentine's day traditions

Spending some bucks and buying in bulk from a local shop is fine but crafting a handmade card with a heart full of emotions and feelings seems to be fancy, doesn’t it? In the early 19s, there were few options available to people, which is why their efforts always came to the rescue while they intended to show their love to their mate. 

Being highly skillful or creative is not a matter of concern here, but it is your huge chance to win any heart you wish to do by putting in every bit of your strength in your homemade card. 

Come on, guys… Explore your mind and regain your creative side to have a sight of that adorable smile.

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2. Purse Puzzle: Trick And Cheer

 Purse Puzzle

Purse Puzzle is another Valentine’s Day tradition that can add an essence to your sentiments and whooping up your date in an exciting way. Write some letters and pour your heart into them. Place those letters together but in a puzzling way and Let your partner find their way. 

(This Valentine can be a new and exciting game for you to try on. Convey your message and let your partner know what exactly they mean to you. You can also take a shot of wine after every letter is read)

3. Dance And Romance: Volume Up Babe

 Dance And Romance

Earlier, the couple used to plan their Valentine’s Day date privately in their houses with food, movies, and music. Finding it an economical and convenient place to be in, they always consider being in their personal space rather than being a perfect show-off couple in the eyes of society.  

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Therefore, decorate your house and put on high heels or formal shoes to jazz it up a little on this Valentine. 

4. Candygram Crush: Time to say ‘I Heart You.’ 

Candygram for valentines

In America, people symbolize their crush with a candygram to confess their infatuation for them. It is a well-known way to let your love know ‘I Heart You’, most widely used in US schools. 

So what are you waiting for? Go, buy a candygram, get it delivered to your crush’s house, and tell them you wish to be their Valentine

5. Pressed White Flower: Vision To Your Ever-Lasting Love

Pressed White Flower

Sending out a dried flower to carry out Valentine’s Day tradition is always marked as the sweetest gesture to speak for your love. It is highly famous within the couples of the United States to give a pressed white flower (also known as Snowdrops) with a wish to justify your take on long-lasting love.  

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You can also place the received flower in a book or preserve it in the form of resin art. 

6. Write It Out: Poetry or Letter Is Never Out-of-Fashion

Poetry or Letter

Writing and penning down your heart is not very technical but surely conveys your message more convincingly. Take your time and sit down with a paper and pen, and write cards, poems, or letters for the love of your life. This is a way to tell them in your way that ‘Huh, I told you I love you more.’    

No matter how much content we can find on the internet these days or how many digital cards we can buy easily, we can never deny the fact that real purity lies in hand-written. 

Wrapping Up

These Valentine’s Day traditions will shoot up your love life in a mind-blowing way. Nothing over the top, just simple basic deeds to speak for your heart, which has been keeping your secret for ages. 

You can also mix it up with your blingy and hopelessly romantic plans to spice up things in a better way…OKAY??? Perfect! 

Ooh yes… If you have more things to share, please do.



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