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Shivangi Gupta
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To define Valentine’s Day in an actual sense, It is that time of the year when love is blooming everywhere and all you are meant to do is spread joy, warmth, and tenderness far and wide. Being romantic with your love is a must-do but to keep your kids delighted and engaged is also a big task for every one of us. So we are here with the fun and easy 09 games for your kids to play on this Valentine’s that will not only keep your children on the roll but will also give rise to an emotion of loving others and being loved by them. 

To burst a common myth that our society holds, Valentine’s Day is not only about being with your soulmate or with someone you share your love interest with but it is about celebrating the day of LOVE with people who owe your heart. It can be your friends, family, children, or even pets. It is the day of friendliness, kindness, intimacy, care, and joy; and to keep up with the standards, this article is everything you are looking for to make your Valentine’s Day the most thrilling day of your 2022. 

Budget-friendly games? Okay, Noted!

Not flaunting much but I do know what it is in your mind and all I want to say is ‘Take it Easy’ because I have surely listed all of the modest Valentine’s day games below that will cheer your kid with delight and will also be kind to your pocket so what are you waiting for? JUMP INTO THE LIST RIGHT NOW…

Valentine’s Day Games For Kids That Will Make Them Cheery And Merry

Should I do a countdown or you can’t wait for that too…

Umm…Okay so if ‘NO COUNTDOWN’ is your choice then just go for it and unleash every point that is listed below.  

(I am sure you are going to love it)


find my heart game

This is the cutest game for your kids out of all of the Valentine’s Day games which can be played in either a classroom or in your house. All you have to do is cut a red sheet in the shape of a heart and ask all of your family members (‘teachers’) in case you are playing at school) to write a note for your kid.

Each family member owns one heart and after collecting all of the hearts, you can hide each of them at different places in your house and your kid will find each heart in between a specific time and will read it out loud. You can also surprise him with a muffin or chocolate each time he finds a HEART on time. 

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Let’s suppose your kid is after your life for something (say: bike) from the past few months. He is continuously bragging over the urge that he wants it as soon as possible so why not treat him with it..?

Not in a boring way so here is a task. Plan a fun treasure hunt for them and let them find their treat on this Valentine. 

You can make this valentine the Best Valentine of their life while you plan a little Valentine’s Day game for them (a two-sided perk).  


valentines party for kids

A small fun party with all of your child’s friends, cousins, and mates; and unlimited Valentine’s Day games are never off the rack… Am I right or Am I right?

With a bunch of small kids who are looking up to you (all dressed up) and waiting for you to be the good hostess, it seems to be a LOT OF PRESSURE so I am just trying to be a good friend of yours while serving you with the best game in your list.

You can take some common and famous pairs as in Black & White, Romeo & Juliet, Tom & Jerry, Salt & Pepper, and the list goes on…

Write each name on a piece of paper, fold it out and let each kid pick up one slip. After picking up, let them find their mate with special instructions to use the names as stated in the slips and after each pair is formed, you can plan some further games with the pairs you have now like paper dance or one word one answer. 

(PRO TIP: You can also blindfold each child while they are on the stage to find their mate)

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If you are looking for any tireless, engrossing, and meaningful Valentine’s Day game then this is probably what exactly you are searching for. For this, you need to give your child a piece of paper (an A4 sheet will work), sketch pens (to make it colorful), and three common heads: I can, I have and I am, and make him fill the subheads. 

It is all about letting your child dig into his mind and soul, and look for what things he can do (say: dance or play), what he has right now (say: a video game, a fancy bicycle, or a dollhouse) and what he is as a person (say: sharply witted or a good artist). This will not only make him realize how many things he has with him or how much intelligent as a kid he is but will also sort him out for the stuff he wishes to have and he can surely have in the future.

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We all know how a Tic-Tac-Toe is played and we all have adored our intelligence as well after every win so why not give this edge to our children now. Play this game on this Valentine’s Day but not with boring X or O but with cute little hearts and bows which can be crafted by your kids as per the instructions given by you. 

(You can also plan a Craft Off challenge for them to add an extra tint of entertainment)  


Valentines games for kids

Adding up the sense of concern, belongingness and warmth are what Valentine is all about. Whether it is a family gathering or a classroom celebration, make a slip of everyone’s name who is in the room and let each one pick it up one by one.

After opening up the slip, whatever name will be displayed; that person has to write 5 lines about that respective individual stating “ What do you love the most about him” on a colorful card and after everyone is done, they can paste their card on a common whiteboard or notice board. This way one will get their secret sweetheart and will turn into a pinky-pink with all of the blush.


Bake a cake
Little girl playing witf flour in kitchen

Bake a heart-shaped cake with your kid or do some Bake-it-up challenge with him/her to add sweetness to your relationship and also top up your day with something yummy yet creamy. This can be the comfy Valentine’s Day game for you with the sweats, chef hat, and loud music in the background. 

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Valentines games for kids

Before I tell you how this is played, I need to inform you that this is my Favourite Valentine’s Day game (a little TMI) because it is an outdoor activity, tricky yet exciting and you get all the roses at the end. So to start with, you have to hand over a rose to each participant and lay some special ground rules stating the location boundary i.e. what areas are covered in this game which will be titled as IN-HOUSE and no violence allowed.   

The moment you say GO, all the participants will spread randomly and will try to hide as much as they can with a rose in their hand. If any one of them caught the other one, he will pat on his back and say “LOVE TRAP” which will signify that the person who is trapped is officially out of the game and he has to give up his rose to the participant who trapped him.

In the end, the one with the number of roses will win this game which means that this game will be continued till everyone loses their ROSE to the WINNER. 

Sounds extreme fun right?? But you do need at least 8-10 participants for this one so go and find your gang now. 


Classroom or home, low-key or high-key; regardless of what your situation is or what surroundings you wish to have, we have listed down some feasible yet pocket-friendly Valentine’s Day games for your kids which will leave your child all smiling at the end of the day (I promise)

So without any further due, start with the preparations right now because we just can’t wait to see you bright and glowy with all of the happiness you are going to share this Valentine (this means you have to tell us how was your Valentine in the comment section below). 

In case of any suggestions, we are open 24 hours.



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