14 Intriguing Valentine Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!!

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Valentine’s day..!! One of the most fascinating days of the year. It is a day of LOVE- a celebration of love in different forms. From Proposing to your partner to bringing gifts for your pets, and from partying with your squad to going out with your family, we all use different languages to express our love. But there is something that has always intrigued me about this day, and if by any chance you are like me and have stumbled upon the thoughts of intriguing fun Valentine Facts, then this place is meant for you. Here we’ll get to know all the amazing mysteries and intrigues behind Valentine’s Day.

Falling on 14th Feb, this day has a certain charm that makes people go crazy..!! And I mean that in literal sense…CRAZZZYY! Some are busy setting new rules for their relations, while others are ready to break all the rules. Whatever the case is, one thing is certain-This Day sees a whirlwind of emotions.

Valentine’s Day started as something entirely different but has now evolved to a modern romantic notion. It is no longer a simple day rather its excitement and celebration have surpassed many other significant holidays. From chocolate to flowers, shops are booming with Valentine’s stuff. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to know all the astonishing Valentine’s Facts to satisfy your wondering curiosity-

List Of Fascinating Valentine Facts That will Amaze You!!

Well, We all have some of the other plans for the day, but have you ever just wondered what exactly Valentine’s day is about? How did it start? Why do you have to give chocolate? Why are you being forced by your girlfriend to have something grand planned? (sorry for you!) or just Why don’t you have a date? Well, I am sorry I can’t help you with your last concern, but for the rest- I have all these captivating valentine’s Facts that would amaze you.

1. Valentine Facts On How Valentine’s Day Started

It is quite ironic that the beginning of the most beautiful holiday surrounded by love had its roots in the deaths and mysteries. There have been different theories regarding the start of Valentine’s day-

The Saint Valentine Fact Theory

The most well-known and proven Valentines’ factual theory is that Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a remembrance tribute to an early Catholic Saint named Valentine (Italian: San Valentino; Latin: Valentinus) of Rome. During the 3rd century, Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage believing single men would yield better soldiers.

St. Valentine standing opposing to the notion, secretly held marriage ceremonies for soldiers to conserve the spirit of love. But when this news came to air, Valentine was executed and commemorated on February 14. His martyr act is now celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Facts

Another story relating to St Valentine is that when his deed was known, he was imprisoned by Claudius. At that time, Saint Valentinus wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer just before his execution. His letter was signed as ‘From your Valentine’ and therefore associating Valentine with Love.

Though, initially, 14 Feb was celebrated as Feast of Saint Valentine and not the modern romantic Valentine’s Day. Its association to the romantic concept developed in the middle ages.

The Pagan Valentine Fact Theory

While some held their belief in St. Valentine’s story, others believed Valentine’s Day has its roots in an ancient Pagan festival. This Valentine’s Fact states the celebration was initiated in response to the Pagan holiday of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on February 15.

Valentine Facts

Dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus, the day was celebrated by sacrificing goats and dogs. And then using their strips coated in blood to smack women walking through streets as this practice was believed to encourage fertility. So, in defiance of this, Valentine’s day, a symbol of love, was initiated.

2. The Modern Valentine Theory Origin

It is believed that by the 5th century, Roman Pope Gelasius officially declared the date of February 14 as “St. Valentine’s Day.” making it an official Holiday in Saint Valentine’s remembrance. But its change from a historical moment to a symbol of love took place in the  Middle ages.

Valentine Facts

During the 1300s, Geoffrey Chaucer published his poem “The Parliament of Fowls.” In his verse, he calls St. Valentine’s Day the day when birds choose their mates. This gave the holiday a romantic notion and made people associate Valentine with Love. 

So, you may have Chaucer to blame for your pressure of choosing Valentine’s date.!

Well, this was the beginning when Valentine’s Day embarked worldwide as a symbol of love.

3. Valentine Facts About Cupid: The God Of Love

You must have seen that cute little boy with a bow and arrow on almost every valentine’s decor. Yes..that’s Cupid, your official wingman for the day. Its history dates back to 700 B.C., to the Greek god of love Eros, who was actually a dashing, immortal man with the intimidating power to make people fall in love. Woah..!! I guess we all need his help.

Valentine Facts

In the 4th century BCE, Romans adopted Eros into the image of a cute little boy with a bow and arrow, naming him “Cupid.” (because he can make you stupid..lol) His extraordinary power in love associated him with Valentine’s Day and its Love matching.

Also, Cupid is considered as the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and his bow and arrows are meant to pierce hearts and cast a spell of love. 

I hope Cupid works in your favor this year and helps you find your perfect match (wink..!!)

4. The Valentine’s Day Facts About Gifts

Of course, this is an unsaid Valentine fact that No Valentine’s Day is complete without exchanging gifts. As per the National Retail Foundation, Americans spent over $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2019 and a record-breaking $27.4 billion for 2020. Woww..!! Who gets these expensive gifts? 

From jewelry to Chocolates, shops get their share of booming business. let’s see some fun Valentine Facts about Valentine Gifts

1) The Valentine’s Day gift that people spend the most money on is Jewelry.

Valentine Facts

Chocolates may seem delicious, but pearls have their own enchanting sweetness for girls. Whether it’s a proposal with a diamond ring or a thanking gesture with a necklace, Jewels work their charms. In 2020, almost a sum of $5.8 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day on Jewellery.

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2) The Second Most paid-for gift During Valentine’s Day is a romantic evening out. 

14 Intriguing Valentine Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!!

You know it’s Valentine’s day when at every corner all you could see are couples. Having a romantic dinner at a restaurant is a must. Almost $4.3 billion was spent last year on restaurants.

3) The third position is bagged by clothing, candy, and then flowers with $4.3 billion.

4) Men Spend Double Then women On Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine Facts

On average, men spend double the amount of money on Valentine`s Day gifts than women. Sorry boys..!! But according to a survey, The average amount a man spends is $130 while women spend about $70.

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5) USA vs. UK – Who Spends More On Valentine’s Day? 

Another interesting fun Valentine fact is-   Americans spent $20.7 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2019 and $27.4 billion in 2020.

While, the UK spent a record high of £855m on Valentine’s Day 2020, up from £853m in 2019 and £726m in 2018.

On average, On Valentines Day, each consumer plans to spend about $150 on their partners and loved ones.

5. Nearly 6 Million Couples Gets Engaged On Valentine’s Day.

From sitcoms to movies, proposals on Valentine have been hyped to such a great measure. I mean, seriously, what’s a better day to get engaged than on Valentine’s Day, a day made especially to celebrate love.?

Valentine Facts

So, if you are planning to pop the question, I guess it couldn’t get better than this. But with the hype, so increases the competition, so – Make sure it is the best you could imagine- not grand but thoughtful.

In a survey, it was found that nearly  6 million couples got engaged on February 14. 

6. There Is An Official Valentine’s Day Alternative For Singles.

Don’t worry singles, we haven’t forgotten about you. International Quirkyalone Day is a holiday for single people on the same date- 14th Feb. Don’t confuse it with an anti-Valentine’s Day because its primary aim is to celebrate self-love and platonic relationships. We all know how important it is in today’s world. 

Valentine Facts

Started in 2003, it has become a global symbol for self-love.

Now, if you don’t have someone special to celebrate with, have a Quirkyalone Day healing yourself watching all the best sitcom Valentine’s episode marathon. I’ll give you the list-

7. Valentine Fact About Conversation Hearts 

You must have eaten those Valentine-themed Conversation Heart candies, but do you know how it was produced?

Valentine Facts

Oddly enough, this concept was started by a Boston pharmacist named Oliver Chase who invented a machine that simplified the way medical lozenges were made. Lozenges were a medicinal candy used typically for sore throat and other such illnesses. But soon, their priority shifted, concentrating more towards making Candies than medicine. Chase founded the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco, leading to the manufacture of America’s first candy-making machine, that produced Necco Wafers.

With the revolution, they started imprinting words onto the candy lozenges. And Finally, by 1902 the conversational candies officially became heart-shaped

* I know you never would have thought this Valentine Fact that Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges.

* Fun Valentine Fact- More than 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured each year. Each box has approximately 45 sayings — including “True Love,” “Hug Me” and “You Rock” etc.

8. Who Started Giving Out Valentines? Sending Out Valentine Was A 600-Year-Old Tradition!

Valentine Facts

The oldest proven fact about Valentine exists in a poem –Charles, the Duke of Orleans, wrote to his wife. When in 1415, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London, he penned down a loving poem referring to his wife as his “Valentine.” 

 “I am already sick of love, My very gentle Valentine.” 

From this, the tradition of sending Valentine and its wishes begins.

9. Valentine Fact About Valentine’s Chocolates

Time for some sweetness !! Go out and gift yourself a big box of chocolate this valentine. You deserve it. 

And for all those chocolates, you have Richard Cadbury to thank for. We love eating Cadbury’s rich and sweet chocolates but do you know this interesting Valentines Fact that-

Valentine Facts
  • Richard Cadbury introduced the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. He started packaging chocolates in fancy boxes to increase sales and introduced us to the first heart-shaped box of chocolates for V-Day in 1861.
  • 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold each year. About 58 million pounds of chocolate is made by them on V-Day.
  • Hershey makes more than 80 million chocolate “Kisses” daily.
  • There are enough candy hearts made each year to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy, and back again. The number of these candy hearts produced is approximately 8 billion.

10. Valentine’s Day Facts About Flowers: Busiest Day Of The Year For Florists.

Valentine Facts
Florist working on flower arrangement among the flower

No one minds receiving Flowers irrespective of the occasion. They bring a beauty and positivity along with them. But surpassing Christmas, weddings, and Mother’s Day- Valentine’s Day has become the busiest day of the year for florists. Most flowers are bought during Valentine’s Day. let’s learn some engrossing Valentine facts trivia about flowers-

  • Wonder who came up with the idea of sending flowers? A king from Sweden started the tradition of sending flowers. This was a non-verbal way of sending a message.
  • Flowers were first given as a symbol of fertility on 14 February in the 15th and 16th centuries, as love is associated with marriage and children.
  • More than half of Valentine’s Day flower purchases are Roses, especially Red Roses. Of course, you know why!?

What screams Love louder than Red rose. And according to a legend, the bud of red rose stands for strong romantic feelings.

  • About 224 million roses are grown and sold for Valentine’s Day for sale in the UK, with around 75 percent bought by men.

Why wait for someone else to receive flowers!?

Most Searched Flower On Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Facts
  1. Rose (with almost 3 million searches!)
  2. Iris
  3. Lily
  4. Sunflower
  5. Orchid
  6. Tulip
  7. Daisy
  8. Gardenia
  9. Lavender
  10. Hydrangea

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11. Valentine Facts About Valentine Cards

Sending out a Valentine’s Card is as important as sending a birthday card. On this day, millions of cards are bought and given. Though people have been exchanging sweet letters and cards from ages but it’s only in the 19th century that Valentine’s cards were made.

Valentine Facts

Let’s see some surprising Valentine facts trivia on Cards you’ll be shocked to know-

  • First Valentine’s Day cards were mass-produced in the U.S by Esther A. Howland, gaining her the title “Mother of the American Valentine,”
  • Valentine`s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards, second only to Christmas.
  • There are approximately 1 billion Valentine`s Day cards exchanged every year worldwide.
  • At least 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are given each year in the U.S. alone.
  • Women tend to buy approximately 85% of all the Valentine`s Day cards sold.
  • Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by kids, mothers, wives, and girlfriends.
  • You could also buy booklets devoted to writing Valentine’s Day cards. Around the 19th century, people hired Valentine Writers, the six-penny pamphlets containing popular collections of pre-written love messages to be used as inspiration.

Well, I don’t have such booklets for you, but I sure have a list of Valentine Wishes to help you write your dream wishes.

12. Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve Is An Actual Thing

Valentine Facts

We all have been inspired by the romantics to wear our hearts on our sleeves. But do you know that is more than just a phrase? It is a valentine fact that In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names to see who their Valentine would be, and they would wear the name pinned to their sleeve for one week so that everyone would know their supposed true feelings.

13. William Shakespeare Inspired A Tradition.

There are some writers that have imprinted their characters in our hearts forever, and there is no doubt Shakespeare is one of them. His famous Romeo and Juliet have stood against the time, creating its everlasting impression in our hearts and minds. His love symbol Juliet had become an inspiration for a beautiful tradition – Writing “letters to Juliet” has become Valentine’s Day tradition for many. It also inspired the 2010 film Letters to Juliet (Which you must give a watch). 

Valentine Facts

Around Valentine’s Day, thousands of letters are sent to Verona, Italy, addressed to the Romeo and Juliet character. These love letters, filled with intense emotion, passion, and heartbreak fill the walls of Verona. Volunteers, called Juliet’s secretaries, read through each letter and write a sweet response in their own version. Out of it, a winner is chosen who then gets to visit  Juliet’s home in Verona and attend a special ceremony. 

Wow, this is an experience you can’t forget.

Some couples also use this spot to have a perfect proposal on Valentine’s Day… After all, you must have heard Taylor singing…

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said, “Marry me, Juliet

You’ll never have to be alone

I love you, and that’s all I really know !!

14. Some Jawdrapping Valentines Facts That You Never Have Heard Of-

Valentine Facts
  • On Valentine`s Day, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for his telephone patent.
  • Penicillin was introduced on February 14th in, 1929.
  • In the middle ages, superstition said that if you were single, you would end up marrying the first single person of the opposite sex that you met on Valentine`s Day.
  • At least 9 million people buy their pets a gift on Valentine`s Day.
  • Men and women prefer candy to flowers.
  • Galentine’s Day has become a beloved spinoff holiday.
  • Japan is the only country where women do more gifting than men on Valentine’s Day.
  •  In Filipinos, mass Valentine’s Day marriages have become increasingly popular, where hundreds of couples say “I do” at the same time.
  • People send thousands of Valentines each year to their favorite fictional characters.
  • After St. Valentine was buried, Julia, the daughter of his jailor, planted an almond tree with pink blossoms near his grave. The almond tree today is a symbol of lasting friendship and love. ( yes.. The same daughter he wrote a letter to.)

Wrapping Up

These are some of the astounding Valentinine Facts that’ll make you question everything you have known about 14th Feb. Now you know, there is so much more to Valentine’s Day than just chocolates, roses, candies, and dinners. Through the centuries, many concepts have been evolved, but its message to keep the spirit of love alive has always been the central focus.

I hope hovering over these fascinating Valentine’s Trivia would help you make this special day even more special. And if somehow, Cupid didn’t come to work this year, and you don’t have any plans- Throw a small house party. Invite your single friends and have a squad Valentine’s Day watching all the romantic Valentine’s movies and reading all the intriguing Valentine’s Facts.

I hope you were entertained reading all these surprising Valentine’s Facts Trivia. Keep visiting Path of Ex for your share of enjoyment.

Adios feliz dia de san valentin…!!


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