Vabbing At The Gym TikTok Video | Check Your Gyming Equipments RN

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TikTok brings in new trends on its platform, which keeps their user entertained and glued to the platform for a more extended period. The best part is that TikTok encourages such creators to boost those trends on their platform, and then it spreads all over the platform and sometimes on other social media platforms like wildfire. This time, the same thing happened with the vabbing at the gym TikTok video.

People are making videos on TikTok regarding vabbing at the gym. It is erotic to know or experience such a thing in front of you, especially at the gym. But his thing is trending on TikTok for the wrong reasons.

So let us understand the real reason behind the same and get into the crux of the matter through our article below.

Vabbing At The Gym TikTok Video

Vabbing At The Gym TikTok Video | Check Your Gyming Equipments RN

The combination of the term vabbing is of the two words vagina and dabbing. So, vabbing refers to dabbing your vaginal fluid all over your body like perfume. It is known to make you more attractive to others. The vaginal secretion is used to dab at various areas, like behind the ear, neck, and wrist, before starting a heavy workout. Those areas are the places of a person’s sex appeal increases due to this practice. This leaves the equipment dirty for the next person to use it.

Many people have sort to vabbing trend in the gyms! Yes, you have read it right. Some are left with the idea of not setting foot inside the gym after watching the vabbing videos.

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Vabbing at The Gym on Twitter

Vabbing At The Gym TikTok Video | Check Your Gyming Equipments RN

Twitter is flooding with the vabbing at the gym Tiktok videos. One woman posted that it feels very unhygienic to use the sweaty and dirty gym equipment as they are not clean enough to use after someone leaves it and even before the gym is ready for the next day.

Some even tweeted that people who use gym equipment should clean them after using them, as they must keep in mind that COVID-19 and Monkeypox are still around the corner.

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Vabbing At the Gym TikTok Video

Wrapping Up

I hope you got all the information regarding the new TikTok trend Vabbing at the gym TikTok video. We bring periodic trends on the social media platform and share all the details through our website, Path of EX. So, subscribe now to get the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vabbing at the gym TikTok video?

Vabbing at the gym TikTok video is about applying fluids on the neck, wrist, and behind the ear before gyming.

Is vabbing at the gym important?

It is pretty trending in TikTok as it is important to maintain hygiene while you exercise or work out.


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