12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing in 2022

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing in 2022!!

Howdy Doody, Instagrammers? Being on the trending list of Instagram reels is kinda thrilling, isn’t it? Everyone I know today is on their way to becoming an Instagram Bae/dude. Whether it is about dance, food, makeup, fashion, motivation, or knowledge, everyone is catching their career today on Social Media. Unless and until it is well marketed, every single thing is bought, and every single thing is sold. However, the most powerful Instagram tool is carousel posts. In this article, You are going to learn how carousel posts on Instagram can be more engaging than any other type of content.

It is a good way to engage your #instafam with the whole back-end story of your posts. If you are trying to build up a good followers base, you can put up a carousel post on your Instagram account with 1) the multiple clicked pictures of your own self, 2) a fancy post on the first with the BTS on the rest, or, 3) it can also be a mix-match of pictures and videos. The more vulnerable you are on your Instagram, the more people will be connected to you. 

It is all about the right strategy and the right usage of tools that can shoot up your engagement levels in a better way. Too much load? Don’t worry because this blog is going to pull off the strings for you in a simpler way. Go on, and read the fruitful strategies to use carousel posts on Instagram for better marketing

A Carousel post on Instagram can be used in multiple ways. From putting out the brief about various ranges of products in a single post to revealing a snapshot of a real story, carousel posts are a great way to increase engagement. Dig in to know the popular yet effective ways to do that: 

1. Promote / Launch / Reveal Your New Product

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Whether you have a small business, brand, or are a content creator; Instagram allows you to share different ranges of one post in multiple ways. It can be video, picture, graphics, texts, etc. With Carousel Posts on Instagram, it is an effective way to flaunt different angles of your newly launched product. It can also be a collection of multiple products in one post. 

If you are a content creator, promoting a brand product with a closer view is never off the rack. It can build reputed goodwill for you among the brands. 

2. Divulge Your Details

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Planning to reveal an offer? Have a word to say? Drop multiple ways? Memes? There can be no better manner to divulge your details than a carousel post on Instagram. Create catchy content for the first one and take your viewers for a further ride. 

For Instance: It is mostly used by brands for presenting their offers (like Black Friday Sale) or by media channels for wrapping up their daily news. 

3. Swipe For Real

Today, many Instagram accounts use a pre-defined feed for their account. However, posting a picture or video other than that can hamper the aesthetic vision of the feed. In this case, posting an extraordinary picture with a swipe is not harmful. 

This type of carousel post on Instagram is a powerful way to connect with your audience by showing them the real side of the embellished feed. In this era of the perfect world, beauty lies in being open and real. It can be your sketches, client diaries, funny mishaps of the picture, or ever, a snapshot of your journey.  

4. Compare & Drop Your Recommendations

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

With the wide variety of products available in the brand, it can be a bit confusing for the audience to opt from the massive choices. Guide them via carousel posts on Instagram

Let’s Suppose- You have a makeup brand or a skincare Brand, Pick a particular product and drop your recommendations stating which type is suitable for what skin. 

This will be an easy way for your audience to compare your products. 

(P.S. It will also build up their trust in YOU) 

5. Listicle: Each Post For A Specific One

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

A listicle is always a better way to state your How To’s, Reasons, Tutorials, and Horoscopes. This is the most effective and popular way to target a particular set of audiences. It saves time and effort as reading a long blog post and finding the right answer to the question is tougher than a single post with multiple ways. 

A carousel post posted on Instagram is mostly used by astrologers for revealing a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly horoscope for a particular group. 

6. Exhibit Your Client Reviews

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

To increase the brand value, reliability, and peace of faith among the audience, it is always recommended to never let go of a chance of exhibiting your client reviews. We usually find it cliche, but actually, this type of carousel post on Instagram can undoubtedly generate a sense of awareness among the group. It also generates a sense of visibility among the audience and, in a way, shoots up your sales margin. 

7. A Mandatory Photo Dump

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Nowadays, a mandatory photo dump is a new trend for 2022. Millennials have shown great interest in this trend of carousel posts on Instagram with their daily or monthly photo dump. It can also be specific to a particular event like a party, concert, or date with your BFF. 

This can be as candid as you wish to because sticking to a perfect profile standard can be monotonous and uninteresting sometimes.

8. ‘Behind The Scene’ Story

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Another amusing way to put up a carousel post on Instagram is by attaching a funny BTS of your first picture with multiple swipes. A video of hoping up on the food after a long work,  a snippet of the whole process of the final product, in-between jokes to add a fun element in the monotonous routine, or a picture of 15 minutes of power-nap after a lengthy night shits, connects your audience on a deeper level.  

9. A Product Close-Up

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

As it is said, ‘It is all in the details. If you have an ample mix of various products with different angles and closeups, post a single clear picture or boomerang of each one with a defined closeup in a carousel post on Instagram. It will not only give a clear view of the article to the Instagram Shopper; even so, it will also increase the frequency of their purchases. 

10. Wacky & Uncanny Panorama

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Panorama serves two purposes in a carousel post on Instagram, 1) It provides detailed information, and 2) It creates an impulsive urge in the mind of a viewer. It stretches the whole carousel in the most enchanting way. From creating a sense of curiosity into the brain of your active audience to blessing the feed in a vivid way, this is the best way to use a carousel post on Instagram

11. Introduce Your Team

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Starting from big MNC’s to its various branches across the country, every industry is expanding its ways via building a strong relationship with its public. The most popular way today is letting people enter your workspace. Through this influential strategy of carousel posts available on Instagram, introduce your team to your audience. Besides the fact that it will create a great awareness among the audience, it will also spread wide smiles among your team. Recognition is all a team lives for in today’s times and this is one of the effective ways to do that. 

12. Before-After Life 

12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing

Attention! Content Creators and Influencers! You must be going out–of-ideas with all those massive brand product review posts on the feed. Obviously, too many products require a lot of brainstorming, but not today. Share a time-saving and snappy post today on your account with a dual-picture Before-After carousel post on Instagram. Take a product, use it on yourself, click a picture, and take a snapshot of its after-effect. This is a win-win as high engagement on this post usually supports the Instagram algorithm. 

Wrapping Up

It is also possible to delete a single post from the multiple pictures/videos on carousel posts on Instagram. It is time to up your Instagram game, have more ‘FOLLOW’ buttons, get a lot of DMS, and spread your popularity. Instagram is a creative platform, so if you can do it, I know you can do it, make the most of it. 

Babes & Buddies, this is our time. We don’t want to be boring uncles and aunts as we are much cooler than the older ones!! Swiping Left’ is our in-built habit that has been running through our veins since the day we were born.

Open your gram and kick it in your own style. 

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