Twitch New Rules 2023: Nudity Policy & Multi-Stream Ban!

Twitch Multi-Stream Ban & New Ad Rules twitch

Twitch has taken the internet by storm by making major changes to its guidelines and introducing the new ad rules & Twitch multi-stream ban. So, what are the new rules and policies on Twitch in 2023? How do the updated Twitch guidelines affect streamers in 2023? In this article, we’ll find out what to expect in the Twitch new rules.

Twitch is an all-encompassing live streaming site that’s personally a favorite. As for big streamers generating most of their revenue from content branding and ads on Twitch, the new rules come as a shock.

Read on to learn all about the new Twitch multi-stream ban and new rules & policies on Twitch in 2023. Stay tuned to know if you’ll be affected by these new policies or not!

What is Changing With The New Twitch Update: Nudity Policy

After policy updation, content that comes under the art category (drawn, animated, tattooed, or sculpted), even if it depicts nudity, is allowed on Twitch. However, content that depicts real people or shows their images explicitly remains prohibited, and only artistic nudity with appropriate labels is allowed. But note that when it comes to the depiction of “fictionalized sexual acts” in the artistic realm, this remains prohibited.

Making a mention of Content Classification Labels, Twitch writes in their policy update blog:

“We believe that accurate content labeling is key to helping viewers get the experience they expect, and now that we can enable appropriate labeling of sexual content using CCLs, we believe that some of the restrictions in our former policies are no longer required.” 

Content with these labels will not show on the Homepage:

Drugs, Intoxication, or Excessive Tobacco Use, Violent and Graphic Depictions, Gambling and Sexual Themes. 

Twitch New Rules 2023 | New Rules & Policies on Twitch From December

Twitch Multi-Stream Ban & New Ad Rules twitch

The latest update from Twitch comes on 6th June 2023, where they’ve introduced changes to its branded content guidelines and TOS (Terms of Service.)

In its branded content guidelines, Twitch made several changes, including restricting the kind of ads that are allowed in live streams and banning burned-in ads. As for the new guidelines on Multi-Streaming, you can’t multistream from Twitch to other “Twitch-like” platforms like Youtube and Kick anymore.

The new Twitch rules and policies will become live from July 1st, 2023

Twitch Takes Back Controversial New Ad Rules 2023

New Ad Rules twitch

In a more recent update, Twitch took back and removed the new branded content guidelines by announcing on Twitter saying they are “bad for you and bad for Twitch.”

This change comes a day after the new ad rules were created and shared with Twitch Users worldwide. Facing the backlash of angry streamers, brands, and charities, Twitch has finally decided to redact these rules and restore the pace with its streamers.

Updated Twitch Guidelines 2023 | Ad Rules & Multi-Stream Bans in July

Twitch took Twitter and fans by storm after announcing changes in its branded content guidelines and TOS, but what exactly are these changes? What to expect from the new Twitch policy changes? Let’s find out.

1. Twitch Bans Multi-Streaming in New TOS | Twitch Multistream Rules

Twitch policy on Multi-streaming

In its new Terms of Service, Twitch has decided to surprise us by introducing a Multi-Stream ban that is to come into service starting 1st July 2023. Twitch refers to this as Simulcasting, notifying us that while streaming on Twitch, we cannot simultaneously stream on other live-streaming platforms like YouTube and Kick.

2. New Ad Rules on Twitch | Twitch 3% Rule of Ads

Twitch Multi-Stream Ban & New Ad Rules twitch

Twitch introduced new branding rules handling how ads will be run on the platform. Here’s what all the new Twitch policy entails:

  • Not allowing Twitch streamers to feature third-party and burned-in ads.
  • Display ads are allowed on the condition that they take up no more than 3% of the screen.
  • Being allowed to perform ad reads and share their affiliate links in the chat.
  • Being allowed to play sponsored games and have sponsored products in the background. 

Twitch is not updating the ad rules & branded content guidelines, so these ad rules will NOT be applicable anymore!

How Do the Updated Twitch Guidelines Affect Streamers in 2023?

Twitch Multi-Stream Ban & New Ad Rules twitch

Since the “new Twitch Ad rules” were redacted, the branding guidelines remain unchanged as a relief to streamers. But not everything has fallen back into place as the Twitch multi-stream ban changes in the TOS still stand strong. But what does it mean for Streamers in 2023? Let’s see.

As the new Twitch Guidelines fall into place by July 1st, 2023, Twitch streamers will be unable to live stream on any other platform while streaming on Twitch.

But is Simulcasting not possible anymore, or will you face the consequences if you try?

According to the popular Fortnite game streamer “Ninja” reported he would get banned from Twitch if he tried simulcasting. This reveals that your account faces the risk of getting banned if you try multi-streaming despite the Twitch multi-stream ban.

Wrapping Up

So let’s face it, guys, there’s good news & there’s bad news. But I’m grateful that we at least got Twitch to lift the horrifying ad rules and changes to its branding guidelines. What do you think about all these major changes? Do they affect your life on Twitch? Comment here on Path of EX to let us know your thoughts on the Twitch New Rules 2023.

Happy Streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Get Banned on Twitch for Multistreaming?

Yes. Since the new Multi-Stream ban or Simulcasting ban has been introduced from June 6, you will be banned if you stream on any other platform while Streaming on Twitch.

Q2. Are There New Twitch Ad Rules in 2023?

No, the new Twitch ad rules, along with the complete branded content guidelines, were removed on July 8, 2023.

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