Every Rumor on Upcoming iPhone Touch ID | Will the iPhone 13 Feature In-Screen Scanner?

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With rumors surfacing around the upcoming iPhone 13, there have been speculations of major upgrades and changes for Apple’s new lineup of smartphones. Along with the better display screen and improved battery life, there’ve been contemplations from Apple for its upcoming iPhone Touch ID.

Since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017, the Touch ID has been out of action and Face ID has been the primary mode of security. The secure and accurate facial recognition system has been quite dependable for authenticating and unlocking apps and the iPhone itself.

However, there was an uproar among Apple users in 2020 pertaining to the universal mask-wearing practice that rendered the Face ID mode somewhat useless. Thus, a genuine demand for a fingerprint scanner has led Apple to follow up on its upcoming iPhone Touch ID feature.

While Apple will more likely be revisiting Touch ID, the rumors hint towards an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Read along with the article as we disclose all speculations of what the upcoming iPhone Touch ID will be and how soon it will feature on the coming iPhone generations.

What Exactly Will Be The Upcoming iPhone Touch ID?

Since its discontinuation with the iPhone X and the iPhone SE, there are speculations that Apple will reintroduce the Touch ID feature with its iPhone 13 flagship series but where will Apple place the fingerprint reader – on the side button or under the screen, that is the million-dollar question.

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While an in-screen fingerprint reader seems a more sensible and plausible option for Apple, given its Android competitors released it years ago, those rumors have been making rounds of the market for quite some time now, circling first during the iPhone 12 release updates in September 2019.

Upcoming iPhone Touch ID in 2021
Source: CNET

Though evidently, iPhone 12 didn’t feature the in-screen Touch ID, follow-up rumors and leaks in October 2020 hinted towards ‘MESA uts’, which is a keyword for ‘Touch ID under the screen’ for the upcoming 2021 iPhones.

There have been Apple patents like the ‘Optical-Fingerprint Detection System’ filed in July 2020 that suggest the feature is more than likely to get integrated into its upcoming iPhone models. The leaks continued into 2021 suggesting that the upcoming iOS 15 will support a dual biometric authentication system with both the Touch ID and the Face ID modes in Apple’s next flagship devices. 

Upcoming iPhone Touch ID in 2021
Source: actualidadiphone.com

Another patent about ‘subepidermal imaging’ relating to scanning the veins under the skin; and claims from analysts with Apple’s supply chain knowledge also hints towards an improved and robust Face ID authentication.

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When Will The Apple Upcoming iPhone Touch ID Make It To The Market?  

The mask-wearing issue with the Face ID saw a clamor among its users and while Apple did attempt to fix the issue by using a paired Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone with its iOS 14.5 patch update, the solution was only a half-measure and a pricy one at that.

Upcoming iPhone Touch ID in 2021
Source: OS X Daily

Given how many of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 users aren’t upgrading because of the fear of losing the useful Touch ID feature and the escalated demand for a fingerprint reader during these masked times, it’s imperative for Apple to support the upcoming iPhones with the ever-green fingerprint scanning technology.

But when will it arrive? Will it feature in the upcoming iPhone 13 or sometime later during 2022 with iPhone 14 launch? Well, that’s what we are going to shed some light on in this section with the follow-up leaks and rumors about the same.

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The early 2021 rumors from Apple employees suggested that the upcoming flagship iPhones will come with in-screen fingerprint sensors but they don’t specify a particular timeframe or model for its launch. A Bloomberg report in January 2021 hinted that the fingerprint Touch ID feature might come with the iPhone 13.

With most of the speculations and rumors favoring the release of this feature with iPhone 13, however, other rumors like that from known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo state otherwise. Ming predicts that the in-screen Touch ID will come with the 2022 iPhone lineup, presumably the iPhone 14.

Upcoming iPhone Touch ID
Source: appleuzmani

.netWhile Apple is most likely to integrate and implement the fingerprint technology with its iPhone 13, certain supply or manufacturing issues could delay those plans to the plausible 2022 iPhone 14 model skipping the iPhone 13 series.

Whether with iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, the implementation of in-screen Touch ID is inevitable. Rest assured, whenever Apple surfaces the upcoming iPhone Touch ID, it’s going to be a top-notch refined version of the technology just like they did with their iPads, wireless AirPods, and even the iPhones themselves. 

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Wrapping Up

This brings us to the wrap-up of the article on the upcoming iPhone Touch ID. With the leaks pointing more towards an under-the-screen fingerprint Touch ID in the iPhone 13 series, Apple could also plan to revisit the On-Side Touch ID in 2021 model while bringing out the in-screen fingerprint sensing feature with the possible iPhone 14 in 2022.

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