Undead Heritage Armor Quest: Spoilers, Requirements, & Rewards

undead heritage armor quest

What is Undead Heritage Armor Quest all about? What is the set of requirements to complete this questline? Well, the questions regarding this quest are not going to end soon. However, I’ve got you covered in every way possible. Head on and learn everything about Undead Heritage Armor Quest and how to solve it.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight never fails to surprise us with its ultimate number of quests and challenges. Obviously, who is not aware of the massive World of Warcraft Forsaken Heritage Armor Set: Patch 10.1.7?

This questline promises to serve with multiple rewards after one completes the questline. Let’s run through this page and discuss the requirements of Undead Heritage Armor Quest, the storyline, and some spoilers. Read along and get ready for some revelations, too!

What are the Requirements for Undead Heritage Armor Quest?

undead heritage armor quest

Undead Heritage Armor is a newly added racial questline for Forsaken characters in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. As one moves along the quest line, he ought to meet specific requirements in order to complete the quest.

Requirements to Complete Undead Heritage Armor Quest are:

  • You are undead.
  •  You are at level 50 or above
  •  You have completed the Return to Lordaeron from the Dragonflight Pre-Patch event

After marking the requirements, look for the Lilian Voss by Ruins of Lordaeron and initiate the Unliving Summons quest.

Undead Heritage Armor Questline Story: Walkthrough | Spoilers Ahead!

Before you make your move, let me inform you that we have spoilers here!

undead heritage armor quest

The Undead Heritage Armor Questline begins with Lilian Voss in the Ruins of Lordaeron. Initially, you will be welcomed with a Unliving Summons quest. Further, you will be asked to converse with Deathstalker Commander Belmont.

During the conversation, you will be informed that there are still some chances to challenge Forsaken’s hold on Lordaeron: The Scarlet Crusade. You will also encounter a cutscene where Forsaken is attacking the scarlets.

Further, you will be sent to Sepulcher to interact with Velonara and Faranell and then collect slanderous propaganda in Acid Beats Paper, flesh from Silverpine wildlife in Nothing Like the Classic, and plants in the Boom Weed.

After collecting the needed, Calia and Lilian will join you. You can talk about the feelings of Lilian on the Scarlet Crusade.

Then, head to the Fenris Isle in The Scarlet Spy, along with some conquered recruits, a disguise, and a new plague. There, you will meet the quartermaster who will ask you to connect with the Scarlet Commander. As you will keep the barrels, Scarlet Commander will introduce the Crusade.

Moving along, join hands with Velonara and Forsaken banshees in The Flight of the Banshee. Kill all of the livings in Death to the Living, invade Fenris Isle, and kill Scarlet Commander Forsythe in This is the Hour of the Forsaken.

After Scarlet Crusade is killed, head back to Ruins of Lordaeron in Return to Lordaeron, and you will receive Forsaken accolades in I Am Forsaken.

This is it! You have successfully completed the storyline of Undead Heritage Armos Quest. Go on and see what rewards are waiting for you ahead.

Undead Heritage Armor Questline: Rewards

undead heritage armor quest

After completing the Undead Heritage Armor Questline, you will be rewarded with the attire of Undead Heritage Armor. This set includes:

Two chests, Cloak, Waist, Feet, Wrist, Head, Hands, Legs and Shoulder pieces

You will also be rewarded with two new tabards, including:

  • Forsaken Champion’s Tabard, which is a purple and green skull, the symbol of Desolate Council &
  •  Queen Loyalist’s Tabard, which is a purple tabard, is a symbol of old Forsake.

The attire set of Forsaken Champion is a heritage armor set for undead characters that have one tint and two chests, where one chest is with a chest plate and another one is without it. These chests can be interchanged between male and female undead characters.

Wrapping Up

With this, we end a detailed guide on Undead Heritage Armor Questline. Starting from the essential requirement of being undead to a complete walkthrough of this quest, we’ve left no page unturned regarding this quest. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions in the comment box below.

Also, Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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