UFO Found in San Diego on 27 June | What are People Reacting on Twitter

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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On the evening of 27 June, locals of San Diego saw some Unidentified Flying Object in the sky. As expected, people are rushing to Twitter and everybody is speculating who is behind it. Let’s uncover all the mystery behind this UFO found in San Diego and the theories people unfold.

While we know everybody has a different reaction to things, this particular incident has left some people in shock and some people in despair. With the #UFOSighting, it seems like no one from San Diego has not seen the UFO.

Found primarily in the coastal region, the UFO was over Palomar an hour ago. Do you want to know more about this UFO found in San Diego? Quickly scroll and know all about it.

UFO Spotted in San Diego | #UFOSighting

UFO Found in San Diego on 27 June | What are People Reacting on Twitter

The department of San Diego Police has commented that the flying object is probably a military machine and is flaring light for an exercise only. This means there’s nothing to worry about if you are living in San Diego. There’s no alien invasion on earth, yet.

The light beam of the UFO found in San Diego can be seen from far distances also. People from Tijuana, Santee, and La Jolla have also shared their videos on Twitter in the last 12 hours.

Twitter Reactions on UFO Found in San Diego

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