Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024: Reason & Fixes (Updated)

YouTube; Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024: Reason & Fixes (Updated)

YouTube has become a go-to platform for educational, entertainment, and personal growth videos. Day by day, the YouTube community has become much broader than earlier. YouTube supports creators and offers business and opportunities to them along with good revenue through advanced technology. However, YouTube is not only a helping hand but a business partner who earns through ads on uploaded content. In this case, ads and ad-blockers have become massive weapons these days. Many of you must be thinking why Ublock Origin not working on YouTube 2024.

YouTube often changes its terms and services for ad-blocking. You will winder to know that after the recent change in ad-blocking terms and service many ad-blockers have stopped working with YouTube. This change has a significant impact on YouTube and the online community. Recently, many ad-blockers have been facing stress with Ublock origin not working and expressing their disappointments as well.

In case you are also one of them, then knowing about the reason why Ublock Origin is not working on YouTube 2024 is crucial. Moreover, getting the potential solution of is equally essential for all of us. To make things easy, I have shared all the troubleshooting tips below so you can feel free on YouTube.

Why is Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024?

YouTube; Why is Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024?

YouTube often changes its ad-block detection scripts, so if the Ublock Origin does not change or overwrite the ad-blocking scripts timely, the users face crash errors on YouTube. Ublock Origin is not enough to block ads on YouTube and Facebook.

Basically, it is an open-source ad-blocker. Anyone can easily download it from GitHub for free. If the user uses multiple ad-blockers at one time, then the chances are higher of Ublock Origin not working. Moreover, if the user has not updated the Ublock Origin to the latest version, then it can show an error. Ublock error can crash YouTube, so the users might face YouTube not loading or opening. Many users on Reddit were talking about the same error.

How to Fix Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024?

YouTube; How to Fix Ublock Origin Not Working on YouTube 2024?

You need to note that the Ublock Origin subreddit has given multiple solutions to overcome YouTube’s anti-ad-block system. If you have not done it before for Ublock Origin not working on YouTube 2024, then follow below mentioned steps for it.

  1. The first step to solve Ublock Origin not working is to update the program to the latest version.
  2. Removing the custom config option by unchecking the MyFilters option will help to fix the issue.
  3. Try to disable other Adblockers besides Ublock Origin, as YouTube can easily detect it.
  4. Try to clear cache and cookies or the browser and program both.
  5. Go to the manage extension on the browser and allow the Ublock Origin extension.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have shared all about how to solve Ublock Origin not working on YouTube 2024. Now, you are aware of what Ublock Origin is and how exactly it works. Well, I can say there is a silent war between ad-blockers and YouTube. Despite all the hustle of the online community, Ublock Origin is the only ad-blocker that has maintained a good balance between each of the YouTube terms and service updates.

Those who are using Ublock Origin in 2024 and are worried about the error should check out the above given easy solution that I have mentioned. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to fix Ublock Origin not working on YouTube 2024?

You can solve Ublock Origin not working on YouTube 2024 by updating your Ublock to the latest version, clearing cache and cookies, and maintaining the extension.

Q2. What is Ublock Origin?

Ublock Origin is a free open-source ad-blocker that works with YouTube and the Facebook community for ad-blocking.

Q3. What error occurs due to Ublock Origin not working?

YouTube is not loading, YouTube crashes and an opening error can occur due to Ublock Origin not working.

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