UAE parents warned: Keep firearms away from kids

UAE parents warned: Keep firearms away from kids

A tragic incident is cited as a warning, where a minor accidentally killed a 9-year-old.

The Federal Public Prosecution has warned UAE residents about the dangers of keeping firearms near the vicinity of children. Officials said it was the responsibility of an owner to take proper care of a firearm for the protection of everyone, including children.

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Prosecutors issued the warning on Twitter and also revealed a story of the death of a nine-year-old boy, who was accidentally shot dead by his minor cousin, who had fired a hunting gun during a family camping trip.

According to prosecutors, the victim’s father had bought his firearm after obtaining a licence.

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He had also bought hunting clothes for him and his son, the victim. Officers said the father used to wear the hunting clothes along with his son in the evening and took pictures.

One weekend, the father and his brother along with their families went on a day-long camping trip. “The father started taking pictures of his son and nephew during sunset,” said prosecutors.

However, he got distracted when his mobile phone rang.

“As he spoke on the phone, he suddenly heard gunshots. He ran back to the car and found that his son was lying in a pool of blood. While the nephew was carrying the gun and crying disconsolately,” prosecutors said.

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Though the victim was rushed to the hospital, he died on the way.

Prosecutors cited the tragic incident as a warning to residents, who own firearms, and urged them to be cautious.

“Owning a firearm is a massive responsibility. A gun licence is not enough, and the weapon must be kept away from children,” the tweet cited.

“The accident would not have happened if the father was cautious and not allowed the children to tamper with the firearm,” it added.

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