U.S. travelers banned from entering The Philippines – Must Read Alaska

U.S. travelers banned from entering The Philippines – Must Read Alaska

 The Philippines is banning the entry of travelers from the United States starting Sunday, through Jan. 15, in response to a more infectious variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus showing up in California, Colorado, and Florida.

Alaska’s Filipino population is more than 26,000, making it one of the state’s largest ethnic groups, with many intermarriages with Alaska Natives and other Alaskans. Alaska Filipino families often travel to and from The Philippines to visit family and vacation. Alaska ranks fourth in the nation for percentage of Filipinos, following Hawaii, California, and Nevada.

Filipinos who are citizens of The Philippines are not included in the ban, but must still quarantine for 14 days once arriving in Manila. Any traveler to The Philippines who arrives before Jan. 3 must also quarantine for 14 days, even if they have a negative COVID-19 test.

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The Philippine government has a mandate that all persons to wear full-coverage face shields together with face masks while in public places. Local governments have additional requirements to slow the virus’ spread.

Two days earlier to the order, the country had issued a similar ban on travelers from Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Israel, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lebanon, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, South Africa, Canada, and Spain, due to the more contagious variant of the virus.

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