Twitter Could Soon Add A Podcast Tab To The App

twitter podcast tab

It seems like Twitter is ready to expand the platform. The blogging site Twitter is likely to build a Podcast tab for the application. Twitter began branching out to audio when it first launched Spaces in 2020 and dove even deeper into the medium with its acquisition of social podcast platform Breaker.

Apparently, the news flooded after reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot. The screenshot does not show how things are going to work for the platform. However, we can comprehend that Twitter will soon get a podcast tab.

Twitter Podcast Tab

The image in the screenshot shows a microphone icon in Twitter’s bottom menu bar, which seems to be the page titled ” Podcats.” The screenshot does not display what the page will look like with the list of podcasts.

There are, however, speculations that the podcast tab will somehow incorporate with Space. (Space is the audio-only chatroom of Twitter)

Incorporating podcasts with Space will make sense as it will help organize them into separate tabs. Presently the Spaces are stuffed at the top of the Twitter feeds.

Users have been comparing the upcoming Twitter Podcasts tabs to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If the Twitter podcast came even close to the said platform, it will definitely provide users a huge opportunity.

All the social platforms are always adding new features to potentially bring in more revenue. Twitter has also stood in its place in the race to become an all-in-one platform for the readers.

It will be very interesting to see how Twitter brings the podcast feature to the platform. Especially, when other platforms like Facebook and Reddit, which recently launched the podcasts and recording feature.

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