Twitter Blue Introduces 4,000-Character Tweets: Longest Limit Ever

Twitter Blue Introduces 4,000-Character Tweets: Longest Limit Ever

Twitter has finally launched a fantastic feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. Any guesses about what it is? It is the most extended tweet feature. Now, you can easily express yourself in more than 280 characters. With the launch of the new feature, Twitter Blue subscribers can post up to 4,000 characters. It will be ting to know why Twitter Blue Introduces 4,000 Character Tweets.

Twitter users like to express everything through tweets; sometimes, it is annoying to see the limit of characters. That is why the company introduced the most extended limit ever for Blue subscribers in the US. So you can now take total leverage to express yourself on Twitter.

Earlier, Twitter Blue introduced the feature to upload 60-minute videos, and now Twitter Blue presents 4,000 character tweets. Keep scrolling to know more!

Twitter Blue Introduces 4,000-Character Tweets.

Twitter Blue Introduces 4,000-Character Tweets: Longest Limit Ever

On Wednesday, Twitter Blue increases the character limit to 4000. As a result, blue subscribers can post long tweets. Moreover, the extended limit feature can also be applied to quote tweets and replies. So if someone wants to read your tweet, it will show 280 characters on your timeline, and if they’re going to read more, they can tap on ‘Show more.’

Moreover, you can easily add hashtags, upload pictures and create a poll. Non-Blue subscribers can interact with you or reply to your tweets, retweet, and quote tweets.

Limitations of 4,000-Character Long Tweet Feature

Twitter Blue subscribers can now post 4,000-character tweets. Isn’t this amazing? But there are some limitations to this feature.

  1. Longer tweets on the web cannot be saved as drafts.
  2. You can not schedule to send longer tweets later.

Internet Reactions to Twitter Introduces 4,000-Character Long Tweets

Wrapping Up

The most extended limit that Twitter Blue Introduced 4,000-Character Tweets is making headlines. Blue subscribers can now express everything without any limitations. These features are fantastic to utilize for the best experience on the platform. Keep visiting Path of EX to know more about trending stuff.

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