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Being the most popular platform for streamers, it is a very often asked question What are the Twitch partnership requirements? It’s not possible to join the Twitch Partnership program in a jiffy. It requires patience and certain steps, which have been discussed in detail in this article.

This year, thanks to 8.8 million different streams each month, Twitch has already reached 1164 billion watched minutes. While joining Twitch’s affiliate program isn’t very challenging, the coveted Partner program is more limited. It takes persistent hard work to get into this program; you can’t just walk in.

Only a small portion of the platform’s overall streamers—51,480—are currently Twitch partners. It’s not simple, but it’s not impossible to qualify the partnership. Keep reading to understand how to complete the Twitch partnership requirements.

Twitch Partnership Requirements In 2022

Becoming a Twitch partner takes hard work and consistency. The basic Twitch partnership requirements for getting certified are –

Twitch Partnership Requirements

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1. Fulfil The Path To Partnership Achievement

The Twitch language used here is a little dramatic. One of its primary Twitch partnership requirements for becoming a Partner is known as the “Path to Partner” milestone.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Creators must broadcast for 25 hours across 12 distinct days, with an average of 75 viewers concurrently, in order to earn this award. A button labelled “Apply” will be visible next to your achievements dashboard if you satisfy these requirements. You can use this button to submit a priority application for the partnership program.

Although it doesn’t ensure Twitch partnership, completing the Path to Partner is a positive step for Twitch partnership requirements.

2. Counting concurrent viewers

There is no set minimum number of concurrent viewers for Twitch partnership requirements. However, the “Path to Partner” achievement necessitates 75 concurrent viewers, making it the absolute minimum. Typically, you should be able to secure a partnership position with an average of between 100 and 200 viewers concurrently.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

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3. Chat Activity

Think again if you believe that skilled streamers can get by with a few hundred inactive users. Twitch deliberately seeks out a high amount of participation.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

A devoted following is evidence of both excellent content and the worth the author offers. Additionally, Twitch partnership requirements about involvement make it challenging for users to manipulate the system, which is essential to ensuring that everyone has an equal chance.

4. Streaming Frequency

Streaming frequency is very important among many Twitch partnership requirements. You must monitor regular streams to make sure they’re of a decent duration in addition to making sure your viewers are engaged. Additionally, you must continue to generate streams in order to preserve your eligibility as a Partner. A key parameter to monitor is stream frequency.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

5. Being Brand-safe

Producing proper, pertinent material that adheres to Twitch’s rules is among Twitch partnership requirements. You must adhere to the platform’s Community Guidelines, DMCA Guidelines, and Terms of Service when streaming any type of media, including music, games, or visual art.

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6. Terms Of Service Violations By You

Twitch handles infringements on its rules very severely when it comes to Twitch partnership requirements. Your ability to get monetary rewards will be suspended if you break their community rules or terms of service.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Additionally, breaking the terms of service could result in you losing your affiliate status. Your Twitch account may be permanently suspended for a serious offence.

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Twitch Partnership Program

Creators who participate in Twitch’s official partnership program are known as Twitch Partners. These content makers generate excellent work and already have a big fan base on Twitch or another platform for online video. To qualify for the partnership, you must complete the Twitch partnership requirements.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Only the best content producers are eligible for Twitch’s partnership program after fulfilling Twitch partnership requirements. In comparison to their affiliate program, the standards are substantially more stringent. You have access to unique Twitch Partner growth features on the streaming service, such as –

  • Cheermotes
  • Custom Emoticons and Custom Emoticon Prefix,
  • Extended video-on-demand features (60 days vs. the 14 that affiliates get)
  • Access to a dedicated support team
  • Special promotion opportunities

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Benefits Of Getting a Twitch Partnership In 2022

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Now the question is why people are so curious about Twitch partnership requirements. What are its benefits? Well, Twitch partners get access to many extra features and perks that regular streamers and even affiliates don’t have. Such as –

1. Channel Subscriptions & Emotes

Similar to affiliate status, once you qualify for Twitch partnership requirements, you can make money by promoting channel subscriptions. There are four different subscription price tiers that you can use: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and Twitch Prime.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Partners can make money in addition to channel subscriptions by selling viewers’ emotes in Twitch chat.

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2. Running Ads

One of the most common ways to monetize on Twitch is through running advertisements. You can run commercials as a Twitch Partner on your channel to generate passive cash from advertising after the completion of Twitch partnership requirements.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

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3. Channel Customization

Once you fulfil the Twitch partnership requirements you will be able to customise your channel.

Twitch Partnership Requirements
  • Custom Chat Badges Based on a sub’s duration, partners can generate unique Chat Badges for them.
  • Custom Emoticons – Depending on the overall number of subscriber points they have, partners can unlock up to 50 emote slots.
  • Custom Emoticon Prefix – The prefix code that appears in front of partner’s emote can be customized.
  • Custom Bit Badges and Cheermotes – To promote support, partners can provide unique Bit Badges and Cheermotes to their viewers.
  • Verified User Badge – The Verified User Badge will be visible on the accounts of Partners.

4. Access To Partner-Only Opportunities

You can have partner-only advantages once you complete the Twitch partnership requirements. The ability to “Squad Stream” or “Stream Delay” are only two of the features that Twitch has reserved solely for Partners.

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The Differences Between Twitch Affiliate And Twitch Partner

Compared to Twitch’s affiliate status, the partner designation is more exclusive and comes with more restrictions than Twitch partnership requirements. Features including chargeback protection, unlocking cheers, channel subscriptions, ad monetization, and game sales are available to affiliates and partners.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Streamers can earn a respectable living thanks to the Twitch Affiliate program’s monetization tools. Nevertheless, Twitch partners get the best perks, such as exclusive cheermotes, a verified badge, priority support, Partner team access, and many more once they qualify for Twitch partnership requirements.

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What To Do If Twitch Partnership Application Gets Rejected?

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Don’t worry, you haven’t reached a dead end if your partnership application is rejected. You can respond to the rejection by requesting the specific Twitch partnership requirements that you didn’t satisfy.

Then, you can work toward completing those requirements and finally submit a new application. Share your better stats to demonstrate your elevated Twitch streaming status when reapplying.

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Wrapping Up

So, that was all about  Twitch partnership requirements. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. Do share the article with your friends, family, or whoever is struggling to understand the Twitch partnership requirements. Also, stay tuned to the Path Of EX site to get more such updates on Twitch. Happy Streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Updated Twitch Partnership Requirements?

The updated Twitch partnership requirements are –
Fulfil The ‘Path to Partnership’
Counting concurrent viewers
Chat Activity
Streaming Frequency
Being Brand-safe
No violation of Terms & Services

2. What To Do If Twitch Partnership Application Gets Rejected?

Don’t worry, you haven’t reached a dead end if your partnership application is rejected. You can respond to the rejection by requesting the specific Twitch partnership requirements that you didn’t satisfy.


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