Understanding The Twitch Partnership Requirements of 2023 | A Guide For Streamers

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Have you come across the new Twitch Partnership requirements yet? Well, Twitch rules and regulations are getting more strict day by day. Today, in this article, I will take you through the Twitch partnership requirements of 2023. So, join me and explore! 

Twitch has grown in popularity as a platform for gamers, artists, and other producers to share their work with the rest of the world. As a Twitch streamer, you should monetize your content using Twitch’s partnership program. Becoming a Twitch partner will get you revenue through advertisements, subscriptions, and other means. 

However, becoming a Twitch partner is not straightforward, and the program’s requirements are continuously changing. In this article, we will go over the Twitch Partnership Requirements for 2023, including what it takes to become a partner and what perks come with the program. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Are The Twitch Partnership Requirements Of 2023?

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Once you have taken Twitch Streaming as your career, increasing the revenue is the next thing you would like to focus on. Twitch Partnership is the way to achieve this goal. But, to apply for Twitch Partnership, you must qualify for the Twitch Partnership requirements. The requirements for Twitch Partnership keep changing from time to time. Let’s see what the 2023 Twitch Partnership requirements are!

Have a look at the Twitch Partnership requirements given below –

1. Stream for a Minimum of 25 Hours Monthly

This is one of the most significant Twitch partnership requirements of 2023. Twitch wants to verify that you’re devoted to putting up content on their channel. So, they want at least 25 hours of streaming per month on your channel. This averages to around six hours every week.

2. Have a Minimum of 75 Viewers Per Stream

You have to prove to Twitch that you have an engaged audience regularly tunes in to watch your streams. To achieve all the Twitch partnership requirements, you must have at least 75 viewers for each stream on average.

3. Stream on at Least 12 Different Days Per Month 

The third rule of Twitch Partnership requirements needs you to stream on at least 12 different days per month. Twitch wants to check that your streaming schedule is constant. To qualify for a partnership, you must stream on at least 12 different days per month.

4. Abide by Twitch’s Community Guidelines 

As you represent Twitch and its community as a partner, it’s crucial that you respect the platform’s rules and guidelines. Violations of Twitch’s terms of service may result in your partnership status being suspended or terminated. So, be careful about what your activities on Twitch if you want to fulfill the Twitch  Partnership requirements.

5. Have a Clean Track Record 

Twitch will evaluate your account history to ensure that you have not previously violated any of its policies. This includes a thorough examination of your chat logs, VODs, and other content. So, to achieve the Twitch Partnership requirements of 2023, it’s essential to have a clean track record on Twitch.

That is all about the Twitch Partnership requirements of 2023. Make sure to qualify for these five bars before applying for the Twitch Partnership program.

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How To Get Partnered On Twitch | How To Become A Twitch Partner

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Once you have fulfilled all the Twitch Partnership requirements, you need to apply for the Twitch Partnership program. If you truly want to get partnered on Twitch and be one of the most followed and most viewed Twitch channels, make sure to focus on the following aspects –

Requirements to Get Partnered on Twitch –

  1. Create authentic and engaging content
  2. Create the content on a regular basis
  3. Be active in your Twitch community
  4. Make sure your followers’ count is increasing
  5. Be a trustworthy streamer for your audience

Now, let’s see how to apply for Twitch Partnership requirements. Head on!

How To Apply For Twitch Partnership | Twitch Partnership Application

Twitch Partnership Requirements

If you have achieved the 2023 Twitch Partnership Requirements, you can submit your application through your Twitch dashboard. 

Steps to Apply for Twitch Partnership –

  1. Go to your Twitch dashboard. 
  2. Click on the “Partnership” tab.
  3. Tap on the “Apply for Partnership” button.
  4. Fill out the application form > Provide all the information that Twitch requests.
  5. Submit your application. 
  6. Wait for Twitch to review it.

Twitch receives a high amount of partnership applications, and the screening process might take several weeks or even months. During this time, it’s important to keep streaming and growing your audience.

Don’t worry! If you are going along with all the Twitch Partnership requirements and creating high-quality content, you are the next one to get selected as a verified Twitch Partner.

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What If Your Twitch Partnership Application Is Denied?

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Twitch follows its terms, conditions, and guidelines quite harshly. So, it’s very common to get your Twitch Partnership application denied even after fulfilling all the Twitch Partnership requirements by book. 

If your Twitch Partnership application gets denied, it’s time to work hard on your Twitch channel and apply again in a few months.

Here is what you can do –

1. Figure out the reasons for getting denied –

Twitch gives specific reasons for partnership application denials, such as low viewership, an irregular streaming schedule, improper content, or a lack of community participation. Evaluate the Twitch feedback to find areas in which you can improve.

2. Work on your content and community engagement –

You can increase your chances to get Twitch Partnership by boosting your streaming content and expanding your community engagement. Interact with your audience, generate interesting content, and focus on expanding your audience.

3. Seek feedback from other creators –

Request feedback from other Twitch streamers on your channel and content. They may be able to provide feedback on areas for improvement or advise on how to better engage with your community.

4. Join an Affiliate program – 

If you aren’t yet eligible for a Twitch partnership, you might try joining Twitch’s Affiliate program, which provides many of the same benefits as a partnership, such as subscriptions, emotes, and ad money.

5. Reapply after a few months –

Instead of getting upset, you can take this chance to address the issues that resulted in the denial and improve your channel. Then, reapply in a few months and demonstrate to Twitch how you’ve evolved as a content creator.

To sum it up, work hard on growing your channel if your Twitch Partnership application gets rejected.

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What Are The Benefits Of Twitch Partnership?

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Now that you have come across all the Twitch Partnership requirements, let’s have a look at the benefits of having the Twitch Partnership on your channel. Here are the benefits you will get after getting the Twitch Partnership –

1. Subscriptions

As a Twitch Partner, you can earn money through a subscription system. It means your viewers can subscribe to your channel to gain access to a number of features, such as ad-free viewing, special Twitch emotes, and other advantages as determined by you. Twitch keeps a share of the subscription cost, however, the majority of the cash goes to Partners. This can give you a consistent stream of cash.

2. Ad Revenue

You can earn money from advertisements that appear on your streams. Twitch, like YouTube, displays adverts during streams, and Partners receive a percentage of the produced ad money. You can opt to run pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll advertising during their streams, or Twitch can do it for them.

3. Emotes

As a Twitch partner, you can develop personalized emotes for your subscribers, which can help in brand awareness and audience engagement. Emotes are little graphics or icons that can be used in conversation. There are multiple emotes available on Twitch in 2023 such as – Sadge, PauseChamp, Pepega, and so on. You can design the best Twitch emotes of 2023 to suit your brand or personality making your channel the most distinctive one.

Twitch Affiliate vs Twitch Partnership

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Twitch Affiliation is a system that helps streamers earn money and establish communities on Twitch. Streamers that meet specific conditions, such as streaming for at least 8 hours in the last 30 days, having at least 50 followers, and an average of 3 concurrent viewers per stream, can become Twitch Affiliates. As a Twitch affiliate you can earn money through subscriptions, ad income, and Bit donations, as well as access to other features like unique emotes and channel badges. 

On the other hand, the Twitch partnership offers access to additional tools and features, such as subscription choices and ad revenue sharing, to help creators build their channels and monetize their content. You will also get a dedicated partner manager and opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships. Overall, the Twitch partnership allows producers to take their channel to the next level and establish a long-term career on the network.

While Affiliation has fewer advantages than Twitch Partnership, it can be a useful stepping stone for broadcasters aiming to build their channel and achieve Partner status. 

Let’s explore the differences between Twitch affiliate and Twitch Partnership program

BenefitsAffiliate StatusPartner Status
Ad MonetizationYesYes
Channel SubscriptionsYesYes
Potential Emote Unlocks560
Unlock CheeringYesYes
Custom CheermotesNoYes
Payout Timeframe60 Days45 Days
Payout FeesPaid by StreamerPaid by Twitch
Game SalesYesYes
Chargeback ProtectionYesYes
Verified BadgeNoYes
TranscodingSometimes AvailableAlways Available
VOD Storage14 Days60 Days
Customer ServiceStandardPriority
Partner Team AccessNoYes

So, that is all about Twitch Affiliate vs Twitch Partnership. Now, get your Twitch channel ready to grab the Twitch partnership as soon as possible. Good luck!

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Can You Be Unpartnered On Twitch?

Twitch Partnership Requirements

Yes, you can be unpartnered on Twitch if your break their terms, conditions, and guidelines. Twitch Partnership status can be revoked if you break Twitch’s Partner Program Agreement or fail to meet the Twitch Partnership requirements. Twitch may withdraw any streamer’s Partnership status if the channel no longer matches the Partnership conditions, such as dropping below the requisite average concurrent viewer count or streaming hours. 

However, before revoking Partnership status, Twitch normally provides clear instructions and notices. So, streamers have the option to rectify any issues and improve their channel in order to regain Partnership status.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a Twitch partner can be a great way to monetize your content and take your streaming career to the next level. However, it’s important to understand the Twitch Partnership Requirements of 2023 and work towards meeting them. By streaming consistently, engaging with your audience, and following Twitch’s guidelines, you can increase your chances of becoming a partner and enjoying the benefits that come with it.

Remember, becoming a Twitch partner is not the only way to be successful on the platform. Focus on creating high-quality content, building your audience, and finding ways to connect with your viewers. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals on Twitch and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Can I Still Make Money On Twitch If I’m Not A Partner?

Yes, you can still earn revenue on Twitch even if you’re not a partner. Twitch offers several ways for creators to monetize their content, including ads, subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

Q2) How Long Does It Take To Become A Twitch Partner?

The review process for Twitch partnership applications can vary, but it typically takes several weeks or months. It’s important to continue streaming and building your audience during this time.

Q3) What If I Don’t Meet The Twitch Partnership Requirements?

If you don’t meet the partnership requirements, don’t worry! You can still build your audience and work towards partnership in the future. Consider setting goals for yourself and finding ways to improve your content and engagement with your audience.

Q4) Can I Lose My Twitch Partnership Status?

Yes, Twitch can terminate your partnership status if you violate their terms of service or community guidelines. It’s important to continue following Twitch’s rules and guidelines even after you become a partner.

Q5) Do I Need To Have A Certain Number Of Followers To Become A Twitch Partner?

No, Twitch does not have a specific requirement for the number of followers you need to become a partner. However, you will need to have a consistent audience and meet the other partnership.


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