TV Shows vs Movies | Are TV Shows Better than Movies | 6 Points to Find Out

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TV shows vs Movies! Even though both of them are excellent sources of entertainment and loved by almost everyone if we were to stand them against each other, who’d come out on top? That’s what we try to answer in this article. Follow through to know more in our epic TV Shows vs Movies battle.

Spread across a multitude of genres, both movies, and TV shows have given some of the best memories and storylines in the history of entertainment. But with new web series and shows streaming everywhere, movies have lost their mantle as the primary source of relaxation and enjoyment. 

In this article, we have shed light on how TV shows are becoming a better source of amusement among people. And for the sake of this comparison, we’ve selected 6 important criteria such as the Hype factor, Screen time, Cliffhangers, and more.

TV series have become a great way to pass time, especially during the quarantining period. Shows have become the go-to source of entertainment. Read along the article to understand why it is that TV shows have become a more popular choice than our beloved movies.

TV Shows vs Movies – 6 Points of Comparison

TV Shows vs Movies | Are TV Shows Better than Movies | 6 Points to Find Out
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Without further ado, let’s dive right into the main section of the article to address these 6 points of comparison in detail and find out why one of them easily stands taller than the other.

We’re going to elaborate on some scenes from GOT. Consider this as a Spoilers Ahead WARNING!

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1. More Runtime

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

Let’s begin the list with the most obvious difference between movies and TV series – Runtime. TV shows have superiority in this regard and creators of TV series know very well how to make the most of this plus point. TV series can devote more time and continue a plot at a more realistic pace which only helps their case to make them better than movies.

If you look at the stats over the years, you’ll notice that the average movie runtime has increased. This increase is due to the fact that people want to watch more and that’s also the reason why series has become so popular over the last decade.

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2. More Room for Story Development

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

This point is a direct result of the above-mentioned runtime. With more runtime, TV shows get more room to develop the story arcs as per the need dictates. This is not possible in the case of movies. Movies have to follow through with the plot in a stipulated time which sometimes leaves the entire narrative with major plot holes.

TV Shows vs Movies
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In TV series, you go through more active observing energy set across multiple seasons. And that’s why people embrace the overall detailed narrative of TV shows rather than movies. 

3. Cliffhangers and Unpredictable Nature

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

Every GOT watcher’s first major shocking moment was when at the end of Season 1, Ned Stark got executed in King’s Landing. The plot of the first season was portrayed with Ned as a protagonist of the series. GOT changed the rules of the game by killing off the always safe protagonist which left the audience surprised – wondering and wanting for more.

To be fair, movies do have an unpredictable tone to them in the form of complex storylines. But since TV series have more episodes, they tend to have a deeper emotional impact because of the time invested in them.

4. Hype of New Episodes and Seasons

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

It’s quite easy to understand. With room for new and unpredictable developments in the story, you can get hooked to TV shows rather effortlessly. With popular TV series like GOT, fans had to wait at least a year for its next seasons to air. If this doesn’t speak for a genuine fanbase, I don’t know what will!

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Popular franchise movies are well-loved and awaited-for as well, however, they simply cannot overpower this hype factor of new episodes and seasons that TV series have created. This is why movies fall short of TV shows in this category.

5. Justified Screen time for Each Character

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

In movies, because of a limited runtime, not every character gets their fair share of screen time. This is not the case with TV shows. More runtime implies more character development and growth. 

TV series set out to give an impressionable and equal screen time to each character so that we have an ample amount of time to connect with the character’s story and this is the reason why most of us are compelled to choose TV shows over movies.  

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6. Binging equals more fun!

Who’ll come out on top in this category of TV Shows vs Movies?

It all comes down to TV series being produced in bite-sized visual chapters which allow the watcher to enjoy binging. On the other hand, it’s not possible to binge movies. With franchise movies, you can opt for a marathon but considering the runtime of each full-length movie, you’ll probably need to clear your schedule for the whole day.

TV series have popularized the binging culture so much so that OTT platforms started releasing all episodes of a series at once. All these reasons boil down to make TV shows a far better choice than movies.

Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve come to the end of our article on TV shows vs Movies. Movies, in themselves, are great but if taking into consideration of the above-made points, TV shows come out on top as the superior entertainment means. Let us know if you agree with our list on why TV shows are better than movies, in the comment section below. 

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