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Shivangi Gupta
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If you are a fan of the GOT, here are four TV series better than Game of Thrones, that you’ll love! The TV series Game of Thrones is one that I find hard to defeat or compete with. There aren’t many shows that belong to the same genre as that of GOT. Over time, this series has amassed its own set of fans and lovers. With each house in the game, the fans pledged their loyalty to the characters. 

The Game of Thrones franchise is developed by the series of novels written by George R. R. Martin. In this Drama series, Nine noble families get into a war with each other to gain control over the country of Westeros. While some of them form allies, others try to gain control by going solo. Coupled with a lot of action and suspense, it is hard for anyone to not love this web series. The first episode of this series was aired in 2011 and ever since then, the fans kept waiting for a new season in anticipation. The series finally came to an end with the last episode releasing in May 2019. 

With each season of Game of Thrones, the interest of the fans kept increasing. Some wanted House Stark to win, while the other wanted House Targaryens to take over. While all of this happens, there emerges a new entity that wants to take over the world of Westeros. There is not a single moment that goes away without any adventure.

TV Series Better Than Game of Thrones

It is very difficult for any show to come near what Game of Thrones provides its viewers, but we have somehow managed to curate for you a list of some TV series better than Game of Thrones.

  1. The Night of
  2. The Wire
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. The Vampire Diaries

We will talk about each of these shows in detail and tell you how they are considered to be better than GOT. All of these series do not belong to the same genre and so it becomes a little difficult to draw similar points of difference, however, we are confident that they will amuse you and blow away your minds.

1. The Night of

Producer: HBO 

Director: Steven Zaillian and James Marsh

Release Date: June 24, 2016

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

It is a limited series created by Steven Zaillian and Richard Price. For starters, both these creators have been credited to have also created some great series that continue to amuse viewers worldwide. So coming from them, it was sure to garner a lot of viewership and appreciation from the audience. Starring John Turturro, Riz Ahmed, Bill Camp, etc, this limited series tracks a young man whose perfect night out becomes a nightmare when he’s arrested for murder. 

Loved by a lot of viewers for its suspense, this series is sure to amaze you. Crime thrillers couldn’t have been better. This show has also won multiple awards, making it not just a viewer’s choice, but also a show that the critics have loved. If you do not trust us, we hope the acclamation from various TV critics will help you make a choice.  

It does not belong to the same genre as Game of Thrones, yet it has managed to be a great source of entertainment for many. You can try watching this series and entertain yourself with the same.

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2. The Wire

Executive Producers: David Simon, Robert F. Colesberry, Nina Kostroff Noble

Director: David Simon

Release Date: June 2, 2002

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

While retaining the characters, The Wire is an American crime drama series that was broadcasted by HBO. With each new season, they introduce a new law and advanced storylines. It is mostly known for its theme amalgamation of society and politics. Though it did not receive a lot of fame while it was running live, it is now regarded as one of the best shows of all time giving a tough competition to Game of Thrones.

It is exceptionally loved for its uniqueness and the realistic portrayal of urban life. It comprises over sixty episodes in five seasons. The subjects covered in each of these seasons range from the illegal drug trade, seaport system, city government and bureaucracy, education, and the last season talking about the print news medium. 

Where Game of Thrones is fantasy, The Wire is reality-based making it different, yet interesting for all the viewers. Written by a former police reporter, David Simon It draws its reliability from the real-life stories of his writing partners and former homicide detective Ed Burns.

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3. Breaking Bad

Executive Producer: Vince Gilligan, Mark Johnson, Michelle MacLaren

Director: Vince Gilligan

Release Date: January 20, 2008

IMDb Rating: 9.5/10

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television show that can be watched on Netflix. It is set and filmed in New Mexico. One of the most famous series, it was aired on AMC but only became popular after it was released on the OTT platform Netflix. Revolving around Walter White, the story is of this high school teacher who is struggling with a recent diagnosis of the stage- three lung cancer. With the protagonist, the viewers get to explore the criminal underworld. This series is mostly loved for its action and great character interaction. 

This critically acclaimed series is most loved for the character transformation. During the 62 episodes of the show, it is applauded for its amazing writing. Unlike Game of Thrones, it does not have sudden incidents that shock you, instead, the whole show is carefully put for you to make sense of everything that happens. It is a highly entertaining show filled with adventure.

Contrary to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad has adverse character change. While you can predict who the deceiver is in GOT, it is hard to do so in Breaking Bad. It is due to this element of surprise and exploring different worlds, that it has garnered multiple fans.

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4. The Vampire Diaries

Producer: Julie Plec

Director: Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec

Release Date: September 10, 2009

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural fantasy American drama series. The first season of the series saw a huge number of viewers. Loved by millions of people online, the Vampire Diaries is one of the most famous series. It can be watched online on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Filled with Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and many more supernatural elements, this series is a strong competition to Game of Thrones.

Revolving around the protagonists, the Salvatore brothers and Elena, it is filled with a lot of suspense and surprises. With each new episode, there is something else that needs to be done by the characters. Game of Thrones and the Vampire diaries are both dark and surrounded by unexpected events in every episode. 

As compared to Game of Thrones, The vampire diaries also hold high value for the family. Friends and family are as important in The vampire diaries, as they are in GOT. Both these series are similar in multiple ways. What makes it different is the supernatural elements. 

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Wrapping Up

Ever since its release, Game of Thrones has attracted a huge audience. With each season, the anticipation of who gets to sit on the throne only increases. There are abundant new things to look forward to in the series and not a single dull moment throughout. After you are done watching Game of Thrones, you can try out these above-mentioned critically acclaimed series. They come near GOT in terms of entertainment and suspense, watch them and decide for yourself.


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