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Shivangi Gupta
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What if I say that you can easily convert music, audiobooks to WAV and MP3? You won’t believe me, right? However, to your surprise, there is an easy and secure way to listen to your favorite music without paying for any subscription! The answer to all these questions is TunesKit

Convert MP3 file as a ringtone on A...
Convert MP3 file as a ringtone on Android
TunesKit is software that allows you to take songs and convert them into an MP3 format. Furthermore, you can even save the songs on your device. Isn’t that awesome?  If your prior experience in converting Apple Music to MP3 has been a hassle, then I have some great solutions to your problems. Read along to know more about TunesKit and its features. 

What is TunesKit? 

TunesKit is the one-stop destination for all your audio streaming issues. TunesKit is a tool that allows you to covert Apple Music, iTunes songs, and audiobooks, convert audible audio files on cross-platform devices. 

With the help of this tool, you can download M4P songs, M4B audiobooks and convert them into MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B formats at a 30X faster speed. Apart from downloading and converting, TunesKit offers many more services. 

Convert All Types of Files 

Source: TunesKit

It gets difficult sometimes when a specific kind of audio is not supported by the device you are using. TunesKit Apple music converter can make things a little easier for you. To reduce the inefficiency of downloading audio from multiple sources, you can use TunesKit. This tool is made just for your comfort. 

The tool allows you to convert all kinds of audio to popular formats, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, etc. TunesKit is made with all the superior features such as downloading any special file, converting it into any kind of audio format, and many more. You can literally rely on TunesKit for any kind of assistance when it comes to music and audio. 

Customize Your Audio Files 

Along with so many great features, TunesKit also offers you the feature to customize your audio files. With the help of the tool, you can personalize your audio files, by:

  1. Changing the Volume
  2. Changing the Speed
  3. Setting the Codec

Furthermore, you can also cut large audio files into smaller pieces. You can cut them into chapters or segments or just keep the part of the audio that you need. 


TunesKit holds a superior place in the field of audio converting software. With long time experience and expertise, the tool operates on the latest technology. In order to make sure that the software provides the best performance, the tool also gets free updates from time to time.  

If you are a paid user, you will get the free updating service for a lifetime from the time of your order. 

TunesKit also keeps a keen eye on customer feedback. This is one of the main reasons why the software gets frequent updates. Also, rest assured of any kind of technical problems because their customer service is apt. They tend to resolve any technical issue as soon as possible. 

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 With TunesKit?

If you are an Apple user, then this guide is just for you. iPhone users have the liberty of using Apple Music. Although the music streaming platform is better than many other, it still comes with a few drawbacks.

There are certainly many tools available in the market that claims to do all the said task. But most of the time they fail to meet the required needs. This is where TunesKit comes into the picture. The main purpose behind the making of the tool is to bring ease. If you are looking to convert your Apple Music into MP3, follow the steps given below. In addition, you can also rest assured that the tool is fully secured and will not hamper your device.

Follow these steps to convert Apple Music to MP3:

  1. Open TuneKit Audio Converter.
  2. Click on Add Files (This will help you import your Apple Music file) to load all the Apple Music songs into TunesKit. Or, you can also drag the song to the window directly.
  3. Or, you can also drag the song to the window directly.
  4. Select the output format as MP3 by clicking the Format button.
  5. There you can also adjust the channel, sample rate, or codec according to your requirements.
  6. Click on the Convert button.

After clicking on the button, you will have to wait for some time till the conversion is complete. The moment the conversion is complete, you will find the MP3 tracks through the Converted icon at the top.

Note: You can also watch the video given below. Follow the steps as mentioned in the video.

Wrapping Up

This was just a glimpse of the best features of TunesKit. If you are a music lover, then this tool is a must for you. Do not think twice before using this tool. I hope that my insights helped you find what you came looking for! If there is anything that I missed, let me know in the comment section below. Share this with all your music-loving friends and family. Stay connected for more such content.

Have a great day and an amazing life!


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