Can You Trade Cards In Marvel Snap | What’s the Loophole? Find Out!

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It’s no surprise that Marvel Snap is already making history just a few months after its release. This free and unique strategy card game is better than others, but are you wondering what’s different? Can you trade cards in Marvel Snap? Read on to know.

With 170 cards, multiple tiers, and awesome decks to choose from, Marvel really plays a great hand in creating the game. Is this game like others? Can you trade cards in Marvel Snap?

In this article, know everything there is to know about trading in Marvel Snap and if there are loopholes and ways around the game’s rules. Don’t forget to comment about your favorite decks and cards!

Can You Trade Cards In Marvel Snap?

Can You Trade Cards In Marvel Snap

So, the question of the hour is; can you trade cards in Marvel Snap? No, unfortunately, you cannot trade cards in Marvel Snap yet. So yeah, although the game has every imaginable good feature, it’s missing the trading.

While we’re all for trading, it makes sense for Marvel to omit the feature. By doing so, the developers make sure you win with your skills, not by paying your way through the challenging competition. So by keeping card trading off the table, developers are maintaining a peaceful equilibrium.

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How to Trade Cards In Marvel Snap | Is There a Loophole?

So far, we’ve got nothing. We don’t have a clever way to deceive Marvel and Second Dinner into letting us quietly trade cards yet. But who knows? We’ve got Marvel Snap in the capable and experienced hands of gamers worldwide, so you can expect a mod or third-party app to let you trade cards in the game.

And as soon as we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know!

Why You Can’t Trade Cards In Marvel Snap

Can you trade cards in Marvel Snap

According to Ben Brode, the CDO at Second Dinner, the creator of Marvel Snap, during the early stages of Marvel Snap’s development, Card Trading was in the plans. But as plans turned into reality, it got complex.

Coincidentally, Ben Brode’s last card game Hearthstone didn’t have a card trading system either. Make of that what you will.

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And although we don’t have hopes or details for what’s next, here are a few things Ben Brode outlined when trading was still an option:

  • You can only trade cosmetically enhanced cards like variants and foils, not base cards.
  • Only one trade a day is allowed.
  • Once a card is traded, it can never be traded again.
  • Traded cards would come with additional UI elements that tell you who you got them from and when.
  • One single card must be traded for another single card.
  • When there is a mismatch in card rarity, Marvel Snap alerts you.

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Wrapping Up

So can you trade cards in Marvel Snap? No. And although it’s not officially “in the plans,” we do hope Marvel Studios and Second Dinner let us get into the trading game in the future. I hope you know everything about trading cards in Marvel Snap now. Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts on the game!

Happy Gaming!


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