Tower Of Fantasy Felton Password 2023 | Grab The Pin

Tower Of Fantasy: Felton Password | Grab The Password

Well, let’s admit it: Tower Of Fantasy has been swaying us intensely with its epic sessions since the day it was launched. Its ultimate missions, quests, and mysteries are something to die for, undoubtedly. Go on further to grab the Felton Password in Tower of Fantasy and see what rewards it brings to you.

Talking about the gameplay of Tower of Fantasy, there are many massive missions included in the Tower of Fantasy, like Deconstruction Device PDC1, Deconstruction Device PDC2, Deconstruction Device PDW1, or Raincaller Island Signal Station, however, the trickiest one on this list is to get the Felton Password.

Go on further for the Felton Password in Tower of Fantasy and see how you complete this mission in merely minutes. Enter the correct password and mark your mission as a victory.

The Felton Password In Tower Of Fantasy

The Felton Password in Tower of Fantasy is:

Enter the password and complete the mission instantly.

Where Is Felton Password Located?

Tower Of Fantasy: Felton Password | Grab The Password

To spot the Felton Password, head on to the structure near Loen Dock > pick up the “Hyena Classified Document“.

As you will pick up the Hyena Classified Document, you will see what the document says.

The document says,

“From Her Majesty: With so many of you forgetting the password, I hereby order all communication passwords to be set to 1234!”.

“Effective immediately! Repeat! Effective immediately!”.

Transmit to Spacerift: Banges Deck, speak to Felton and enter “1234” into the number pad.

Felton Password is located near Loen Dock. Head on to the Loen Dock and pick up the document. Read out loud the password mentioned and fill in it to complete the mission.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Felton Password in Tower of Fantasy. I hope you’ve got your mission successfully. Enjoy the rewards, and do drop your experiences in the box below.

Anyways, Path of EX is an open space. Come along, and if you have any doubts, do write them to us, and we will get back to you asap.


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