Top 15 Spanish Food YouTube Channels You Must Not Miss

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Change your boring and less-flavored life by adding some Spanish ingredients and flavors to it. Here, I am talking about the Spanish Food YouTube Channel with which you all can easily improve your cooking techniques.

We all are living in a golden age where anyone can learn cooking very easily with the help of online tutorials and food channels. If we are talking about food channels, then there are many categories that will come under it like- Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and so on. It totally depends on you which food style is perfectly matched to your taste with available ingredients as well.

Here are the very popular Spanish Food Channels on YouTube that everyone can watch in their meantime. These channels are- Spain on a Fork, Spanish Taster, The Spicy Kitchen, and many more. Every single Food channel involves various flavors, unique recipes, powerful ingredients, and tropical spices. 

So, it’s time to discuss every single detail of the above-mentioned Spanish Food Channels Every channel is listed as per their high views, subscription, and unique cooking methods. 

Best Spanish Food YouTube Channels

Now, I am going to share a list of the best Spanish Food YouTube Channels that are full of delicious food and yumminess.

Top 15 Spanish Food YouTube Channels You Won't Miss
Source: Young Times

Spain On a Fork

Do you want to explore and learn new things about Spain and its lovely Spanish food? If yes, then Spain on Food is the right place for you to visit where you can watch many different varieties of Spanish food and recipes.

This channel is organized by “Albert Bevia” and he runs this channel with more than 500 food videos till now. Overall views on his channel are- 12,299,179 views

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Source: YouTube
Official Page of Spain On a Fork- 
Subscribers1.55 Lakh
Join DateDecember 26, 2016
Channel Link 

Spanish Taster

Want to know more about the local dishes and ingredients of Spain? Don’t know where to find some spicy food with flavoring as well? Chill guys, when Spanish taster is here, there is nothing to care about your meals. 

Everyone likes traveling and exploring the world especially Spain! Simultaneously, they want good food and delicious recipes too. That is the only reason why Spanish Taster is listed on the top for those people who love Spanish food.

This Spanish Food YouTube Channel is running with 20 food videos till now and has 27,918 views overall. This channel involves basic Spanish recipes with exotic flavors and dressing.

Source: YouTube
Join DateJune 14, 2018
Channel Link 

Spanish Recipes with Sofia

This channel is specially made for those people who love Spanish food and its unique garnishing too. Most of us know that there are several recipes and ingredients as per the area or city.

Spanish Recipes With Sofia is one of the best food YouTube channels with healthy and conscious food recipes. This channel is organized by Sofia who is from North Spain and lived all alone over there. Her interest in this field is from the very first day because of the amazing and rich variety of recipes and dishes. 

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Her channel runs with 49 videos and has 75,344 views till now. She involves her unique methods of cooking so that you can easily try them on your own.

Source: YouTube
Official Page of Spanish Recipes with Sofia- 
Join DateJanuary 10, 2017
Channel Link 

The Spicy Kitchen

The Spicy Kitchen is one of the best cooking shows which is aired every weekend. In this show, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes are included as per the audience’s choice and taste. You can learn the basic skills of cooking from this brilliant channel.

It involves food recipes like- simple, healthy, Spanish-meal, and delicious food. Every dish is specially made under the observation of professional Chefs. This channel is organized by Jose Arato who is a well-known caterer of Spain.

He runs this channel with 26 videos and has 58,409 views overall. 

Source: YouTube
Official Page of The Spicy Kitchen- 
Join DateSeptember 26, 2017
Channel Link 

Devour Tours

A small team of members who love food and drinks as well. Devour Tours involves delicious and astounding food recipes like- Spanish Food, Classic Food, and Cuisines too. To start this awesome Spanish Food Channel, many local and traditional ideas have been tried by the whole team. At last, they found their way towards the local culture. They decide to help every individual who needs food or shelter.

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Friends who are involved in this amazing tour- Jesus, Inma, David, Rosa, Carmen, Antonio, Luis, Miguel, and Nacho.

This channel runs with 86 videos and has 757,286 views overall.

Source: YouTube
Official Page of Devour Tours- 
Join DateFebruary 2, 2015
Channel Link 

Spain Revealed

James and Yoly will help you guys to explore new things that you guys want to experience with lots and lots of joy and fun elements. They both started their first YouTube channel named- Spain Revealed. In this channel, they involve- tours and travels, food, drinks, and tricky activities too.

Their channel runs with 113 videos and has 11,409,525 views overall. In their YouTube videos, Spanish wine, drinks, dishes, cuisines, and delicious flavors are added. I am damn sure guys, you won’t regret watching these food videos.

Source: YouTube
Official Page of Spain Revealed- 
Join DateJanuary 7, 2007
Channel Link 

Foods & Wines From Spain

Foods & Wines From Spain help you guys to know more about Spanish food, cuisines, drinks, and exotic flavors. The videos mostly involve Spanish Products, Spanish Food Markets, Northern Spain Cow’s Milk, Pastries, and delicious recipes. 

This channel runs with 303 videos and has 558,062 views overall. Everything that you guys want to know about Spain and its lovely Spanish food, do visit their official page that is mentioned below.

Source: YouTube
Official Page of Foods & Wines From Spain- 
Join DateFebruary 14, 2013
Channel Link 

Spanish Cooking

If you guys want to learn delicious and traditional Spanish food with all kinds of ingredients and recipes description, the Spanish Cooking channel is there for your help. 

Every single recipe and cooking style is easy to learn. You guys can impress your family, friends, and girlfriends/boyfriends too. You guys can also check the given list of ingredients and how much amount you need to add to the recipes. 

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This channel runs with 58 videos and has 1,747,809 views overall. 

Source: YouTube
Official Page of Spanish Cooking- 
Join DateSeptember 23, 2013
Channel Link 


Want to explore wonderful and amazing Spanish and American dishes, AmigoFoods is there for you. You guys can watch all the uploaded videos on this channel and learn the basic skills of cooking as well. Then you can apply those skills to cook some special food for your family and friends. 

This Spanish Food Channel involves authentic, traditional, simple, classic, and holiday dishes as per your demand and taste. This channel runs with 85,594 views overall. The total number of food videos uploaded on the official YouTube channel is 161 with amazing food quality. 

Source: YouTube
Official Facebook Page of AmigoFoods 
Join DateDecember 24, 2011
Channel Link 

Tasty Recipe Hut

Tasty Recipe Hut presents easy, basic, authentic, and modded recipes with lots and lots of flavoring and spices. Every recipe is filled with a high amount of good and healthy ingredients. This channel runs with 64,299,238 views and has 196 total videos uploaded on its official Youtube page.

Source: YouTube

For more information, do visit its official Instagram page- 

Official Facebook Page of Tasty Recipe Hunt 
Join DateAugust 5, 2018
Channel Link 


AnitaCooks is one of the coolest and amazing Spanish Food YouTube channels with 32,371,289 views and has 393 food videos available on her official channel. She involves some cooking techniques and delicious food with step-by-step descriptions. 

Every instruction regarding any recipe is well and up to the mark. You can easily follow these instructions and can cook on your own. She helps many individuals, families, and kids to learn the basic ability of cooking and a healthy diet. Also, she cooks some other recipes like- cheese pasta, crispy potatoes, roasted chicken with simple garnishing, and many more.

Source: YouTube
Official Page of AnitaCooks- 
Join DateJanuary 17, 2013
Channel Link 

Healthy Foodie Ph

Healthy Foodie Ph tells you about good and bad labels of food with proper description and instructions as well. Moreover, in this channel, some latest cuisines and healthy food videos are included with new techniques or methods.

This channel runs with 8,654,619 views and has 199 videos in total. This channel involves recipes like- Homemade Tahini, Tofu Meat, Veg Dumplings, Creamy Garlic Chicken, and many more.

In this channel, you guys can also learn some basic skills regarding cooking and decorations.

Source: YouTube
Official Facebook Page of Healthy Foodie Ph- 
Join DateApril 26, 2019
Channel Link 

Delish Ph

Delish Ph makes your cooking very easy and healthy. This cooking channel involves- Continental, Philippines, Spanish, and Iloilo food. This channel provides brilliant ideas with daily used vegetables and ingredients. 

This channel is handled by a simple and beautiful lady. She runs this epic channel with 453 videos and has 86,35,064 views overall. She involves some special recipes and dishes like- Easy Coconut Balls Pang NEGOSYO, Easy Chicken Recipes, Perfect Egg Rolls, Spanish Sardines Pasta, and much more delicious food.

Source: YouTube
Official Facebook Page of Delish Ph- OR 
Join DateAugust 25, 2016
Channel Link 

Richard Blaine

Richard Blaine prepares so many beautiful dishes and recipes with healthy and fine ingredients. He involves a very delicious and epic food list like- Mushroom recipe, Spanish Spaghetti, etc. He also shows some knives and other tools videos that are for sale.

His channel runs with 214 videos and has 71,54,711 views overall. Hie YouTube videos are full of exciting content with some fun elements too.

Source: YouTube
Official Facebook Page of Richard Blaine- 
Join DateMarch 3, 2011
Channel Link 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the biggest foodie Youtuber?

Tasty is the biggest foodie YouTuber with 8.9 million subscribers.

How do food bloggers get paid?

1. Brand Sponsorships
2. Selling any product
3. Advertising display
4. Affiliated commissions

What category is YouTube cooking?

Right now, YouTube cooking is under the category of travel and people. Some modifications are required for improvement. 

Final Verdict

In the end, I just want to say that all the above-mentioned Spanish Food YouTube channels are very much popular in their way of cooking methods. Every YouTuber has their skills and abilities to show. Some of them are very much experienced in the same field and some enter as newcomers. 

I hope you find every piece of information useful and do share these channels with your friends and families. 

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