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Bridging the gender gap, women are rising on every platform. If you talk about your favorite platform, Twitch, women are invading the space too, and I will give you the information on top female twitch streamers. All these female streamers have made their own space by creating a buzz in the gaming world.

We all love to play games to showcase our gaming skills online. The moment the game word is uttered, you can relate this word with the “men.” Well, why should boys have all the fun? You should also be aware of the creative talent of women folks in the gaming world.

Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Just be updated with the new information. Once you finish reading this article, you will link the new term “women” and see the gender equality flowing in your favorite gaming platform. So, here’s a list of the best female Twitch Streamers that are growing and reaching new peaks in 2022.

10 Best Female Twitch Streamers That Are Storming The Game World

Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers

Twitch is a platform to enjoy the live streaming of video games, esports competitions, streaming music content, and many more.

The twitch platform offers you various opportunities to earn money. You can stream games and see other people playing games, interact with the viewers, and see a different collection of games.

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Let’s dive into the main topic, and here, I will provide you with the list of the 10 top female Twitch streamers. Although you will not see the extensive list of followers or subscribers, their niche community has still made them hit the list of top female Twitch streamers. Go through the following list below.


pokimane twitch streamer image: top  female twitch streamers

The first female Twitch streamer on our list is Imane Anys. She is famous for her Fortnite and League of Legends streams. She started showcasing her gaming passion in 2012.

She has around 3.4 million subscribers and 7.4 million followers. Due to her big bunch of followers, she is hitting a list of top female Twitch streamers. She is also hitting the YouTube platform and is running a channel, “ POKIMANE ASMR.” 

With her fantastic work in the video content and gaming world, this female Twitch streamer was seen as a nominee for the Content Creator of the year award in 2018.


loserfruit image: top female twitch streamers

Another top female Twitch streamer of 2022 is LOSERFRUIT. Although you have seen so many streamers on Twitch with excellent gaming skills, If we will talk about LOSERFRUIT,  she is showcasing her unique content that overflows the Twitch platform. She has around 2.5 million followers,

This female Twitch streamer is fond of playing Overwatch and Witcher 3 on streams and has an extensive list of vlog content. One of her unique talents is that she can do the editing in streams while she is broadcasting. Her unique content makes her the most engaging streamer and stands out among the top female Twitch streamers of 2022.

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lilypichu image: top female twitch streamers

This female Twitch streamer is one of the most famous personalities on both YouTube and the Twitch platform. She is famous for the League of Legends broadcasts. Her content is full of Japanese and Korean culture, which makes her video content unique.

She has a lot of passion for games, and her Twitch channel has around 734,000 subscribers. She knows how to keep her audience connected by playing anime playlists on her Twitch streams. This female Twitch streamer has around 2.4 million followers.

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chica image: top female twitch streamers

This female Twitch streamer is one of the best esports players, famous for playing streaming multiplayer shooting games. She showcased her talent in games like Summer skirmish and Keemstar’s Friday Fortnight. She has around 400,000 subscribers.

She is hitting among the top female Twitch streamers. She has around 1.9 million followers. She is an active member of the DooM Clan, BushBandits, and the first player on TSM. She engaged her audience with her exceptional gaming skills.

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loeya image: tof famous twitch streamers

Loeya is also a famous Swedish female Twitch streamer with around  953,000 subscribers. However, she is a new player and joined in the year 2017. She plays various shooting games like Counter-Strike strike, Witcher 3, Sea of thieves, and Fortnite.

This female Twitch streamer is also running a YouTube channel to show her audience the Super favorite moments from Twitch and keep her fanbase connected across multiple platforms. She has around 1.4 million followers (loeyalists).

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itshafu image: top female twitch streamers

She is also one of the top female twitch streamers and stands out among the world’s top excellent players. Her real name is Rumay Wang. She has around 800,000 followers for Arena streams (Hearthstone game), where different players compete with each other with the decks. 

This female Twitch streamer also showcased her talent in the World of Warcraft and continuously won titles in World of Warcraft. She has around 1.3 million followers.


kittyplays image: top female twitch streamers

Kitty plays as one of the top female Twitch streamers. Her real name is Kristen Michaela. You can see her streaming the games twice daily and using various games like PUBG and Overwatch. 

This female Twitch streamer is also famous for her vlog content and keeps her audience engaged with the activities she performs in her vlogs. She has around 1.1 million followers. Being the top streamer, she drives her followers crazy on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram.

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8. Ironmouse

Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers

Ironmouse has now created a buzz on the Twitch platform. Due to her brilliant performance, This female Twitch streamer has become the most subscribed female Twitch streamer. She has surpassed Kkatamania’s record and received 1 million followers and 100,000 subscribers. The most exciting thing about This female Twitch streamer is that you will see her animated picture on the Twitch platform. Seeing her live-streaming performance and hitting all Twitch forms is fantastic.


xchocobars image: top famous twitch streamers

Janet Rose is among the best players and is famous for her Twitch Livestream channel XCHOCOBARS. She is hitting the twitch platform and sharing the League of Legends videos and her voice-over commentary. She also gives amazing content to the famous esports organization Luminosity Gaming.

She has around 492k subscribers and 779k followers. She is one of the top female Twitch streamers and is enjoying a partnership campaign with Japan crate by reviewing the products that the users subscribe to. 

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dizzy kitten image: top famous twitch streamers

DIZZKITTEN is one of the famous female Twitch streamers, and her super favorite platform is PUBS which she enjoys streaming. She has around 649k followers. Her audience engagement rate is high. She keeps on engaging them with their content on the weekend streams. You can see her going live with her fan base for around 5 hours from 8 pm to 1 am, and that for five days a week. She sticks to this routine and stands among the top female Twitch streamers.

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This female Twitch streamer plays various games like Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, and Super Hexagon. Due to her popularity on the Twitch platform, she earns a lot of money and has attracted lots of donations.


legendarylea image: top female twitch streamers

Lea May currier is one of the famous female Twitch streamers and is running the LegendaryLea Twitch. Her connection with her fan base is impressive by sharing her experience to keep them engaged. She has around 640000 subscribers on the Twitch platform and 635k followers.

This female Twitch streamer knows how to keep her audience engaged by showing different categories of content to make them entertained. She plays Hearthstone and CS: Golden games as well. Her content is unique and keeps on uploading on Sims 4.

Wrapping Up

Now it is time for a wrap-up. Now you can say gaming is not a male-dominant platform. Be the followers of your favorite influencers of the famous female Twitch streamers. Enjoy streaming the great content of games. Feel free to share this article with your friends. Keep visiting Path of Ex for all the exciting updates. Have a nice day!


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