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Using TikTok to build a career has been a great move by the influencers, and they are earning tons from this influential app. Many males and females live the dream of a million, especially Kyle, who is the top male influencer in the UK. But what about the females? Who has the most followers? Want to know about them? Then read along to learn about these Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK interestingly in this post.

Yeah! You must think that TikTok is joke-filled crap, but that’s not the complete truth. If you understand it, you will get the best out of TikTok. In contrast to the generalized view, this platform is filled with creative videos and gets viral quickly.

Though the Most followed TikTok account in the UK belongs to a 16-year-old boy, this doesn’t mean that the females are less worthy. Instead, the top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK have a lot of followers. The first one has 16.5 Million followers. 

But, what does she do on TikTok? And what about the other positions? Who is at no. 2 and 10 of the Top female TikTok Influencers in the UK? Hang on!! There is a lot to talk about. Dive below to know about these interesting latest stats, along with the explanation about their videos. 

Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK

TikTok is such a viral platform that is discovering the best videos out of the tons of available videos is similar to finding a lost dress in the women’s wardrobe. LOL!!! Yeah! we don’t know about it but what we know is that who are the Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK.

The Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK are:

S. No.Female TikTok InfluencersFollowers
1.Abby Roberts @abbyroberts 16.6 Million
2.Holly H @hollyh16.3 Million
3.Shauni ???? @itzshauni14.8 Million
4.????Evie Meg???? @thistrippyhippie13.5 Million
5.Rhia???? @rhia.official 12.3 Million
6.Tillyramsay @tillyramsay9.5 Million
7.Charlotte Roberts @charlottelooks8.4 Million
8.Ankita Chhetri @ankitachhetri258.2 Million

1. Abby Roberts @abbyroberts: 16.6 Million Followers 

TikToker Abby Roberts : Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: Dexerto

With the uplift in the beauty industry, people are getting popular at a faster pace.


By doing Short Makeup tutorials. After all, everyone loves to look beautiful, and the short video tutorials are bang on for this.

Among so many available Tik Tok videos, do you know which TikToker is the UK’s favorite? Simple, it’s Abby Roberts.

Abby Roberts is an incredibly talented makeup artist known for her talent for creating such phenomenal looks. Again, to everyone’s surprise, she is a mere 19!

Oh Gosh! What was I doing at this age? Probably sleeping!

At 19, she is already widespread. She has been an influential Tiktoker because of her makeup skills, with a net worth of $300,000 as per the internet.

So what gave skies to her career at such an early age?

It’s her dedication. She started at a very young age and got a big break after she recreated a James Charles Makeup look. This made her gain more than 100,000 followers overnight.

She has 16.6 Million followers and 1.2 Billion likes (The highest on the list).

Net worth: $300,000

Followers: 16.6 Million

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2. Holly H @hollyh: 16.3 Million Followers

Holly H : Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: Social Media Week

Ahh! Again an influencer on the list of the Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK.

Holly H is a British Tiktok celebrity who is known for her makeup Tutorial video on the platform.


She is not only famous for her makeup videos instead, but she is also popular among followers because of her lip-synced and funny videos. But, do you know Tik Tok was not her first choice? In fact, in her initial days, she chose to be a star on Vine.

She became the second-most Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK with 16.3 Million followers and 392.8 Million Likes.

That’s huge! Damn!

Net worth: $3.3 Million

Followers: 16.3 Million

3. Shauni ???? @itzshauni: 14.8 Million Followers

Shauni Rau: Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: Heightzone

The next one is a fun-loving girl, Shauni.

She is the fourth among the Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK with 14.8 Million Followers and 368.1 Million likes.

But, Why is it so popular?

She has become the internet sensation for her videos based on on-point lip-sync, transitions, trending challenges, adorable duets, and comedy. She is a TikTok queen with the crown of the top transition badge. She is living the dream life of millions.

Oh! Not to forget, she has an unmatched personality that keeps her videos different from others.

Net worth: $1.5 Million

Followers: 14.8 Million

4. ????Evie Meg???? @thistrippyhippie: 13.5 Million Followers

Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: YouTube

The list of the Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK is filled with the bliss of cuteness.


I mean, look at eviemeg. Dude! How could anyone not fall for such a cute face?

Why I can’t be like this!

But, do you know that she is known to millions apart from her cuteness because of her trippy hippie videos of her life with spasms, seizures, and tics. Yup! You read this right. She wants to bring the dangerous side of tics and seizures that left her sweating and, worse, caused bruises.

She is a living inspiration to those who think social media is all about beautiful faces. This girl has a following of 13.5 Million and has 395.2 Million likes.

Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Followers: 13.5 Million

5. Rhia???? @rhia.official: 12.3 Million Followers

Rhia: Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: TG Time

Rhia is an influencer on TikTok who has become popular because of the lip-syncing videos that she posts frequently. Along with this, she teaches her followers the process she follows to create her Tiktok videos.

Not only this, but she also sells merchandise from her TikTok.

She has 11.8 Million Followers, and 104.8 Million likes by far.

Net worth: $1 Million

Followers: 11.8 Million

6. Tillyramsay @tillyramsay: 9.5 Million Followers

 Tilly Ramsay: Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: Hello! magazine

The next one on the list is Tillyramsay.

Ah! she doesn’t need an introduction. Does she?

Tilly is a renowned chef, English television presenter, and social media influencer best known for presenting the BBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC alongside her family.

Damn! That’s not all! Do you know that she is a fabulous celebrity who appeared in many TV shows, including This Morning, Blue Peter, Master Chef Junior, Friday Night Jazz, and The Late Late Show with James Corden?

She has 9.5 Million Followers, and 104.8 Million likes by far.

Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Followers: 9.5 Million

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7. Charlotte Roberts @charlottelooks: 8.4 Million Followers

Charlotte Roberts: Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK
Source: Facts Ninja

With 8.4 Million Followers and 304.9 Million likes by far, Charlotte Roberts has made it a big hit on Tiktok at 18 years.

Ou! La! La! You will her incredible makeup looks. She is a tremendous makeup artist who showcases her piece of talent to her fam using the platform since March 2019, and damn! She became so popular in such a short time.

Not only this, she used her TikTok account to gain fame and created fashion and lifestyle photography on Instagram as well.

Net worth: $450 K

Followers: 8.4 Million

8. Ankita Chhetri @ankitachhetri25: 8.2 Million Followers

Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK
Source: Social blade

The last cutie pie on the list of the Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK is not from UK.

Yes! You read it right.

She is from the land of emotions, India.

AWWW! Why is she so adorable? Just just a barbie. Undoubtedly, your expressions can make your mood swings happier. That’s what her bio says. She will rule your heart with her innocent face and cute words, from cute lip syncs to dance videos.

Net worth: $ 2- $5 Million

Followers: 8.2 Million

Wrap Up:

So, these are the topmost followed female accounts on TikTok in the UK. Most of them started early and were able to achieve so much popularity at such an early age. But, you need to note that there is a slight difference between Abby Roberts and Holly H. Ahhh! Yes, there is a tough fight between the two.

My fav among all these is Abby Roberts, who has been famous at such a young age. But, we want to hear from you in the comment section, which one is your favorite among these Top Female TikTok Influencers in the UK.


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