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Recent research shows that there’s a strong demand for technical skills in different social sectors like healthcare, food, software, etc. With the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there is strong demand for manpower in different sectors like basic patient care, emergency and intensive care, food delivery etc. At the same time, teamwork, communication skills are also in great demand in the labor market.

The coronavirus has specifically affected countries like Australia, creating a huge demand for fresh recruits in the major industries of the economy. Below enlisted are some top jobs in Australia that are recruiting freshers in large numbers.

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Java Developer

Companies that work on data, cloud, and digital-first solutions are trying to enhance the value they can deliver to clients and other businesses. Such companies are looking for java developers who are experienced in running the business with intelligence and can highly improve customer experience. If you are interested in applying for the job of a java developer, you must have the following skills:

  • You must have complete knowledge of Java programming.
  • If you have received any prior certification in java, it’s an advantage.
  • The applicant must have thorough verbal and written communication skills.
  • Also, the interested individual must also know effective time management. The capability to deliver top-notch works even under pressure is a plus.
  • The interested person must have a practical approach and must be value-driven.
  • The post of a java developer is not without perks or benefits. Below enlisted are some benefits a java developer is entitled to enjoy:
  • Huge scope for career development.
  • Major companies hiring java developers are also offering competitive rewards and other beneficial packages.
  • A reasonable training budget  is also provided.

Cashier/ Fruit & Veg Prep Assistant

This is a part-time job available for freshers. It’s in great demand in Australia. Essential stores are looking for well-disciplined, energetic and well-spoken cashiers or shop assistants who would manage a part of the retail store.  It’s better if applicants to this job live within 10 km of the store’s location. If the applicant has prior experience of working as a cashier or delivering customer service in other ways, it’s a plus. Having good knowledge about food and groceries is important. Stores are looking for applicants with the following qualities:

  • Dedicated employee
  • Ability to work with other people
  • Have in-depth knowledge about food and vegetables
  • Can communicate well
  • Is friendly, positive-minded

Fresh Produce Managers (Supermarkets)

Several local food stores are also recruiting fresh produce managers in Australia. These jobs need no specialization and hence even a fresher can apply. Mostly, these stores are looking for people who have the enthusiasm and energy to take the business forward with their hard work. These stores are recruiting people who are genuinely interested in the business. Consistency in the work of the individual can earn him promotions in the future.

The position requires the following qualities in the applicant:

  • Superb customer service skills
  •  Skills to manage people
  •  Cost control including wage
  • Shrinkage control
  • Staff rostering
  • Experience in merchandising is a plus.

Based on the prior experience of the concerned applicant and the post to which he/she has been recruited, a decent salary and rewards would be offered. Applicants are required to mention the salary they are expecting from the store in their application. 

Android Developer

The next job that’s in high demand in Australia is that of an android developer. For this post, tech companies are willing to give chances to freshers of the right caliber. 

Anyone interested in applying for this job must be resilient, strategic, and outspoken. If you have prior experience of working with a team and managing it properly, it’s an undue advantage. Whoever applies to the post of an android developer must be equipped and capable of delivering the right solutions to complex problems and consistent top-notch codes for clients.

The post of an android developer, irrespective of the company where you apply, includes certain responsibilities. We have mentioned some of them below. 

  • Interested applicants must be capable of designing and developing highly smooth, user-friendly interfaces for mobile applications, by incorporating the latest technologies at the same time.
  • The android developer also has to be the mediator between technology, business and creative disciplines. He/she must look into every matter and coordinate different departments to deliver a successful product.
  • Has to be adept and must know how to escape from fuzzy problems.
  • The concerned individual has to be dedicated to mobile development inside out. He/ she must be able to understand and manage a complex business environment. Individuals who can keep their team motivated to have a great scope in this job field.

Hospitality & Tourism Waiting Staff

This field of work doesn’t recruit permanent employees. You have to work part-time and would be paid accordingly. A complete training along with attractive packages, rewards and salary would be provided by managers. A lot of food restaurants and hotels are hiring people who can join their team and increase their manpower.

What would be your task?

  • Anyone who’s recruited for this job will have the following responsibilities:
  • Would be the representative of the brand, be it a restaurant or hotel.
  • Come up with amazing ideas to enhance their services and extend new services to customers.
  • Monitoring the quality of ingredients in the kitchen
  • Make sure the restaurant is always clean.
  • Promote teamwork. He should be capable of maintaining a fun, quick, engaging environment at the workplace.

Since this is an entry-level role, managers aren’t looking for previous experience. It’s hence a great opportunity for freshers. Candidates who are applying for the job of waiting for staff at hotels and restaurants in Australia are expected to have the following qualities:

  • The recruit must be driven by passion for the job. He must be motivated and keep others inspired.
  • Anyone who listens, communicates well and can connect to other people is ideal for the job.
  • The individual must be resilient.
  • Lastly, the recruit must be able to gain the trust of the management and other employees.

What perks would you get in this job?

Restaurants and hotels have agreed to offer some exciting benefits to fresh recruits, including :

·       A free burger every day, while on duty.

·       The new staff can also avail discounts on food items while not working.

·       Flexible rotating rosters regarding the shifts, enabling staff to give time to themselves.

·       Team-based incentives are also offered if you can fulfil targets on time.

Domestic Cleaner

This job is also in great demand, considering the number of COVID patients that are on the rise. This is an excellent job to consider for freshers since it’s part-time and can be done at flexible hours. You have the freedom to determine how much you earn. This job doesn’t require any equipment or prior experience.

Applicants for this job have to clean client homes regularly. The time would however be as per your convenience. You have to clean the house and reduce the household burdens of homeowners as much as possible. Domestic cleaning services are greatly in demand in Australia and hence come with decent salaries. The fresh recruit would however be given proper training on how to communicate and behave in front of clients.

Applicants must know how to clean windows, toilets, bathrooms, oven and laundry. Make sure you can carry out these household tasks properly. Ineffective and inefficient recruits would be replaced by new ones immediately.

The ideal candidate for this job is enthusiastic and organised. Consistency is very important in this job profile. The applicant must also be reliable and shouldn’t have evil intentions. Maximum client satisfaction should be the goal of the applicant.

House Sitters

House sitters are in great demand in major Australian cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. To get rid of responsibilities and worries, adults, couples and even single parents are looking for people who can look after their children and pets while they focus on their jobs and outside businesses.

By recruiting a reliable home sitter, homeowners will have peace of mind and know that their kids and pets are in safe hands. No matter whether you are enjoying it with friends or going on an office trip, leaving your kids to a trustworthy person is a great relief.

If you are willing to deliver house sitting Australia services, you are likely to pay a small registration fee to set up your account as a recruit in a company. Several companies are hiring people who can work part-time. You can go through the list of companies and contact the one whose terms and conditions match your preferences. Once you have created an account and paid the fees, you would  receive payments monthly.  The more houses you serve, the more would be your income.

These are the top 7 jobs in Australia that are in great demand. As you can see, these jobs are essential for the Australian economy to function smoothly and recover from the losses it has suffered due to the pandemic. So, if you are looking for job opportunities in Australia, go through this list and choose a suitable job as per your interest.


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