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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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The United States is considered to be the hub of global education and leaders when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurial education. Despite the recent political turnaround and political upsets, and strict visa restrictions, several students were willing to go the mile and pursue an education in the United States.

Be it sciences, be it humanities, everyone wants to be part of the global education hub aka the United States. Not only this but to get an insight into the American dream, visiting and experiencing the growth mindset and a wonderful working environment.

So we have listed below the top 10 universities in the United States that are attracting global talent and are the cradle of education.

1. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

Commonly known as Caltech, they are the number one currently according to the Times Higher Education ranking. A private research university, with its core strengths lying with sciences and engineering, this is a go-to place for all science enthusiasts.

If you are a big bang theory fan you already know this place. Standing at number one place they are the ones producing a big chunk of scientists and innovators across the world. With currently 2240 students enrolled, and 30 percent international representation, and 34 percent female representation they are a perfect example of diversity.

2. John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the John Hopkins University is ninth in the list of top American universities, having an acceptance rate of just 11 percent.

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Having a student body of approximately 16 thousand they contain a massive 26 percent student body from all around the world making them a cultural and diversified hub for education in the United States. They have a female presence of a massive 52 percent as well.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University

Second on the list is Stanford, a private research university with a global reputation and well known for its academic excellence, placed second for this year according to the time higher education ranking.

Situated in California, Stanford has only 4 percent acceptance every year, currently, there are approximately 16 thousand students enrolled with a massive 23 percent global and international student body.

Their female ratio is a massive 43 percent a lot higher than Caltech. Stanford has several internationally acclaimed publications that make them stand out as one of the best universities in the United States.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Commonly referred to as the MIT, Massachusetts institute of technology is the biggest name in terms of sciences and engineering for the Ivy League. Placed third in the list by the Times higher education, they are a cradle for innovation and engineering.

With a higher 7 percent acceptance rate, they provide higher chances for acceptance to students across the globe. Student body ranging up to 11 thousand approximately.

They have better and higher international representation with 34 percent international study body and 39 percent female student body.

5. Princeton University

Princeton University

Situated in New Jersey, Princeton is another reputable name in the American education system. Part of the Ivy League and hub of educational advancement.

Princeton is placed fourth in the list of top US universities ranking as per the Times higher education ranking. Having a 5 percent acceptance rate, a student body counting up to approximately 8 thousand they counter 25 percent, international students. Interestingly they have a student ratio of 45 percent females.

6. Harvard University

 Harvard University

Well, who does not know Harvard? A poster name for American education and speaks for it provided the prestige it possesses. Having a student body of nearly 20 thousand and a female representation of 49, yes you read it right, 49 percent, Harvard is ranked at fifth-placed.

They have diversity, and unmatched educational years’ experience to their students, the Harvard experience will be life-changing for you and your educational career.

7. Yale University

Yale University

At number seven we have yet another Ivy League name. They have over-the-board representation in the sciences and engineering as well as business studies.

They have a student representative of 12 thousand students and have an international student body of 20 percent. They represent a wider culture of diversity, and an equal male-female ratio to ensure all genders are given equal chances of flourishing.

8. The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago

Located in the city of Chicago with a marvelous on-campus learning environment, and having a perfect location for an educational environment the university of Chicago is seventh on the list by time of higher education.

They have a student body of fourteen thousand students and a global student body counting for 28 percent of the total students. They are a mixture of cultural diversity in the city of Chicago. Their female students make up 46 percent of the total student body.

9. The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania

Commonly known as Penn. The University of Pennsylvania is a leading name for the United States higher education be it science or the humanities. Having an acceptance rate of 8 percent they are unique and stand out with a higher female percentage of students present and pursuing their education.

They have a total student body of 20 thousand and they are having 21 percent of international students pursuing the American dream in Pennsylvania. They are placed number eighth in the Times higher education ranking.

10. University of California Berkeley

 University of California Berkeley

The last in the list of top 10 universities in the United States is the University of California Berkeley a.k.a UC Berkeley. Having a higher acceptance ratio of 17 percent they definitely are all accommodating. With 17 percent of their students from all around the globe. They count for 40 thousand students. And a fifty-fifty male-female ratio on campus.

Here we conclude the list for the top ten universities in the United States. Let us know which university you think is the best and you want to join.


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