Top 0.1 Percent Spotify | What Does it Mean?

Top 0.1 Percent Spotify

This year Spotify Wrapped came with a few new features like Spotify Music Personalities. Added to that, some listeners are placed on tiers like the top 0.05%, 0.01%, and 0.1% on Spotify. So, what does it mean to be in the top 0.1 percent Spotify? As Spotify Wrapped has gotten exciting, the queries about Spotify Wrapped have also exponentially grown in volume.

Some of us can’t get out of the classic era of songs. Some of us are EDM fans. There are people who are explorers when it comes to music. Spotify identifies your type and puts you into categories/personalities that best suit your listening habits. These types are Spotify personality types. Along with these, Spotify Wrapped has also labeled some listeners as in the top 0.05 percent of listeners of artists.

And, some of us are also in the top 0.1 and top 0.01 in Spotify Wrapped 2022. This post is all about the top 0.1 percent Spotify. You know that Spotify never misses a chance to market itself by making you feel special. These 0.1% listeners of a certain artist feel proud, and they share their Spotify Wrapped while marketing Spotify free of cost.

Top 0.1 Percent Spotify: What Does it Mean?

You wanna know what the top 0.1 percent Spotify means? Well, it means that you have listened to a certain artist more than 99.99 percent of its listeners. For some of us, it is a medal of honor. Let’s assume that an artist has 1 million followers. 0.1% of 1 million is 1000. So, when Spotify says that you are in the top 0.1% of listeners for the artist, you belong to those top 1000 listeners who listen to the artist more than the remaining 999000 listeners.

Top 0.1 Percent Spotify

Why is it so exciting to know? Because no matter how accurate Spotify Wrapped is, according to the streaming service, there are only a few people (compared to the number of listeners of a popular artist) who have listened to the artist for more minutes than you.

How to Check Your Spotify Wrapped?

To Check your Spotify Wrapped,

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Go to the Search bar.
  3. You will find the Wrapped 2022 button at the top. Select that.

You can share your Spotify Wrapped from the slideshow itself. If you don’t have Spotify you can download it from below.

Spotify for Android.

Spotify for iOS.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all about the top 0.1 percent Spotify. Some of the most diligent and devoted listeners are also labeled as the top 0.01 percent by Spotify. These are the chosen ones. I am just kidding. Some people are already overthinking this offhand spending of time. The others are celebrating their devotion to their favorite artist by sharing their 0.1 percent Spotify 2022 news.

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