TooAthletic Take: Running Up The Score Is A Good Thing

TooAthletic Take: Running Up The Score Is A Good Thing | Sports Takes & News |

If you’ve ever played a sport you know that watching a team start running up the score on you is ridiculously embarrassing. Yet, at the same time, doesn’t it actually teach you a life lesson? For example, it teaches you to not be soft, it teaches you to work harder, and it teaches you the the story of revenge. Because there’s two sides to every story, and if you’re on the side of winning, why would you feel bad for the other team?

Why would you feel bad for the team that totally sucks? You should feel a sense of accomplishment because you taught that team a lesson. A lesson to work harder, a lesson of never letting a sports massacre happen to you again.

This whole mindset of everybody gets a medal or that everyone should be made to feel good even after a loss is absolutely preposterous. People need to know how it feels to lose, and lose by a lot. People need to know what it feels like to be kicked when you’re down. Because when you think about it that’s all life is. Life kicks you when you’re down, life doesn’t allow you to get back up.

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By NOT running the score up on people you are teaching them it’s OK to be mediocre. You’re teaching them that it’s OK to say there’s always next game or it’s only just one game. It’s not just one game, it’s always been more than a game.

Sports can teach you a lot about life, and it comes down to you learning these lessons in sports that will carry over into the game of life. I truly think that this phenomenon of not running up the score or allowing people to feel OK after a loss is truly the downturn of America.

The United States has always strived to be the best and we have always tried to instill in our citizens that you need to work hard. By enabling people to think that it’s OK to just lose by a lot, and not do anything about it, is nothing short of a travesty. 

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TooAthletic Take: Running Up The Score Is A Good Thing |

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