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Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta
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Hello, Antiwordle Fans! What are your plans for today? Let me guess, Crib over how boring Wordle is and crack the correct AntiWordle Answers for today? Well, high-five. If everything is taking a huge U-turn in this world, how can we owe our hearts to the basic Wordle? Not Happening! Go along this page, and you will encounter Today’s AntiWordle Answer of June 29, 2022 further. Have a glimpse ahead to escape the correct Anti-Wordle Answer for today too soon. 

Antiwordle answer for today doesn’t only keep us refreshed and sassy all day long but also energizes those monotonous days with its tricky trick. Obvio, who wants to be a part of such dull days when there is a full-proof chance to be zany, isn’t it?

Readout loud the Antiwordle answer of 29 June 2022 and make as many guesses as you can before cracking the correct Antiwordle answer for today! Antiwordle Answer of 29 June is SHIRT.

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Where to Play Antiwordle? 

Antiwordle can be played online on their official Antiwordle website.

Today’s Antiwordle Answer of 29 June 2022, Wednesday

Spoiler Ahead!

The Antiwordle Answer of 29 June 2022, Wednesday, is mentioned underneath. Run, pals, before you guess today’s Antiwordle Answer in merely 2 guesses. 

Antiwordle Answer of 29 June is SHIRT

antiwordle answer of june 29
Antiwordle Answer of 29 June is SHIRT


Antiwordle Answer of 29 June is SHIRT

P.S. It took me 3 turns to guess Today’s AntiWordle Answer of June 29, 2022. You must make more.  

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Wrapping Up

Had fun? Antiwordle does hold the capacity to drive you crazy. Antiwordle Answer of 29 June is SHIRT. I really hope you got everything you were looking for in regard to Today’s Antiwordle answer of June 29, 2022, Wednesday. It is always a pleasure to serve you right. 

Path of EX will see you guys tomorrow with a new Antiwordle Answer for the day and much more. Come along and allow us to be part of your big win for the day!


1. What is Antiwordle Answer of June 29?

Antiwordle Answer of June 29 is SHIRT.

2. What is Today’s Antiwordle Answer?

Today’s Antiwordle Answer is SHIRT.


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