Tips to Increase Productivity When Working from Home

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Working from home has become a new normal in this time. The global pandemic has forced the business to rethink and convert their employees’ homes into their new workplace. However, for many people, this can get tough as they don’t know how to keep their professional life and personal life differently. Plus, making a workplace at home may not increase the productivity of the users. Here, we are going to discuss some important tips that will help you to increase your productivity when working from home.

Create the Right Routines

This can be followed easily when we work at the office. However, when working from home, you can get carries a bit if you are not disciplined. But it is essential to set some rules and to organize your life at home so that there is space for leisure and work. Set a proper routine and start with the same time of getting up and getting fresh. After having breakfast or coffee, you can go straight to your laptop and start working. The first step is to start the day with the same routine so that other things don’t get messed up. In addition, using different productivity tools like time tracking apps can be also valuable when it comes to doing routine work and increasing productivity

Right Atmosphere and a Dedicated Workspace

If you work in the same environment where you have leisure time, you will not be able to increase your productivity. You need to designate a specific place where you can make a home office at one part of your living room or a separate room. Make sure that place is far from the disturbance of neighbors, children, and other activities happening in the house. Get a perfect table where you have enough light. Plus, you can keep some essential things like a flower pot, Starbucks coffee mug, a little fish tank, or laughing buddha. This way, you will have a perfect office environment at your dedicated workplace.

Enjoy the Employer’s Trust

Your employer must have trust in you. Having an employer who has great confidence in you will always encourage independent work. This trust will boost your energy, and you will be able to work more efficiently. There is a completely new space for creativity here. Time and rest to think outside the box. This is very positive for the company and you as well. Enjoy the confidence and dare to think completely in another direction.

Stay in Touch with Your Colleagues

While working from home, you are free, and you can work at your pace. But after a few days, you may miss exchange with your colleagues, and at some point, you may feel a bit lonely. Thus, staying in touch with them through calls, texts, or skype would be the best idea. You don’t need to discuss only your professional work, but you can discuss your private things as well. This will keep you up when you feel low or not like working.

Don’t Mix Private and Professional Life

Stick to the routine and try not to mix your personal and professional life. There may come a time when you feel like taking a nap or playing with your kids for some time. You may think that you will stretch some more time in the evening to get something done. Slowly this becomes a regular thing, and you will miss being on time. This will help you increase your productivity.


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