Tips in Buying Shoes for Women Online

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Shopping online can be a little bit scary, especially for shoes wherein you cannot wear them physically to check if they are a perfect fit before checking out. But that is why there are a lot of tips that can help you in buying the right shoes online. Shopping for shoes for women online can be a great experience since you will access different brands.

Tip #1: Check if you can zoom in on images.
When visiting shopping sites, be sure to check if you are allowed to zoom in on images. This way, you will have more ideas about its quality and finish. Be sure that the retailer or seller you choose can provide you with clear images of the shoes from different angles. If you can zoom in on the images, you can better understand the texture of the materials, colour, and the finishing.

Tip #2: Check the images of the models who wore the shoes.
It can often be a great help if there are images wherein the models are wearing the shoes. It is a great idea, most especially if you are trying a new style. For instance, you can visualise the toe cleavage on the heels, or determine if the ankle straps can shorten your legs. If you can find the images you want on a particular site, try looking for them elsewhere. Please take note that different types of online retailers have their way of presenting their products. You could find a variety of images shot in different styling or lighting.

Tip #3: Measure your feet.
Before checking shoes for women online, put your feet on a piece of paper and use a pencil in tracing it. Based on this outline, measure your feet starting from the tip of your big toe down to your heel. Some people have different sizes of their feet, so be sure to measure both sides. After having this, you will know your shoe size. You can refer to the conversion charts used by different brands.

Tip #4: Check size and conversion charts of different brands.
Sometimes sizing is not consistent in different brands, most often within the same brand as well. Some shopping sites that sell different brands only offer one size and conversation chart, making it inaccurate. If you are interested in buying a particular brand, you should visit their website and check their size and conversion chart.

Tip #5: Choose brands that you have tried before.
If you have some doubts about the new brands, then it is advisable to stick to the brands you have purchased before. In this way, you will better understand the size that will fit on your feet.

Tip #6: Start buying a relatively cheap pair of shoes.
If it is your first time to buy a particular brand, then you can start with a relatively cheap pair of shoes as a test order. After establishing the size that fits your feet, you can go ahead and shop till you drop.

Tip #7: Read the return and exchange policies carefully.
Before making any purchases, be sure that you feel comfortable with their return and exchange policy. Returning the shoes could cost a lot, most especially if the retailer is located overseas.

Tip #8: Before making any decision, try to read customer reviews.
When purchasing shoes for women online, reviews are very important. They can help you determine if the shoes are true to their size and image.

One of the greatest things about shopping online is you can have a lot of options. However, before making any purchases, you should check everything, including the size, materials, and customer reviews. Verify the images carefully, and if possible, try to zoom in to get a clearer view.


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