9 Handy Tips For Starting Multiple Businesses On Instagram

9 Handy Tips For Starting Multiple Businesses On Instagram

Are you on a quest to boost your earnings? Running multiple businesses is a sure path to financial security. However, this is no easy task and you need a proven strategy to pull it off. 

One app that will make it a lot easier for you is Instagram. Instagram is a business hub and there are already over 20 million businesses on the app. This is because Instagram business tools and features are there to simplify business and help brands grow fast.

However, if you are oblivious to these features, you’ll struggle to stay afloat. How can you run multiple businesses using Instagram? In this post, you’ll learn about handy tips that will guide you through. 

Without any fuss, let’s get to it!

9 Handy Tips For Multiple Businesses On Instagram 

1. Open Multiple Instagram Accounts

Ideally, each of your businesses should have its own Instagram account. This is because each business is unique and you should treat them as such. It’ll also improve efficiency within your businesses and aid smooth operations. 

Instagram allows you to open up to five accounts using a single email address. You can run these accounts from within the Instagram app and switch from one to another as you need to. This comes in handy especially if you are running small businesses.

To add more than one account, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon and then Settings.
  • Select Add Account.
  • Tap on Log in to the existing account.
  • Type in the login details for the account you wish to add and Log In.
  • Go back to Settings and tap on Set up Multi-Account Login to make it easy to access multiple Instagram accounts with one login.

To switch between the accounts you’ve added:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on your username at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the account that you’d like to switch to.

Note: always check to see that you log in to the right account before making a post. You don’t want to post content on the wrong account.

2. Create Instagram Marketing Strategies For Each Of Your Businesses

Depending on the type, your businesses may not share the same target audience. Therefore, you need to formulate marketing techniques or strategies that will fit each one and reach the right people. 

Understand what each business requires to grow, and the kind of content the target audience needs. If possible, hire a consultant in the different business niches and get ideas. Whatever information you gather should form the building blocks of your strategy.

3. Plan A Posting Schedule For Your Different Business Accounts

Unintentionally, it’s possible to get lost in one of your businesses and not pay adequate attention to the others. You need to allocate enough time to all your businesses on Instagram so that none is suffering. 

A posting schedule will ensure consistency. It also ensures that your audience across the accounts have content to feast on. Decide on how often you’ll make posts to each account every week. 

Also, plan campaigns ahead of time so that you don’t forget the right time to publish content. Use a content calendar such as Google Calendar or Trello to keep track of your posting schedule.

4. Spice Up Your Work With Automation

Incorporating automation into your Instagram business is about the best thing you can do to operate your accounts easily. These tools will help grow your engagements without drawing yourself thin in the process. 

Unfortunately, many Instagram business owners are unaware of the available automation tools and how they can come in handy. So, here are some ways that automation can come to your rescue:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Hashtag generation
  • Live chat 
  • Bulk direct messaging
  • Auto-like
  • Auto-follows
  • Auto Instagram stories view
  • Auto comments
  • Location targeting
  • Language detection
  • Fake account filtering

The list goes on and on. Some tools like megafamouse help you buy instant Instagram likes and followers. With this, you get instant delivery of genuine likes and spend less time worrying about how to get followers.

5. Promote Your Businesses Across Your Business Accounts

One way to increase your following and engagement on Instagram is by cross-promoting your businesses across social media. In this case, across your different Instagram accounts. It’ll make you become relevant on Instagram because more people from the other accounts will know of your businesses. 

This is a great strategy especially when your businesses have a similar target audience. Take a cue from @kyliejenner, a model and businesswoman who promotes her cosmetic brand, @kyliecyosmetic on her personal account with over 300 million followers.

If you already have an account with a large following and high engagement, take advantage of it. Your followers who love your content will hurriedly go over to your other accounts and engage.

6. Build A Consistent Brand Personality

In the case where your businesses are different or unrelated, you should be careful to build a consistent personality for each brand. Your audience should get the same energy or vibe from your Instagram account anytime they visit. This means that what your brand stands for shouldn’t be a puzzle to your audience.

For example, @nike has several other accounts that promote different parts of the company. @nikebasketball, @nikefootball and @nikegolf are all parts of the Nike company. However, going through these Instagram accounts, you’ll notice that they focus on basketball, football and golf respectively. Each account is consistent with the motive behind it using unique and focused content. 

7. Track The Analytics For Each Business Account

There’s no better way of knowing your growth rate and progress than with analytics. Your business accounts are standalone and will not share performance. It’s, therefore, necessary to see which one is getting the numbers and which is not. 

Assess every metric i.e reach, engagement rate, follower growth, comments etc. Collate information about your audience’s age, location, likes, dislikes, and user behaviour online.

8. Always Check Notifications From All Your Business Accounts 

Notifications alert you of the latest happenings in your account. Make sure you don’t snooze and lose your notifications. You must constantly check what’s new so that you can respond accordingly. Your mentions, comments and tags shouldn’t go unnoticed else your audience will perceive your brand as non-interactive. 

Turn on push notifications to get notifications and for easy tracking of your multiple business Instagram accounts. You’ll get notifications for all your accounts and each notification will indicate the source account. Tapping on a notification will lead you to the account whether you are logged in or not.

9. Get A Social Media Manager

You may not be able to handle all your businesses on Instagram alone. But your businesses don’t have to suffer just because you can’t handle them alone. So, you should employ the services of a social media manager. 

A social media manager will oversee your business’s online presence and implement your marketing strategies. They will also evaluate the data and metrics of your business accounts.

To call it a day…

Earning from multiple sources may just be the much-needed remedy to your financial woes. With Instagram by your side, you should be able to run multiple businesses and do so without stress. We hope that you stick to our nine tips and run your businesses effectively. See you at the top!

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