Tips for Relieving Your Elderly Parent’s Anxiety

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The older someone is, the more likely they are to suffer from a physical condition. This is something that most people are aware of. However, not everyone is aware that senior citizens can be more prone to anxiety. 

If you think your elderly parent is struggling with their anxiety, you can help. Here’s what you can do:

Encourage Your Parent To Maintain Their Lifestyle 

A lifestyle of gentle exercise and a balanced diet can work wonders. Those who are healthier tend to be happier and they could even live longer.

If your elderly parent is living on their own for the first time, they could be struggling. Let them maintain a healthy routine so they feel more in control of their lives.

Also, let them know that if they’re struggling a personal therapist can help. These days there’s a lot less stigma associated with asking for help. 

Do Things Together 

A lot of people feel less anxious when they do things with others. Consider doing things with your elderly parent such as:

  • Going for a walk
  • Cooking a meal 
  • Visiting a museum
  • Going grocery shopping 
  • Seeing a movie 
  • Going for a drive
  • Spending time with friends
  • Going to a restaurant 
  • Being their companion when they have a hospital appointment

When you do things with your elderly parent they’re less likely to feel alone. They may even find that their mood perks up a bit. 

Do things with your parent at least twice a month, if you can. If you can’t be there very often, ask someone to step in when you’re absent. 

Let Your Parent Know You’re There 

Let your parent know that you’re there for them. 

When someone knows they’re not alone they can feel better.

Ask your parent to telephone you or reach out by video call when they’re feeling anxious.

Schedule telephone and video calls from time to time. 

Ask your parent how they’re doing. Everyone likes people to show that they care. 

Encourage Your Parent To Try New Things 

From time to time we all want to try new things. Your parents are likely to feel the same way. Let them develop new skills and enjoy gaining new experiences. 

Did you know that keeping your brain active is good for you, especially as you age? 

Encourage your parents to take up a new hobby or two such as going to a supper club, taking up a new sport, going to a fitness class, or signing up for night school. 

Play Games With Your Parents 

Senior citizens who play games are less likely to experience some cognitive impairment. Games or activities that help them to be mentally stimulated can make a difference. Activities such as crosswords, puzzles, and games that many young children like to play can help. 

Help Your Elderly Parent To Find The Right Support 

Anxiety can be a debilitating condition to suffer from at any age. However, senior citizens may feel overwhelmed by it. They may be less likely to ask for help and not want to be a nuisance. 

It’s vital, however, that you help your elderly parent to get the support they need. Support can come from:

  • A doctor
  • Their friends 
  • Their family
  • A therapist 

When your elderly parent gets the support that they need their anxiety may subside. They may even feel as if they have a new lease of life. 

Talk to your parent about getting help for their anxiety. Some doctor’s and therapy appointments can take place online. This could be ideal for those with limited mobility or who simply don’t like leaving the house

Learn About Anxiety 

One very useful thing that you can do is to learn about anxiety. Understanding how this condition affects people can help you to take better care of your elderly parent. 

In addition to this, it can help you to look for the right kind of help for them. 

Take a look at various websites that teach you all about anxiety and how to deal with it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from organizations and professionals. There is a lot of help out there. 

When your elderly parent is suffering from anxiety it can potentially impact their life. Use the above tips to help you to relieve their anxiety so that they can enjoy their life even more. You could soon find that your elderly parent has their life back on track. 


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