Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

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Every year, thousands of couples and families move to the US in search of a life with better opportunities. The US is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and has an advanced economy with a stable currency. This makes it attractive for people who want to live in a place that allows them to grow both personally and professionally.

If you are also in search of immigrating to the US after having tied the knot, then look no further. In this article, you will find the top tips to help you smoothly start the process of shifting to the US with the love of your life. 

Apply For Your Visa

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

Before moving to the US, you will need to get all your relevant documents in order and apply for an immigration visa. 

First, you will need to submit a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once this petition is approved, your application moves to the National Visa Center (NVC) in the US Department of State for visa pre-processing. The NVC will require a fee and will help review relevant documents and schedule interviews. Following that, an employee at the NVC will contact you with the next steps for filing a formal visa application. 

We suggest getting all your documents translated into English before submitting them. Whether it’s professional birth certification translation or other important documents, verified English translations will help you avoid any delays during your visa processing. 

Look For A City To Live In

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

From busy metropolitan cities to quiet suburbs, you have every option available under the sun. While you are likely to come across plenty of helpful ways to decide the best place to live in the US, this is a choice that is better made by you and your spouse as you consider your personal preferences.

The important things to consider when choosing a city are the weather, cost of living, public transport, work opportunities, educational institutes, social and nightlife, public spaces, and overall culture. Be sure to compare car insurance rates by ZIP code, as location affects your premiums. If you or your spouse have relatives or friends living in the US, it might be worth your while to consider a city that is close by so that you can visit each other as often as possible. 

Explore Job Opportunities

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

As a newly married couple, you need to start building your life together. A huge part of that involves maintaining a work-life balance so that you can give time to each other and plan a family for your future.

You can expect a very rigorous work culture in the US, particularly in the fields of finance, banking, and tech. Also, you and your spouse have to expect quite a lot of competition in the job market as there are numerous qualified and sometimes overqualified applicants competing for the same job. 

This is why it is a good idea to thoroughly search for work opportunities prior to moving so that you secure a job beforehand. Regardless of how overwhelming it may feel at first, you can expect tremendous professional and personal growth as you launch your career in the US. 

Get Your Finances In Order

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

As you move to the US, it is a good idea to search for some banking institutions beforehand so that you open your accounts as soon as you land. Whether you plan on opening a joint account, prefer maintaining separate accounts, or opt for both, make sure that the institution is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration.

As a couple starting a brand new life, we suggest being extra careful about your credit score in the US. This is because a good credit history will enable you to apply and secure loans for various things such as a house or a car, thereby making your life easier. 

Invest In Healthcare

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

You may have heard about the healthcare system in the US being a little tough to navigate. While that may be true, you and your spouse should consider circumventing that problem by opting for private insurance in order to avoid sudden financial shocks and burdens. 

In this regard, it is best to search the health insurance marketplace so that you get health insurance in line with a premium that you both can afford to pay. Although your workplace will most likely offer your health insurance, private health insurance is a good backup in case the former doesn’t cover certain medical expenses. 

Parting Thoughts

Tips For Foreigners: Starting Your New Married Life In The US

Starting your married life in the US is one of the smartest and wisest decisions you will make for yourself and your future family. Your kids will certainly thank you for the quality of life and the infinite opportunities in what is truly one of the greatest countries in the world. 

While the entire immigration procedure may seem a little daunting, just make sure you avoid any stress by meticulously planning the entire process. By staying organized and most importantly, optimistic, you and your loved one will hopefully get by seamlessly. 

We wish you both all the best on this truly amazing journey. 


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