4 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Moving into a new place brings with it excitement and anticipation, especially when you begin to ponder over what to do first as you settle in.

From repainting the walls and adding crown molding to treating your windows and sprucing up your entryway, you have plenty of options at your disposal. But now that you’re ready to begin decorating your new place, you might be wondering how to give it a new, dreamy vibe.

Check out these fun tips for decorating your new home.

1. Update Your Wall Décor

After going through your inventory of pictures and wall décor that you’ve decided to keep, you’ll also want to make room for something new. Mix and match wall art that complements your current color scheme. Looking for an abstract piece that stimulates thought and conversation? Choose a limited edition fine-art print. 

You’ll find an array of options, from limited edition drawings and photography to mixed media and custom paintings, when shopping with Minted. With a selection of more than 3,000 fine-art editions by independent artists worldwide, you’ll discover that Minted is the one-stop shop you can depend on for all your wall décor needs.

2. Add Character with Color

Did you know you can change a room’s entire vibe by simply adding some color? Paint an accent wall a different shade that complements the rest of the room. Add a mural if you’re confident in your artistic abilities or use a stencil to create a custom look. Don’t worry if you have got an old piece of furniture that might need an enhancement? Paint it a color that’s akin to another color in the room. 

Additionally, if your dining room chair cushions feature a hint of red or blue, consider painting the furniture a shade that matches the same hue of the cushions. Say painting isn’t your true forte, though. If that’s the case, add decorative rugs, cushions, or window treatments in solid colors or patterns that complement the theme you’re aiming for. For example, a gingham print window curtain looks great in a farmhouse-style kitchen. 

3. Breathe New Life into Something Old

Perhaps you own several pillow cushions that could use a new cover. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, consider making them yourself. You can use an old 1980s rock band T-shirt for a retro look or shop your local consignment store for good deals on fabric. Not sure what to do with those baskets you saved? Arrange them in a pattern on a kitchen wall. You’ll save money by repurposing what you already own. When decorating, hang wall art into groups of three on a mantle or living room wall.

4. Accessorize Your New Place

Shopping for new home accessories and décor can be loads of fun, but don’t feel stressed to get everything put together at once. Indeed, allow yourself time to shop different retailers for the perfect finds. Use vintage books to decorate your coffee table or visit an antique shop for a one-of-a-kind porcelain vase. Additionally, you can accessorize your new home with window treatments or create a jewelry armoire with an old picture frame that features hooks on the base. Display the framed jewelry armoire as several pieces along your bedroom or bathroom wall. Ultimately, you’ll also now have clever wall décor that keeps your jewelry tangle-free as well.

Creating the Ultimate Vibe Can Be Yours

Now that you have some options for decorating your new home, decide on your style, prioritize what needs to be done, and get started on your makeover. Save space for new accessories or update your wall décor. And don’t forget to add a vase of fresh-cut flowers for a super feng shui vibe. Your new place will look perfect in no time!


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