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tiny room walkthrough

Well, I have a surprise for you! I just heard you are struggling to get a complete Tiny Room walkthrough. Let’s head through this page and grab a detailed guide on what nut you need to crack to ace your gameplay. Go on!

Tiny Room is a game that upgrades our gaming to another level. Here, a player has to complete many chapters and unlock multiple doors in order to reach the destination. But what these chapters are all about?

Take a deep breath and step forward. In this article, we will walk you through the complete guide on Tiny Room walkthrough. Go on and let us know if you get stuck anywhere during the course.

Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough | Explore the World of Tiny Room

Tiny Room is all about finding multiple clues, unlocking doors, and solving puzzles. Follow through this page and learn how you can enhance your Tiny Room gameplay.

Tiny Room Chapter 1

tiny room walkthrough

Beginning with the journey, as you head through the city, you won’t meet a single person here. Further is what you must do to ace this chapter.

Steps to Complete Chapter in Tiny Room:

  1. To begin with, you would have to pick up the ladder in the front yard. Choose the ladder in inventory and click on the item on the roof above the door to place it.
  2. Tap again to zoom the item > Click the mailbox to open it and pick up the black key.
  3. Tap on the door to open it and tap again to enter the door. Make your way through the kitchen. Press on the counter beside the oven > pick up the green book and click on the knife block to collect the knife.
  4. Click on the top of the oven > as the 4 dials open up, which control the hobs. Select the one you wish to turn and move along through the directions of the knobs.
  5. Rotate to view the kitchen table > and tap to collect the laptop from there. You would need a password that will be found later in the game.
  6. Head back to the main room and rotate to look through the sofa. Tap to move it forward and rotate to see at its back. Tap at the back to zoom in on a patch.
  7. Take the knife and cut the sofa to spot the Red Book.
  8. Further, rotate to locate the 2 chests of drawers. Pick up the red key from to bowl on top and another Green Book from the top-left drawer.
  9. Open the right drawer at the bottom and look for the code entry. There will be 4 sets of dials > open the box and look for the paper that has a clue. Pick it and back it up.
  10. Tap under the table and pick up another Green Book. Use the red key to open the closed door and navigate to the next room: The bedroom.
  11. Pick up the book from the bed and tap to pick up the remote control from the floor. Tap the bedside unit, open the drawers pick up the screwdriver.
  12. Click on the washing basket by the wall to lift it and pick up the red book. Tap the cupboard to open it > and pick up another book.
  13. Locate the light switch on the wall > Click on the light fitting above it. Use the screwdriver and click on the light bump to remove the cover.
  14. As the room turns dark, rotate to look for the TV and use and remote controller to switch it on. Use the note clue for the channel numbers and enter them on the TV.
  15. Two drawers will open up > providing you with 2 symbols for each. Further, view the laptop again and enter the passcode ||, Triangle, +, Square, Z, Square.
  16. After your laptop is unlocked, click on the photo button to see the photo clue of the bookshelves. Head back to the main room and look for the bookshelves. Collect another book from the bottom-right door.
  17. Place the 4 red and 4 green books on the shelf. As the left door opens, head back to the corridor and collect the crowbar.
  18. Exit the house back to the street. Click on the roof by the ladder and head up. Pick up the painting.
  19. Place it on the wall and tap to straighten it. Further, a secret door will open.
  20. Head to the basement and click on the single red dot to switch on the lights. Click on the red valve to turn off the water.
  21. Rotate and spot the work table. Tap on the tool track, and a secret panel will open up.
  22. You will get a code 190185 > Open the safe and pick up a Blue Key: a Bank deposit key 1302.
  23. Head back to your car and tap on it. You have finally completed your Chapter 1.

Tiny Room Chapter 2

Now that you have made up your Chapter 1 in Tiny Room, head further and see what Chapter 2 has stored for you.

tiny room walkthrough

Steps to Complete Chapter 2 in Tiny Room:

  1. To begin with, now that you have a Bank deposit key, head further and rotate the view to look for a Dumpster and broken fire escape.
  2. Tap on the dumpster and place it under the fire escape. The access to the roof is enabled for you. Tap on the 3 palettes on the bottom-right of your roof > locate a Device Part to collect.
  3. Click on the small table and seats > as they zoom in, pick another ‘Device Part’.
  4. Further, click on the grey air con events behind the left side of the roof > and spot the Device Part. Rotate the view and locate the crowbar on the up of the duct.
  5. Tap the green unit beside the door > as it zooms in, and use the crowbar to open it.
  6. There will be a puzzle inside it; solve it, and place the three device parts collected above into the missing slots. Link the orange lines with no breaks.
  7. As the door opens, head into the 3rd floor. Move along the stairs to go to the 2nd floor and then the 1st floor. There will be a clock on the wall reflecting the wrong time.
  8. Again, rotate the view to have a broader view of the back of the desks and tap on the left desk to have a look at it. Open the drawer and pick up the Green Folder.
  9. Rotate on the other side and open the middle drawer to pick up the necklace. Then, move back to the second floor and rotate the view to see a large clock saying ‘Time is Money‘. Tap on it and on each hand to arrange the same position as the clock on the 1st floor.
  10. As a door opens up, you will spot an office room. Tap on the grey table in the room and collect a ‘WC Key’ and a Red Folder.
  11. Rotate the view and you will see a computer screen reflecting a moving ‘3’ shape.
  12. Click on the desk chair, move it, and pick up a model shuttle from the floor. After you are done, head back fro the room and use the WC key to enter into the WC on the 2nd floor.
  13. Open the right stall door > pick up the second Red Folder and collect another Red Key from thebsink.
  14. Now, head back to the reception, and you will find a room with a red handle. Put in the red key > unlock the door > and enter into the store room.
  15. Into the room, pick up the step ladder and rotate the view to see shelves with boxes. Move each of them and pick up the 2 valve wheels.
  16. Head back to the second floor into the conference room and rotate the room view to locate 2 bookcases on the wall. Click on it to zoom in. Keep the collected space shuttle and necklace on the right shelf to match it with the left one.
  17. Pick up the folders from the lower shelf and keep them back on the shelf to match the left side. A panel will open up > press the button, and a secret area will open up. Zoom into it and collect the screwdriver.

Wrapping Up

With this, the Tiny Room walkthrough comes to an end. Read through this page in detail and learn how you can unlock doors and complete chapters in your game. Check it out, and do let us know if you get stuck in any step.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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