CANCELED: Times Square New Year Events Are Canceled Due To Omnicron Surge | A Déjà Vu To 2020 !!

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I was so happy and excited about this coming year… until I realized 2022 is called as – ’2020 too’. And not only the name, but it has also started behaving much like that too. The spike in Covid-19 started causing disruptions at the beginning of 2020. All over the world, our favorite events were canceled, and you would think it’s okay, it is just a matter of a few months, and we’ll be back in no time. Well, guess what? It’s 2022 in a few days, and we are still in a world where our long-awaited New year events are canceled due to the omicron surge.

Is someone else having a Deja vu, because surely I am? With the Omnicron variant raging worldwide, we are again restricted to our homes with all our entertainment, sports, and travel plans being crushed in front of our eyes. Thousands of flights were canceled during this Christmas week, and around 1,400 flights were called off on Monday alone. And most importantly, our New-Year events are canceled and scrubbed off worldwide.

Daily cases of the U.S topped 197,000 this Friday on 24/12/2021 and came close to reaching the record of 251,000 new daily cases set in January. I could go on and on with these facts but trust me, they all are disappointing. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but New year events are canceled again this year, parties are called off, and holiday plans are postponed.

CANCELED: New Year Events Are Canceled Worldwide Due To Omnicron Surge

“An event canceled is better than a life canceled,” Tedros said. But it is easier said than done. With all the preparations done and tickets booked, it is heartbreaking and a significant loss to everyone.

General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of WHO, urged the public to cancel all the upcoming New year events due to the threat of Omnicron.

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New York City Curtails The Times Square Festivities

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city’s iconic traditional New Year’s Eve Times Square celebration would be curtailed, and additional safety precautions are being implemented by the officials to ensure safety. Though New year events are not canceled yet, the celebration would be cut back due to the omicron surge.

CANCELED: Many New Year Events Are Canceled And The Times Square Festivities Curtailed Due To The Omnicron Surge
Times Square Festivities Curtailed

On top of it, attendees of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square have to undergo some additional measures- like wearing the masks full time, providing COVID vaccination proof, and even disabled who haven’t been vaccinated need to have a negative test result taken in last 72 hours. The crowd would be reduced to account for Social Distancing.

Usually, Times Square celebrations host approximately 58,000 people, but this year, only about 15,000 people will be allowed to attend, and no visitor would be allowed to enter before 3 p.m.

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Several New Year Events Are Canceled In The USA.

Rockettes’ “Christmas Spectacular” Event Canceled

 Rockettes' "Christmas Spectacular" Event Canceled  | New Year Events Are Canceled

In new york, the performances of the Rockettes’ “Christmas Spectacular” in Radio City Music Hall were canceled from this Friday.

Information: The Rockettes

New Year’s Eve Party In Los Angeles’ Grand Park Canceled

New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles’ Grand Park Canceled  |  New Year Events Are Canceled

The parties and New Year event are called off in Los Angeles and would no longer host an in-crowd.

Information: Los Angeles, New Year’s event goes virtual

Space Needle New Year Events Are Canceled

Space Needle New Year Events are Canceled

For the second time, the crowd will miss the opportunity to see live fireworks at the Space Needle in Seattle due to canceling of New Year events. Still, they would be releasing a live video of Fireworks in some consolation.

If you have not seen these fireworks at Seattle’s Space Needle atleast once, trust me you are missing something.

Information: Los Fireworks to return to Seattle’s Space Needle

The Miami Leg Of The Tour Canceled.

The Miami leg of the tour Canceled.

The Miami leg New Year event got canceled due to a Coronavirus outbreak scheduled for this Sunday.

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iHeartRadio’s Annual Jingle Ball 2021 Tour Terminated

iHeartRadio’s Annual Jingle Ball 2021 Tour Terminated

 iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball New Year event was also cut short, leading to much disappointment.

Information: Jingle Ball canceled

Several New Year Events Are Canceled In The World.

Worldwide there is news of a surge in different variants of COVID-19, leading to disruptions in pre-planned New year celebrations.

Paris’ New Year Events Are Canceled

Paris’ New Year Events Are Canceled

Paris’ government declared that they are canceling music and fireworks events in the city around the New Year’s celebration. Paris is our go-to place for holidays, but the news that Paris New Year events Are Canceled left many people devastated, especially the girls who have done all their New Year shopping.

London New Year Events Being Canceled

On Monday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that he is taking a “difficult decision” to cancel the pre-planned 6,500-person event to be held in Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve.

Heart-breaking, isn’t it??

Morocco New Year Events Canceled

Morocco New Year Events Canceled

As if canceling New Year events wasn’t enough, Morocco Government brought back the night curfew on 31st Dec 2021.

Greece New Year Events Are Canceled

Greece New Year Events Are Canceled

All the Greece New Year Events are canceled, and a mandatory mask rule was re-instated on Thursday.

Other Events Are Also Affected, Like NHL pause, NBA games, Broadway

Along with dispirited holidays, an unhappy year is about to follow- All our long-awaited occasions and sports events are either put to hold or being called off. 

We all have been waiting patiently for our favorite Broadway shows like “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” but due to Omnicron, the shooting of Events is canceled. “Hamilton,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” is also postponed.

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New Year Events Are Canceled

The NHL and NHL Players’ Association started their Christmas break early, before the originally scheduled holiday break from Dec. 24-26.

The NBA is also facing difficulties due to the outbreak, and many matches have been postponed till further notice.

Wrapping Up

Covid 19, Delta, Onnicron..seriously? With the current situation, I feel like saying, Am I a game to you coronavirus..?? Humans are supposed to grow wiser with age, not viruses. From 2-3 years, our lives have been put on hold, and just as we think, now everything is getting back to normal; Corona spreads his contagious vibes. 

Though the students couldn’t be happier for not giving exams, we are also missing the opportunity to celebrate significant occasions because New Year Events are Canceled, New Year Parties are Called off, New Year Eve plans are curtailed, and many more long-awaited events are postponed.

Irrespective of our devastating mood, health should be our primary concern and if you are planning to attend any New Year event, make sure they are safe and be mindful of following all the precautionary protocols. And If you are not, a small New Year house party playing games and watching a New-year marathon sounds like a perfect night…!!

Au revoir, prends soin de toi.


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