TikTok Watch History Removed in 2022 | Can You Still View Watch History?

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TikTok users have praised the app for a ton of reasons. The app is applauded for its innovative trends and updates. TikTok feature updates are praiseworthy as well. However, the updates on the app might not always stay in the long run. So is TikTok watch history removed for good? Let’s see what has happened.

TikTok is well known as a video-sharing app. Many times going viral on the app is a stroke of luck. But many users believe that there are some tricks to go viral. Making videos on one of the viral trends on TikTok is a sure-shot way to get famous on the app. While all this is fun and exciting, there have been reports that the app might be banned soon.

TikTokers were really happy about the watch history feature of the app. But was the TikTok watch history removed from the app permanently? Read on to find out if it’s removed and if there is another way to view watch history.

Is TikTok Watch History Removed?

TikTok watch history removed

After the recent update of TikTok, users noticed this difference. Apparently many users were not able to find the watch history option in the app Settings. The rumors of TikTok watch history being removed were true. The feature is not available on TikTok since June 15. Watch history on TikTok was a widely appreciated feature of the app. With new videos released on the app every second, it does become difficult to keep a track of the videos you have seen.

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The feature did come in handy if you wanted to show your bestie a hilarious video you saw on TikTok. But with the feature being removed from the app, many TikTok users are unhappy. Though the watch history feature is removed from the Settings, you can still view your watch history. Here is how you can do that.

How to View Watch History on TikTok?

Even if the watch history feature is removed from the Settings of TikTok, there is a way for you to see it. You can still see your watch history on the app. Here is how to view watch history on TikTok.

You can view your watch history by opening your Discover Page→Go to  Search BarType asterisk (*) in the search bar.

TikTok watch history removed

Once you press enter on this you will be able to see a pop-up. This pop-up will now let you view your watch history for the past seven days. Just like the watch history option.

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Wrapping Up

So TikTok watch history removed wasn’t a hoax. TikTok did get rid of the feature. Many TikTok users were upset as this was one of the best updates on the app. But there is another way to view your watch history. Though this may not be as easy as accessing the app Settings, it still does the work. We will come back with the latest updates, till then keep checkin’ with Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did TikTok remove watch history?

Yes, TikTok removed the watch history feature. It was unavailable on the app after June 15, 2022.

Why can’t I see watch history on TikTok?

You are unable to see watch history because TikTok removed its watch history feature on June 15.

Is there a way to view watch history on TikTok?

Yes, you can view your watch history by opening your Discover Page→Go to  Search BarType asterisk (*) in the search bar. This opens a pop-up through which you can see your watch history.


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