Simple Guide For The TikTok Photo Editing Hack

The Simple Guide For The TikTok Photo Editing Hack

For a TikTok creator, capturing photos by pressing the camera button does not end. To do the perfect photo retouch, you must know about the TikTok photo editing hacks. I know there are so many reasons that urge you to transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo. Even if you do not have prior experience in photo editing, you can still become a professional editor for your photos.

Everyone wants to capture photos with some amazing editing trends. From pink-toned hues and filters to sun-kissed photos everything made a hit list in 2021. If you will start a survey on google, you will find an unlimited list of photo editing tools. To make it easy for you, I have listed the best photo adjustments that you can use on your photos and make them enchanting for your audience.

Be ready and tap on all the features that will not create a fake impression but enhance the beauty of the things that you have captured. Let’s see how you can bring the colors and a more vibrant look to your photos. Keep reading for more.

TikTok Photo Editing Hack For iPhone Devices

TikTok Photo Editing Hack For iPhone Devices

TikTok is one of the dominating and powerful apps and has attracted all the users worldwide. To get all current updates on music and #hashtags are seen overflowing on the For You Page.

You even love to do the scrolling again and again and imitate your favorite creators to create the same effect in your videos or photos. TikTok is full of creative content and we all want to know the reason for gaining popularity on TikTok.

Everybody wants to use the trending effects and participate in the challenges to gain popularity. The more you have unique content, the more you will earn followers. If you will go through the video of TikTok creator anaugazz, she received around 12.5 million views on her video. She used the amazing editing hack that left everybody surprised.

The amazing TikTok photo editing hack will help you out. Go through the series of steps below and use it now.

  1. Open the photos app on your device.
  2. Go to your camera roll and search for the photo that you want to edit.
  3. Now start the adjustments of the following points:
  4. Exposure and Brilliance- 100( it will show the reveal effect and it is optional. In the last change it to zero when you are done with the below adjustments).1.
  5. Highlights-35
  6. Shadows- 28
  7. Brightness-15
  8. Black point-10
  9. Saturation-10
  10. Vibrance-8
  11. Warmth-10
  12. Tint-34
  13. Sharpness-14
  14. Vignette- 23
  15. Contrast-30

Once you are done, you will see the amazing transformation to your photos by creating the sun-kissed look. You can compare the before and after photos and see the results. Thus, the above adjustments will help you to get the amazing TikTok photo editing hack. Bear in mind, this will work for the iOS devices as they have the in-built feature.

TikTok Photo Editing Hack For Android Devices

TikTok Photo Editing Hack For Android Devices

If you want to try the TikTok photo editing hack on your android devices as well, simply download any app like VSCO and adobe lightroom. However, settings will not match with the photos app of iOS. 

You will see the amazing results that will work best on your photos like changing the background, stickers, changing directions, and many more. It will create an aesthetic look that will also serve as a TikTok photo editing hack.

You can also use the online editors that will act as a TikTok photo editing hack tool. If you want to make it run on your android devices,iPad, or your Pc, go through the following steps below and get the perfect retouch on your photos.

Step 1: Open Online Editor Tool

TikTok Photo Editing Hack
  • Open the online editor tool.
  • Search the photo and upload the photo on the editor tool.
  • You will see the options of editing like adjusting the brightness, contrast saturation, changing background, adding stickers, and many more. It will work as an amazing TikTok photo editing hack
  • Select the options according to your will.

Step 2: Download Photo

  • Once you are done with the editing of photos.
  • Download the photo and save it to your device.
  • Finally, Post the photo and that is it.

With the use of the above steps, you can simply make the TikTok photo editing hack work on your android devices.

Wrapping Up

Now enjoy the happy editing and change the total outlook of your photos. You can implement the same editing look of your favorite celebrity to your photos and receive tons of likes, comments and make the people go wow!. Feel free to share this article with your friends and spread these amazing tricks of the TikTok photo editing hack. 

It is time for a wrap-up. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for all the exciting updates. Have a nice day!

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